Inground Swimming Pools

Imagine, on the hottest day of summer, you have a chill in your inground swimming pool in your backyard. That would be one of the best moments in that summer. Therefore, it’s not wrong for you to build one. But, before that, you must know the best inground pools design for your place.

The design plan for your inground pool is important. Understanding the plan will help you a lot when you start to build it later. Moreover, you also can save more money by applying the best plan. Now, before you start, here are the important parts of the inground pool design you must understand.

Inground Pool Installation

Installing an inground pool is no easy task. You need to dig the area where you want to build it. And, it needs heavy equipment. Therefore, if you want to build an inground pool, you need the contractor’s help. They will do this hard task as well as install the inground pool type that you want.

Firstly, the contractor will check the building area. They check whether that area is suitable for your inground pools design. The geographical structure also includes in their consideration. Sometimes, if your area has so many rocks, they need to blow it up to let you build the pool.

The process can take several weeks to finish. It could be even longer if you have a zoning regulation problem. If you can’t fulfill that regulation, the contractor can’t build it for you. So, you also need to check your local law about this matter.

Inground Pool Cost

The cost is heavily affected by many factors, such as the inground pool type, area where you live, pool system, size and many more. However, if we go by type, the most expensive one will be concrete, then fiberglass, and vinyl type pool.

To build a concrete inground pool on 20 x 40 ft area, you will need at least $40,000. Moreover, this cost doesn’t include the fencing as well. In some regions, it’s compulsory to build a safety fence around the inground pool. And, the cost for the fence itself can easily reach $10k. 

So, if you want to build cheap inground pools, either you use the cheaper type or choose the smaller size. This is the reason why you need contractor help. They can give you an estimation budget you must prepare. Moreover, you also have a chance to get a discount for the service. 

Inground Pool Size

It depends on the area where you want to build as well as the inground pools design you choose. The standard inground pool size is around 14 ft x 28 ft with 6.5 ft depth. But you can also choose a smaller size than that, such as 10 x 16 or a bigger one, 30 x 50. 

One thing to remember here, a bigger size means you need to spend more money to build it. It can even triple the standard cost to build an inground pool as we mentioned above. So, make sure you consider this part as well.

Parts of Inground Pools

The inground pool has a similar part to the standard swimming pool. There is the basin, where you can find different types of depth. There is also the pool system, such as pump system, filter and such to ensure the pool work well. Then the safe area surrounds the pool with the fence, as required by the law.

Each of those parts can affect your inground pools design. Therefore, consider how to build and get each part is important. This is where the professional can help you. Consult with them to find out which product that is perfect for each inground pool’s parts, for the best pool you can get.

Inground Pool Types

As we mentioned before, you can choose three types of an inground pool for your place. They are:

  •  Fiberglass – the bowl was already factory-made. So, it will carry and place by crane into the hole you dug before. The fiberglass pool has the fastest installation time. 
  • Vinyl – it uses the flexible vinyl lines and layer that is installed into the hole. Then, it is attached to the steel frame to keep it in place. It needs a lot of work, but this one is the cheapest.
  • Concrete – this type gives you more freedom to choose the shape and form of your inground pools design. However, it takes a longer time to build and install. In some cases, you even need at least 12 weeks to build this type. 

More inspiration pool

Inground Swimming Pool Ideas

Now, you have understood the basic knowledge of inground pool. You can start to make the plan and choose the type of pool you want to build. Use your creativity to find and make any type of fool that match your need as well as the size of the area where you can build it.

For more reference, here we have a list of amazing inground pools design and ideas you can try. Copy them or use them as the inspiration to create your pool. Who knows, you might get a much better inground pool for your place. Let’s start!

1. Small Inground Swimming Pools

If you don’t have enough space to build a big inground pool, you don’t need to worry. You can build a smaller size, but you still get the best of it. The most important thing to consider when you build the smaller inground pool is the surrounding area.

For example, you can just build the 10 x 10 ft inground pool. Then, make a space in the back area of the pool. In this area, build a structure, like a handmade rock cliff, wall planter area, and even a graffiti area. Make this area stand out. So, your small size pool will look great with it. 

2. Semi Inground Pools

The best area for building an inground pool is a flat area with less rocky soil. This type of area can be easily dug and shape like what you want. However, if you only have the tilted landscape on your backyard or even a hill-shaped backyard, you can use a semi inground pool.

