Foyer Design Ideas

Have you ever heard of what the foyer is? The foyer can also be called a transition and transit room between the fronts of the house with the living room. The foyer is different from the terrace because if the terrace is outside the entrance, the foyer is after the entrance. This foyer has a similar concept to the lobby if you are in a hotel. If you intend to make a foyer, then you should think of a good foyer design ideas.

Foyers may rarely be made by many homes. However, the current foyer is made in many homes, especially those that have brought the concept of a modern home. The foyer serves as a waiting room if there is a second guest even when you receive the first guest. Or, the foyer can be a living room if you want to discuss in-depth but briefly. Here are some foyer concepts that you can apply.

Foyer Design for Small House

Usually, the foyer is made at home with large size. However, the foyer can be made in a small house. If you intend to carry the concept of foyers in small houses, then you must apply the minimalist concept. This is done to make your foyer still have a function, but not too full or crowded.

You can use a chair with a beautiful bench model to use. You can avoid using the table. Install a few small plant pots placed on the foyer wall. The use of bright wall colors is highly recommended because it will make your foyer appear brighter and wider.

Large Foyer Ideas

If you have a house with a large size, then you can apply the concept of the large foyer. In the concept of a large foyer, you can explore more than a small house. For example, for chairs in the foyer, you can use a bench that is longer than the size of a small house.

Besides chairs, you can also explore by adding a small table next to the bench. If you make a foyer with a wider and broader concept, then you can add a table in the middle of the foyer room and add it with potted plants. You can also add some additional decorations such as mirrors or paintings.

Color selection is also important in foyer design ideas with large concepts. In the large foyer, you can freely choose the color of the walls of the room. However, make sure the color selection has the same concept as the colors used in the living room.

Modern Foyer Design

Because the foyer is usually built at home with a modern concept, the foyer is usually built with the same concept. For seat selection, choose a single chair that has a small size and simple design. Install 2 chairs and, between the 2 chairs, place a small table with a small plant pot.

Foyer with a modern design is usually synonymous with glass. Make your foyer walls, especially near the entrance, with glass. This is what makes your foyer look modern. You can also install aesthetic things, such as unique lamp shades or paintings with contemporary drawings.

Color selection is something that you are free to determine. This is due to the glass wall element mentioned earlier already making your house bright and spacious. Color selection is focused on the color of the furniture. You can explore your favorite colors in the furniture selection.

Office Foyer Design

Foyer in a building is not new. Foyer or lobby is very common you find in an office, especially large offices. You will find the foyer from the entrance to the reception office. However, the office foyer design should not be made arbitrarily, although it is commonly found.

The first thing to note is the wall design. You can make your office foyer walls with any image or motif, according to your line of work. However, make the ding look bright. Install the fluorescent lamp above the wall or the led lamp behind the wall so that it is more lit.

Choose a chair with a soft cushion. You can choose a sofa or chair that is single. Problem design, you can choose based on your office work area, whether you want a chair with a contemporary or classic design.

Apartment Foyer Design

Foyer for apartment has 2 meanings. First, the foyer design ideas for apartments at the entrance of the apartment building have a similar concept to the foyer design for the office. This is caused by the apartment is an office too. Therefore, you can adjust it based on the previous explanation.

The second concept is the foyer in the apartment owner’s private room. In apartments, foyers are usually already designed for each room. However, you cannot make any major changes in the apartment. So you have to adjust to the design that has been set.

The preferred thing in the foyer in the apartment room is to put a chair. Choose a size that matches the width of the foyer provided. If your room foyer is too small, then just focus on the chair. Add some paintings as decoration. You can also add a shoe rack in the foyer.

Contemporary Foyer Design

Foyer with a contemporary design also began to be loved by many people. When talking about contemporary design, it will be related to eccentric and different things in general. The difference can come from color, furniture selection, room design, etc. Foyer with a contemporary design should be made in a large home.

For the selection of chairs, it will not feel contemporary if you just use an ordinary chair design. You can choose to use a bench that uses a floating concept. However, make sure you use a strong floating bench bottom and use a strong retaining frame to hold the weight.

For contemporary designs, you can place larger plants, not just a pot. You can even put trees in the foyer. For convenience, you can choose artificial trees, not native plants. You can also add skylights to the foyer to give a more different atmosphere.

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Narrow Foyer Design Ideas

Foyer design with a narrow concept is identical to the foyer design in a small house or apartment room. However, this narrow foyer can also be applied in a big house and you want a narrow concept foyer. The point is the concept is very minimalist.

The main thing is the selection of benches. Choose a bench with a small size, but still comfortable to be used by at least 2 people. Also, you can install a variety of decorations that minimalist and functionalist.

You can add wall hooks that can be used to hang sweaters or jackets. These wall hooks can also be used as key chains to make it easier for you or your guests. You can also install wallpapers or paintings or unique wall hangings to make your foyer’s life.

Two-story Foyer Design

If you have a house with 2 floors, then you can apply the two-story foyer concept. These foyer design ideas are usually used with houses with two floors but not too broad. Then the foyer modification is very necessary.

The foyer for a house with two stories has a characteristic staircase leading to the second floor near the entrance or in the foyer area. This is caused by not allowing the owner to build stairs to the 2nd floor in the middle of the house due to the limited area of the house. However, the stairs near the foyer are very practical if you have guests.

For furniture selection, you can choose freely according to the size of the foyer or concept that you adopt at home. Adding chandelier in two-story foyers will be an aesthetic added value.

India Foyer Design

One of the many foyer concepts that inspire is the foyer with Indian designs. You don’t need to worry if this Indian concept will look traditional; you can specify whether you want to use traditional, modern, or a mixture of the two.

You can add various paintings or drawings related to India, such as Ramayana. Mirrors and lamps are also important points in this Indian design. Choose a lamp with a lampshade that emits reflective reflection that is full of style.

Also, use a mirror with a round shape and has many small mirrors around it. Using carpets or rugs in the foyer is also an important key to add an impression of Indian design in your foyer.

Philippines Foyer Design

The second country that has a popular foyer design is the Philippines. The concept of foyer with Filipino design is the concept of fusion between Filipino and Spain. So, the classic and elegant concept will be the key if you use this design.

The highlight of this foyer design ideas is the selection of furniture. The Philippine design foyer has furniture with dominant wood material. Also, the furniture was formed with a classic design. Furniture ornaments are very simple and classic. Prioritizing using only chairs and cabinets.

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