Mudroom Design Ideas

Get your awesome mudroom with these inspiring mudroom design ideas that you can create for any space and home.

One of the mudroom functions is to help keep jackets, umbrellas, coats and other items for stay organized. A mudroom has elongated cabinets or cubbies that accommodate longer coats or jackets. A mudroom also can be a good solution when you do not have an entry closet. 

Types of Mudrooms

What are the types of mudroom storage that you need? Well, the answer depends on your needs and space in your house. First of all, you can consider for freestanding and built-in mudroom. 

A free-standing mudroom is an option for you who want practicality as free-standing storage usually available in home stores and online. There are a wide range of finish, sizes and you can add custom to the freestanding unit. You can add custom top wood or nice hamper racks or painting.

Next is the built-in mudroom. With built-in mudroom, you have the flexibility to create storage as you need. The built-in will maximize your space. However, this will need time and also cost more. You need to think about a plan on how to use the mudroom and how long you will stay in the house.

Mudroom Sizes

Which mudroom sizes should you build in your house? Well, that all depends on the function of the mudroom and storage options you need. There are no strict guides on how large a mudroom should be. 

The ideal size for a mudroom is 5 feet wide. With standard 5 feet wide, it gives you space for a spacious bench and row of locker or cabinet.

Small Mudroom Design

small mudroom

When you have limited space, then a small mudroom size can be an option with 4 feet wide. Take wall space in the small mudroom and create multiple cabinets and hooks for store stuff such as bags, umbrellas, and coats. You also can make eye-level cubbies that are useful for store keys, gloves, hats, and others.

The cubby hole in the wall unit is also the perfect choice for store shoes and boots on the floor and reachable. Store the seasonal items on higher shelves in wire or rattan baskets you have a small space for a mudroom; you might want to place the mirror and add window features that can add illusion for spacious feel in your mudroom.

Medium Mudroom Design

Medium Mudroom Design

A midsize mudroom is a pretty chic mudroom that can be added with features you need in a mudroom. The first ideas of mid-size industrial mudroom design styles look awesome with a built-in dog/cat cage/bed under the cubbies. 

A simple cabinet mudroom that featured with shoe storage in the bottom, hooks in upper of the bench and higher-level left opened surface and loaded with a basket. The eclectic or minimalist style is perfect when you build a medium mudroom. 

A floor mat in front of the mudroom cabinet is able to add a visual catchy look. You might want to create a triple laundry function in this medium mudroom size. If you do, you can choose the front loading washing machine and then put it under the wall cabinet. Add roll-out laundry hamper and upper open shelves. 

Large Mudroom Design

Large Mudroom ideas

Having a large mudroom is a dream. You can add any facility and features on one space of mudroom. You can even add a laundry room to this mudroom. Just ensure to keep it simple to make your mudroom still organize and neat. 

First design ideas come with farmhouse mudroom design styles. This farmhouse design allows you to maximize the space with the Scandinavian built-in cabinet wall. On several shelves, it is loaded with a wicker basket to store stuff. You can choose between open cabinetry or locker cabinetry that will hide stuff in your store. 

Contemporary chic mudroom that is added with a window right to the bench is classic and functional. Built-in an entryway, the cabinetry built along with the wall vertically. The open space is added with hooks and upper with a drawer. Vertical open rack loaded with wicker basket.  

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Mudroom Locker

Mudroom Locker ideas

A mudroom locker is the best way to accommodate stuff and things. Mudroom lockers are available in many styles. For you who love classic style, the high open cubbies featured with an elongated main compartment and upper shelves offer maximum storage and space use. The hooks that placed in the wall in each cubby provide space for hanging long items such as umbrellas and coats. 

The classic mudroom lockers are the one that come with Open lockers that feature an elongated compartment and a small shelf in the upper. The hooks are fastened to the walls and each cubby open lockers are added place to hang items such as umbrellas, coats, and other longer items.

When you make open lockers, you need to make it stay organized as all of the staff will see. You can add a basket into the locker to organize the stuff you store.  

The next option is Lockers with doors that can keep your outerwear out from sight and keep it concealed. Typically, the mudroom locker is made from pretty wood construction that is painted with stained trim. 

For large mudroom space, this barn-style of mudroom lockers with wood and glass door is an awesome idea. You can create mudroom lockers that are made for all family members. The barn door locker is also another classic style you can choose. 

Must-Have Mudroom Features

Before you start to list what mudroom features should be present in your house, there are two main questions you should ask yourself. First, what things that you will store in the room and second how do you plan to use the mudroom? Most American families use mudrooms with double function as a laundry room. This also becomes the first room seen in your house through the garage.

Shoe Storage

Shoe storage will end up with shoe collections from your family. Start from cleats, sneakers, daily show, and sports shoes that will kick out when you and family walked on the door. 

