Shipping Container Swimming Pool

Shipping Container Swimming Pool

The shipping container swimming pool is now becoming the talk of the town! Yep, you need to know that shipping containers can be transformed into the most stylish swimming pools and they are cost-effective. This is a great choice for those who couldn’t afford to build their own traditional swimming pool at home. 

The Cost

How much is it? Well, shipping container pool costs can be different from one to another depend on several factors. Some of the key factors that influence the cost of pool construction are the size, shape, accessories, and type of finishing materials. 

Most of the time, you will need to spend about $25,000 to $40,000 to get a fully fitted and functional pool made of shipping containers. The range of the price needed to create the pool might be broad. However, you should keep in mind that there will be numerous variables that make up the price.

Several things such as customizable features, size of the pool, delivery location of the shipping containers, as well as other factors will play a crucial role in deciding the final cost. In this way, you need to think about all aspects just before setting up your mind to create a shipping container pool.

How to Make Shipping Container Pool

How to make a shipping container pool? Well, there are several things that you need to complete. First, you need to pick up the location where you want to install the shipping container to make the pool. Make sure that the location is flat and has the correct size. Then, you can start to prepare the ground.

The step is needed to make sure that the ground will fit the shipping container pool installation. You can do it simply by digging the soil where you want to place it to the container. The next thing you should do is install the draining system after the plumbing is well-placed. 

Then, level up the site where the shipping container located by filling it up with gravel. After that, you can put the shipping container in place. Make sure that it is correctly placed to prevent any mishaps. Then, start filling the container with water. 


What are the shipping container pool dimensions? Well, there are three common dimensions of a container pool. The containers used are the ones with sizes of 10”, 20”, and 40”. When choosing the rightest dimensions, you need to consider the spaces available in your backyard. 


Before starting to create your shipping container pool, there are some things you need to prepare. In this way, you need to make a careful plan. The first thing you need to do is getting permission from the authority. You need to call your local council and talk about the details of your pool design.

The shipping container pool plans should also include the engineer you want to hire to help you construct the pool. You also need to decide how long your pool will be. Discuss the standard depth of the pool with your engineer. 

When making the plan to create a pool from a shipping container, you should also make sure that you are watertight. This is important since water is one of the vital components in your plan. Also, think about adding a plumbing kit include drainage and pipes when constructing the pool.

Pros and Cons

Just like any other things you can find in the world, there are also some pros and cons that come with pools made of shipping containers. For the pros, the pool is typically cheaper than traditional pools. A small pool made of a shipping container only costs $17,000 and can be installed in one day.

The shipping container pool is also stylish, practical, and easy to install. You don’t even need a gate if you place the container above the ground. This can reduce the cost you need for the installation process. Interestingly, you can take the pool once you decide to move from your current residence.

Meanwhile, some downsides of the pool include the look of the shipping container which is not meant for everyone. Additionally, you can also clearly see that all shipping containers come in the same shape. It could be boring for some people. Additionally, the quality of the water used can’t be guaranteed.

Parts of the Shipping Container Pool

There are several basic features that should be found in a good shipping container pool. It should have a pump since it is the heart of any swimming pool. The tool will help you to draw water from the pool to avoid stagnating. In this way, the water in the pool will be clean and healthier to swim. 

The next feature to install to your container pool is a filtration system. It is aimed to help you keep cleanliness of the water. You will also need to install a heating system for the pool. The device functions to control the water temperature of the container pool and making it comfortable to swim.

You might also need a safety door installed on your container pool. This is an important feature to install especially if you have kids. It is important to limit the access of your little ones to the pool. You also need a pool liner to help you cover the interior surface of the container pool.

Inspiring Shipping Container Pool Ideas

There are a lot of shipping container pool ideas available for you to choose from. All you need to do is just list what you need and calculate the cost. To help you narrow down your options, here are 11 top designs to inspire you. 

Shipping Container Pool with Windows

The unique construction of pools produced of shipping containers makes it a bit difficult for you to see what people do while they are in the water. This would be a bit risky especially if you install the pool for your kids. This will make it hard for you to monitor their activity while in the water.

In this way, the shipping container pool with windows might become a good option you can take. With the window, you can easily see what is going on in the water. You can check what your kids do in the water. That will also allow you to increase the safety level of the pool.