You dig the higher part of that tilted area, then for the lower part, you build a reinforced wall to support the pool’s bowl. This inground pools design will cost you more. But, it is indeed the best solution for that kind of land.

Moreover, if you want, you also can make the reinforced wall into something interesting. For example, you can draw art on it. Or, if you have more budgets, you can even use the reinforced glass for this part. So, it will become the see-through/transparency inground pool.

3. Inground Swimming Pools with Slides

The inground pool is the best thing you can have for summer. Therefore, to make it into a playful area, you can add a slide on it. You can just buy the already-built slide made of metal or fiberglass from the store. However, if you want to create an artistic slide, you can build it from scratch.

Use the first idea we mentioned to you, the small inground pools design. Instead of using the rocky cliff, you can change it into the place to install the slides. It depends on the pool size. You can even make complicated or waterpark-like slide here.

You can buy the already-made slide and attach it to the built wall. Or, you can make it from scratch. Just make sure you consult with your contractor for this inground pools plan. If they can do it for, do not hesitate to take it.

4. Inground Swimming Pools DIY

Who says you can’t build an inground pool yourself? If you are a DIY person, you can do it yourself. Create an inground pool yourself will save you a lot of money. For example, simple pool designs will cost you $10k with the contractor. But a DIY person can do it with just $3,000.

We have many options for the DIY inground pool. If you know how to use brick and concrete, you can do it yourself. It may take a longer time, if you do it alone and try to build a big size pool. 

If you experienced in using wood, you also can use it. Dig a hole, use the wood to create the frame and the base. Then, buy the swimming pool layers and install it on it. It takes a while, especially for the digging part. But this one is the cheapest inground pool design. 

5. Small Backyards with Inground Pools

Small backyards don’t stop you from building inground pools. However, depending on your backyard size, maybe you can only use the vinyl or concrete inground pool for your place. The fiberglass type mostly has a fixed size from the manufacturer. So, you can’t shape it like what you want.

Now, for a small backyard, you can try the curve shape or kidney-shaped pool. This inground pools design allows you to provide more space for the deck. So, you also can combine this inground pool with a patio area. Therefore, you can only use concrete or vinyl that can be easily shaped into this shape. [See more inspiration Backyard Pool Ideas]

6. Inground Swimming Pools with Waterfall

You also can modify the pumping system area and place it on the backside of the landscape form outside your inground pool. Then, make that landscape into a rock cliff with an area where the water can come out to the pool. Now, you have a beautiful waterfall in your inground pool.

The other idea to use waterfall is the two stories pool. If you have a tilted backyard, other than a semi inground pool, you also can make it into two stories pool. The water from the top pool can flow to the bottom pool create a waterfall area.

7. Inground Swimming Pools for Small Yards

The other ideas for inground pools design on small yards are utilizing the reinforced wall for other purposes. For example, if you build a semi inground pool, you can use the outer wall as the place for your plant. This will give your small yard a beautiful natural touch and artistic appearance.

Or, you also can use the landscape surrounding the inground pool as the privacy fence for your backyard. Now, you can build both of them at the same time. And, that can help you to cut the cost to build the fence as well as the pool. Plus, your privacy fence will be much more beautiful than standard fence.

8. Inground Swimming Pools with Decks

If you don’t like building a landscape or rock structure surrounds your inground pool, there are other designs you can try. It’s the deck. Yes, you can build a wooden deck surrounding your inground pool. Some people use the deck to change the above ground pool, so it looks like an inground pool.

When you build the deck, you also need to ensure that you choose the correct wood. Find the wood that has high durability. Make sure you also choose the best finish, so the deck can last longer against the weather.

The best thing about this inground pools design is you can shape the deck to almost any form. Moreover, you don’t need to dig too deep, because the deck will cover the pool’s surrounding area. So, this is the easiest design to create an inground pool.


Everything that you must to know for building an inground pool has been explained above. At least, now you understand what kind of inground pools that you want to build. The type, material, as well as the shape can be easily chosen and create with that reference.

Moreover, with the list of inground pools design and ideas we have, you will have more confidence to create this amazing pool. Hopefully, after you finish it, you will get what you want, a nice place to take a cool dip on the hottest summer day. Now, you just need to find the right contractor to work with.

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