Above Ground Pool Ideas

An above ground pool is an alternative for people who want to have a pool with a medium-level budget. It can be said that an above ground pool is a kind of semi-permanent pool. Sure, the construction is much easier to install and uninstall.

Meanwhile, there are also more variations offered for this type of pool. Some producers even offer an instant pool for kids. That’s why; this swimming pool idea is more demanded for temporary necessities.

Yes, are you interested to conduct a pool party on your yard in the near future? This pool is a good solution.

How to Install an Above Ground Pool

Materials and Tools

There are some materials and tools you must prepare first to install an above ground pool. The materials can just be bought by yourself separately for sure. It is mainly if you want a kind of pool that is unique and different from others.

But in case you want it to be more practical, of course, buying a set of the above ground pool is more recommended. The product is widely available in construction stores.

The tools for installation are as follows. They are a shovel, a tape measure, a head screwdriver, a skimmer, a duct tape, and sand. There are also some optional tools that can make your work get easier; landscape stakes and C-Clamps, and carpenter transit.


First of all, make sure to prepare the area. The regular above ground pool’s size in the market is ranged from 10 to 33 feet in terms of the diameter.

The conventional size is for the round pool. There are also some other shapes like an oval pool and rectangular. The length or wide are not so much different from the size above.

By knowing the size above, it is easier to know the width of the area to prepare. Sure, the area must be a little bit bigger than the pool.

Second, build up the pool starting from the plate. The plate can be made from metal or resin. To install it well, it uses a bottom stabilizer. Those materials must be laid above the ground and installed properly by grounding it. In a set of the product, there must be nails or anything else needed. 

All you need to do is plugging the nail into the ground as well as the stabilizer. This way, the pool is getting stronger.

Third, after the plate has been placed well, the next thing to do is building up the wall. You can use a screwdriver to do it. Make sure to prepare nuts and bolts that are suitable for the plate. You should not worry; those components commonly have been available in the set.

In general, the pool is ready to use. However, it is better to install the liner. The liner or inner layer can be available in the set that you have been bought. But in case, the product doesn’t provide the liner in the package, you can buy it separately. Then, it is followed by the installation of the top plates and the cover. Now, fill in the pool with water.

Parts of the Above Ground Pool

In a set of an above ground pool product, you can get some following components. They are the plate or the base of the pool, the pool’s wall, a liner or inner layer commonly made from vinyl, the top cap, the top rail, and the base track.

If you are buying certain products from certain brands, the liner and top can are sometimes optional. Sure, it is much better if you can get them all.

Each of the parts or components must have their own functions. For the bottom plate and the wall, it is clear that they are basically the main pool. So, how are the other components for? They are to support the pool’s function.

The liner is to hold the water so that generally, the pool looks cleaner. You should not worry since this component is safe. The top cap and top rail are to support the pool so that it can stand well on its place. Besides, it is also functioned as the aesthetic side so that your pool can just look much neater.

Other components like nuts are to connect parts of the pool. Since this pool is sized bigger than other common stuff or furniture, the nuts available are also bigger. Sure, it is so that all the parts can just be connected more strongly.

Above Ground Pools Sizes

It has been mentioned before that the sizes of such pools are various. But the range is commonly starting from 10 feet to 33 feet in terms of the diameter. The size is for a round pool.

Meanwhile, if you are more into pools with other shapes, the sizes are relatively the same. Interestingly, some producers provide custom services so that you can just determine the size by yourself.

An above ground pool is set up from some panels in term of the wall. In case you want it to be smaller than its default size, you only need to remove one or more panels. It is indeed more flexible to buy a pool with the biggest size. It is mainly if you have enough area for it. This way, it is much flexible to shrink it in any situation.

Above Ground Pools Depth

Talking about the depth of above ground pools, it is based on the general standard of a swimming pool. Yes, no matter what kind of swimming pools it is, the depth is just the same. It depends on the function whether it is only for recreations or necessities like sports.

There is indeed a common standard of the swimming pool for home. But if you just want to create an above ground pool with a depth just like a professional swimmer, it is just possible. Sure, it must be compatible with the length and width also.

The depth standard of swimming pools including above ground pools is starting from 75 cm to 2 meters. It is with a perception that the depth is still considered safe even for them who cannot swim. Sure, if you want it much safer for kids, a depth of 75 cm is enough.