Shipping Container Pool DIY

There is nothing more exciting than to have a shipping container pool DIY. This will make it possible for you to design the pool based on your preference. Additionally, you can also choose pool accessories that suitable the most for your needs.

However, you need to keep in mind that installing a pool made of shipping containers requires certain skills. For instance, you need to have the skills to install the plumbing and drainage system for the pool. If you don’t have the skills needed, you better hire an engineer to help you.

Shipping Container Pool with Deck

If there is a view of the ocean just from your backyard, installing a shipping container pool with deck can be a great idea you should try. You can add a wooden walkaway that leads to the container. It will be a great place to spend a hot day with your spouse and kids.

You can also create a wooden stepladder around the pool. To complete the pool’s construction, you create a space made of woods for your kids to drain their body after swimming. Additionally, you can easily uninstall the wooden deck once you want to change the design of the pool. 

In-Ground Shipping Container Pool

Constructing an in-ground shipping container pool will require more things you need to consider. In establishing this kind of pool, you need to have the expertise and sufficient budget to create a proper foundation and sink it to the ground. This will give you a real luxury feel.

A shipping container pool placed deep in the ground will need a standard depth of 2.4 meters on average. You will need a large tool to move some dirt to make a hole for the pool. This might require you to spend more money. However, the result will be satisfying. 

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Above Ground Shipping Container Pool

Above ground shipping container pool is a popular choice due to some good reasons. This pool is relatively easier to install. You don’t even need too many accessories to complement it. If it is necessary, you can just install a simple stepladder that leads to the top of the pool.

Unlike most of the pool designs made of a shipping container, this pool is less expensive. This is because you can make the pool as simple as possible. However, make sure to cover the pool so that the quality of the water can be maintained.

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Shipping Container Pool with Glass Side

There are many things you can do to improve the safety of your shipping container pool. One of the things you can do is by removing one side of the shipping container. Then, you can replace the removed side with a glass.

This shipping container pool with glass side is one of the easiest ways you can do to upgrade the style of the pool. Not only making your pool looks more gorgeous, but the glass side can also increase its safety. You can easily view what is going on in the water.

Backyard Container Pool

Most of the time, constructors tend to build a pool made of the wooden framed shipping container in the backyard. This will be a great place for you to get relax on the hottest days of the year. You can swim and dip your body in the backyard container pool entirely.

You can also put some layers in the shipping container by using anti-corrosive paint. To have a stronger structure of the pool, you can line the foundation hole dug with limestone. This is aimed to help you avoid the heavy container leaching soil around it. 

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Covered Container Pool

When designing a pool from a shipping container, just try to be as creative as possible. For inspiration, you can create a covered container pool to increase protection towards your family. This is aimed to avoid unwanted wind-borne bacteria and insects get into the pool water.

To make the pool looks more attractive, you can color it with minimalist shades. You can use neutral colors such as gray or white to create a chic and timeless look. It will also allow you to function the pool as a garden feature when your kids are not using the pool for swimming. 

20ft Shipping Container Swimming Pool

There are several common sizes used to make a container pool. A 20ft shipping container swimming pool is considered a medium size. The cubic capacity of a container pool with the 20-feet size is about 33.2 m3. Meanwhile, the maximum gross weight of the pool is 30.480 kg.

A container swimming pool with 20 feet of size also usually comes with a tare weight of 2,360 kg. Meanwhile, the door size of the pool is usually about 2.34m. This pool will be perfect the most if you only have a backyard with medium size.

40ft Shipping Container Swimming Pool

A 40ft shipping container swimming pool is the largest pool you can make from a shipping container. When creating this kind of pool, you need to make sure that you have the spaces need in your backyard. The pool usually comes with an inside cubic capacity of 67m3. 

The maximum gross weight of the container pool with 40 feet of size is about 30,480 kg. Meanwhile, the tare weight of the pool can reach 3,980 kg. 

Small Shipping Container Swimming Pool

If you want to create a cost-effective swimming pool for one person or two, you can install a small shipping container pool in your backyard. Most of the time, the pool only needs a shipping container with 10 inches of size. It will only occupy a small area in your backyard.

A shipping container pool with a small size usually has an inside cubic capacity of 15.4 m3. Meanwhile, the tare weight of the small container pool is about 1,500 kg. The pool usually comes with a non-payload and there is no standard used for the door size. 

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