Painted Staircase Ideas

Painted staircase ideas are a great element for house decoration. Besides its functionality, the staircase also serves as an ornament of a house. It could elevate the beauty of a house. It could be the central attention of a house.

The design of a staircase should follow the house theme. The common themes that are currently popular are modern, simple-minimalist, and retro style. But there are also other styles that are still widely used in many houses, like the classic and elegant style.

Some designers take a unique approach by taking an element from one style and combining it with other styles.

Modern Themed Staircase

image of Modern Themed Staircase

Modern painted stairs involve playful color contrast. For example a black paint for the base and white paint that stripes vertically. The straight line and the sharp edges create a bold impression that will match with many decoration themes.

Other paint combinations might improve two-tone colors that run along the stairs. For example, the nosing and the tread part is colored red, while the riser has a yellow color. The color differences will also help the people to get their step right.

Pastel color, bold color, and bright color are some of the color palettes that you can use for the modern themed Painted staircase ideas. The modern playful color contrast will give an energetic image that makes the room be more alive. It creates a playful environment that pleases the eyes of the people who live there.

Simple Minimalist Painted Staircase Ideas

Simple Minimalist Painted Staircase Ideas

A simple minimalist style is also an emerging style that becomes more popular. As now space becomes more cramped, simple and minimalist style is widely applied to compensate for the available space. Despite the minimal space, with good design, the stairs could be interesting and functional.

It might leave the staircase with only a bare frame and footing board for the stepping. A handrail might be added for safety. The see-through staircase doesn’t take many obstructions for the eye, creating a roomy and airy impression.

Designers commonly use black and white colors for these Painted staircase ideas. The black color on the frame makes it look strong and solid. While the white tread makes it blend easily with the surrounding room color. Others might use a natural wood color for the tread boards to make it have a natural look.

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Vintage Retro Painted Staircase Ideas

To enhance the retro style, a simple wooden staircase would work. Besides wood, the retro look could be achieved by laminate the riser with a retro pattern. Off-white colors are widely incorporated in the retro style.

Hand Railing for retro style is usually simple and straight. A lined up vertical balusters are also a sign of retro staircase. A maroon carpet on the tread will also work to really give the retro look.

Rustic Painted Staircase Ideas

While retro and vintage are accentuated smooth and refined stairs, a rustic is an opposite. Rustic staircase shows the raw and roughness of material vulgarly. The wooden and iron wrought material incorporates this wild style as well.

Wrought iron railing is often used to accompany the unpainted wooden staircase. The steel is left greyish-black just like how it’s naturally just with a minimal finish to prevent rust. The grain of the wood is highlighted by using lacquer or linseed oil.

Gothic and Renaissance Staircase

Gothic and renaissance staircases are rarely used, but still could be seen on a villa, hotel, or mansion. With modern material, the beauty of the past could be generated easily. With modern technology, artificial stone and faux marble are now used to remake this old-style staircase.

In their origin, the staircase is usually curvy stairs with elegant ornament. But a carpet with intricate patterns will accentuate the renaissance style in a modern staircase.

Moreover, a blue faux marble vinyl would also boost the elegant look. Painting it to be like marble by using ivory, off-white, and eggshell color is also possible for gothic and renaissance Painted staircase ideas.

If you could modify the handrail, it would also be better to make it the complicated ornament. It really improves the looks of an elegant old staircase.

Making up a staircase

You could use those styles above with minimal modification on your stairs. You don’t really have to change the tread off. There are many tricks to make up the staircase with a simple touch.

It might also be a good idea to retain the styles while incorporating new ornaments. It could be a good idea to combine some styles appropriately.

You might find that the paint on the stairs started to peel off. Or there are stains that make the stairs look bad. The stairs might also start to wear off. Or you might think about making up the whole house including the stair with a new theme. Whatever your reason, there are some ways to make up the staircase, like painting, runner, plywood layering, and lightning.


Repainting the staircase could make it look like a totally different staircase. With great color play, the look of the house will change dramatically. A good repaint starts with sanding the surface smoothly and applying a primer so that the paint will stick well to the surface area. 

Make sure the paint is suitable for the material of your staircase. You might have excess paint for painting the room, but if it’s wall paint and you want to use it for your wooden staircase, it could be a bad idea.

The different formulation would make it look weird and easy to peel off. To realize your Painted staircase ideas, use wood paint for the wood and steel paint for the steel. And use it as how it instructed. 


If you have some parts of the stair missing, you could put plywood on it to match it with the other risers. For the riser, you could use relatively thin plywood, but for the treads, make sure it’s thick enough, except it’s just for layering. Furthermore, the painted plywood stairs will look immaculate.


A runner will make your staircase look beautiful and neat. A simple carpet along the stair could make the stair look magnificent. Slippery painted stairs could be fixed by putting a runner over it.

Just pick a carpet with a suitable color or pattern for your theme and put it on the stairs. Voila, your stairs now look marvelous!

Lamp and lighting

Last but not least, a proper lamp would highlight the color of the staircase. Now, the LED strip is widely used for a futuristic staircase. Even, for a gothic and renaissance staircase, it could look magical and wonderful. A lamp will bring the color of the painted staircase ideas to be alive.

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