Variants of Above Ground Pools

Well, the above ground pool is only a type of swimming pool. More than that, it has many more variants you can just enjoy. As you know, a pool at home is not only functioned for swimming.

It is commonly also used as an outdoor decoration so that the home exterior can just be more beautiful and fascinating. That’s why, one of some variants below are just highly recommended to apply.

Above Ground Pool Salt Water

If you want to have a kind of above ground pool for a recreation necessity, it is no matter to make it different from others. Yes, rather than filling in the pool using freshwater, you can use salt water instead. If you are living near a beach, this idea is great.

Moreover, salt water is well-known to solve some health problems like skin allergy and others. Sure, soaking your body in the salt water also makes you feel more relaxed and refreshed.

Above Ground Pool Water Spring

The above ground pool is great also to be combined with the concept of water spring. This idea is necessary if you have a villa or inn in the cold or mountainous area. Almost similar to the salt water idea, the water spring of an above ground pool must also be demanded by guests to relax and refresh their minds.

Fence Around Above Ground Pool

Many people may think that an above ground pool doesn’t need a fence. Yes, in fact, it indeed has wall surrounding the water.

But for ideas like an above ground pool with decks, the fence is still needed. Aside from making the pool look more beautiful, it is also for safety reason. At least, it holds you from falling down from the deck when the area around the pool is too slippery.

Above Ground Pool Ideas

Sure, despite some variants mentioned above, you can apply some ideas to make your above ground pool livelier and more beautiful. At least, you can just feel more comfortable in it together with your family and friends. So, what are the ideas possibly applied to your pool? Check them out.

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Above Ground Pool with Decks

For some people, an above ground pool looks cheap. In fact, it indeed looks cheaper compared to an in-ground pool that is built up permanently.

But sure, you can trick it so that this type of pool can look better and more expensive. One of the ideas is by installing a deck around. Slightly, the pool can just look like an in-ground pool with a higher position.

Since an above ground itself is not a permanent swimming pool, the deck itself should not be permanent as well. You can use materials like wood pieces and bamboos for this. More importantly, the deck must be installed well and strongly to avoid unexpected things like accidents.

Oval and Rectangular Above Ground Pool Ideas

Like what has been mentioned above, it is very common to find a round or circular above ground pool ideas. Yes, it is the basic shape you can find in the market. However, it is not bad to try other shapes. Moreover, it is if you just want to explore your exterior design more.

So, there are mainly 2 options for this; oval and rectangular above ground pools. To choose one of them, make sure to consider the size and shape of your home yard.

Above Ground Pool Ideas with Slides

If you have some kids, an above ground pool seems not complete without some other tools. One of them is the slide. Well, even adults just love this idea as well. However, it seems more difficult to install slides on an above ground pool compared to the in-ground one. The base of the slide must be higher so that it can be placed well next to the pool.

When you are interested to use a slide, it is recommended to apply it together with the deck.

Therefore, slightly, the pool is very similar to an in-ground pool. But you must remember also that the deck to install must be really strong. Some slides are indeed designed quite heavy so that they are too risky to place above the deck. Besides, since it is intended for kids, you also need to install supporting stuff like the fence around.

If your pool is quite big, it is not bad to add some other rides aside from the slide. This way, your above ground pool can just look like a mini waterpark at home. One of them is the spill-out bucket. Yes, if you want to make artificial waves or something, it needs additional tools for sure.

Small Above Ground Pool Ideas

Having a small yard should not stop you to have a swimming pool. There are some alternatives available including installing a small above ground pool. Just like the name, the size must be really small. Therefore, it is not completely right to call it a swimming pool. Yes, it is basically only a pool to soak your body.

You can choose a kind of above ground pool with a diameter of only 10 feet. It is enough and the pool itself doesn’t look really small. It is not bad also to try other ideas like the rectangular and oval pool. Those types of pool are recommended if the yard you have is thin and narrow but long.

But no matter what kind of above ground pool you finally choose, it is much better to still spare the land around. This way, you can just do all the activities in the pool more comfortably.

Landscaping with Above Ground Pool

It is great if you have planned to apply an above ground pool even since your home has been finally established. Why? It is because you will have more chances to landscaping it.