Shoe storage is a need to provide enough space for shoe storage to keep it clear from clutter. Think about your family habits when designing shoe storage. You can build shoe racks or built-in shoe storage. This shoe storage can be built under a bench to maximize your space.

For limited space, you can also build shoe cubbies to stack or mount it in the wall. You also can add a dresser sized shoe cabinet that features fold-out shelves that are able to store dozens of shoe pairs.

Counter Space

Mudroom with Counter Space

Counter space is the easiest feature to add in the mudroom. This counter space is really useful especially when you combine mudroom with laundry room. You can create a lot of counter space ideas.

The stainless steel counter is easy to clean after you work in the mudroom. The other ideas counter space for a mudroom is tile and hardwood. You also can choose solid wood. The wood counter space typically chooses as it is coherent and blends well with a bench that mostly featured in the mudroom.

Laundry Hampers

mudroom with Laundry Hampers

If your mudroom has a laundry room, then roll out the laundry hamper is the best. Not only does it hide your dirty clothes, but it also keeps it organized. You can work with a plastic basket, rattan, wicker, or wood laundry hamper. If the cubbies are spacious, you can add different laundry hampers to separate the different clothes.

Make a laundry combo in your mudroom by joining two spaces in a mudroom that will work well as a mudroom and also as a laundry room. As your laundry space will get wet, you need to choose the water-resistant material for flooring.


A bench is a must-have in a mudroom. Not only use it as a seating spot but it is also useful as an additional storage and shoe spot. This is key for any mudroom features that should be created. For a mudroom bench, there are many ways to incorporate bench to your mudroom.

You can add an open top shelf, flip-top bench storage and also add a coat or key hooks. A hall tree bench form is useful for adding hooks that hold umbrellas, jackets or hats and the cubbies underneath bench can be loaded with boot and shoes.

When you have a large space, you can incorporate a bench with wall units that are featured with cabinet, locker, shelves, and cubbies that will maximize the storage function when you build a mudroom. You can design a bench as a window seat and if the space is large enough, consider the L bench to create greater use.

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Mudroom Flooring

As stated before that if you want to build a mudroom, it is best to choose the flooring that is very durable, long-lasting, and water-resistant. Here is a tip for you, place a floor mat or rug in front of your mudroom door to trap any dirt, pollen, or dust before your family comes to the house.  

Wool is a good floor mats option as it resists from bacteria, mold, and moist. With routine cleaning, the wool floor mat also lasts for years. You also can choose the cotton rugs but it tends to stains easily and need to be washed often.

Mudroom with Tile

In general, Mudroom with a tile floor is the best option to choose from. It is easy to clean and has many designs to choose from. The other option is natural stone. Natural stone in larger sizes from tile and the dark color is a great option to choose from. If you are looking for a more affordable option, then vinyl should be on your list.

Are you considering choosing Mudroom with a hardwood floor? Then here are tips for you. First, choose the type of hardwood species you will install. Second, ask the installer about the finish on the hardwood floor, the finishes relate to them how well it stands with humidity and temperature.

Next, think about the process of installation. Installing wood flooring planks in the subfloor level is a key for mudroom. Invest it will help you wipe spills and keep the floor clean. Overall, wood gives you the option of natural beauty and less maintenance. However, hardwood is an option of mudroom flooring; you can choose the other one that fits with your budget.

Mudroom Design Styles

When you design your mudroom, there are several things that you need to consider that also can be a guide to decide which mudroom design styles that you need.

  • Function. Get well think in storage and function you need when you build a mudroom. How often will this mudroom be used? Is it for daily routines, weekly or as storage purpose?
  • Space. The function listed beyond will help you to consider how much space you need to build mudroom.
  • Storage. Maximizing your storage option is a must when you build a mudroom.
  • Floors. When you choose a floor for your mudroom, it should be durable, easy to clean, and long-lasting. It is important to ensure the flooring is waterproof. Natural elements such as stones, brick, or slate will stand up for your features and high traffic areas.

Mudroom Pros and Cons

If you are considering adding a mudroom to your house, this Mudroom Pros and Cons can help you to decide. The first advantage is that it keeps dirt, mud, and debris outside. This will save time for cleaning the floor and carpet in your house.

Second, it will organize supplies and things in your house. A mudroom cabinet is also adding your home value. Lastly, mudrooms will save your cost much as this mudroom keeps dirt and debris from the main carpet and flooring.

What about the disadvantages? The mudroom is easy for getting dirty and out of control so it can bring a lot of debris to home. Next, a mudroom can tend to smell bad when it is left inside of wet things for a long period. Therefore, it is important for always keeping laundry and clean clothes dried well for preventing molding and mildew appears.

There are many ways you can create unique and functional mudroom design ideas that suit your needs. These ideas and guides will help you to create a mudroom space for your house. 

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