Creating a landscape with above ground pool is not as difficult as the in-ground one. It is for the fact that the pool is actually portable. You only need to determine the area for the pool first. Then, the installation process can just be started.

Although the pool itself can be adjusted to the yard you have prepared, the landscaping process tends to make the final result much better. With landscaping, you can determine spots for other things aside from the pool. For example, it is if you also want to have a small garden around.

Meanwhile, you may also want to have some pools a once in one area; they are pools for the cold and hot water. Determining the size of the pool to install is also getting easier.

DIY Above Ground Pool Ideas

Buying a product set for the above ground pool is indeed easier and more practical. Unfortunately, the design or others sometimes doesn’t meet your needs anyway. Yes, you may simply not like the design. Besides, the pool itself can be too big or too small for you.

So, what is the best solution? It is by applying an above ground pool DIY. It is really possible if you know the materials also how to build it up.

There are some materials to use in this type of pool. But the most common one is the resin. Why does resin commonly choose? It tends to be cooler even if being placed outside. Therefore, you should not worry about the pool is under the sunshine for a long time. Besides, substances to form resin also tend to not oxide.

This way, it is much safer when being mixed with the water. Sure, the material is also more durable. So, you can just use the pool for a long time.

The resin plate can be designed and built up for both the pool’s plate and the wall. Besides, you also need to prepare a vinyl layer and components like nuts and bolts. To arrange them and then install them to the ground, you can use carpentry tools as usual. For example, they are saws and hammer.

Meanwhile, you also need a shovel to bury the edge of the pool’s wall. Although the process of making an above ground pool DIY may take a longer time, the result can just be more satisfying and suitable for what you want.

Above Ground Pool Ideas with Heaters

Is it possible to install a heater in an above ground pool? Sure, it is really possible. It is even much easier to do compare to installing it to the in-ground pool.

The concept of an above ground pool is just similar to the Jacuzzi anyway. Even the materials to produce them are the same. Therefore, the way to install the heater is also not different. The difference is probably only about the placement in which an above ground pool is mostly installed outdoor. You can even directly a solar panel if possible.


There are some questions often asked by people in case they want to build an above ground pool. What are the questions? Here they are in case you also want to know the answer.

How deep are above ground pools?

The depth is various depending on its function and who will use it. If the pool is intended for kids, of course, the depth is quite shallow. It is different if the pool is designed for adults which can be even deeper. But if you want to buy the pool directly or not making it yourself, the default depth is around 48-52 inches deep.

How winterize above ground pool?

The winter is coming and you may want to protect your above ground pool? Well, it is okay. There is a kit for this necessity provided in stores. The chemical kit is including a pH increaser, alkalinity increaser, pool shock, and algaecide. Besides, there must also be a layer to protect the pool from the snowfall.

Can above ground pools put in the ground?

Yes, it is possible as long as you know how to install and bury it well. The base or plate must be connected with the wall well to avoid them entering. Most importantly, you must spare more time to dig the soil so that the pool can just be buried well.

Since the process takes a long time and the cost may be more also, it is much better to ask the more experienced people to do it for you. Although the pool can just be placed well in the ground, the treatment must be extra. The soil condition is quite moist that causes the pool is easily damaged or even cracked.

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How long do above ground pools last?

An above ground pool lasts around 7-15 years. Again, it depends on the product’s quality as well as the treatment. As long as you treat it well like cleaning regularly and others, the pool can be really long lasting.

Since the beginning, when you are intending to build up a ground pool, make sure to buy only a qualified product. Yes, you may need to spend more money as the cost at the beginning but sure, it is just worthier.

What type of the above ground pools is best for dogs?

Human is not the only creature that should enjoy an above ground pool. Yes, your dog should also. But not all pools are recommended and good for dogs. In case you want to let your dog go inside with you, some maters below need to be considered. First, the pool should not be too big. It is to avoid them being drowned in certain situations.

Besides, you must avoid using too much chemical substance when cleaning it. Often, pets like dogs can just be allergic with it. Not to forget, prepare tools like float and others so that they can play in the pool more happily.


An above ground pool ideas is an alternative to have a pool at home when the space and money are limited. It can be applied in various designs as well as the pool is really portable. Make sure to apply regular treatments so that the above ground pool can be longer-lasting.

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