Pool House Ideas

Pool house ideas are various. There are some people who choose to build pool house concept because of some reasons. Pool house is a house where you can make party without let people enter the main house. You can make party in your backyard and use more areas in your backyard.

People choose to build pool house because it will keep privacy of your main house. Guests will not need to enter the main house because all things are available in the poolside. Before you build your own pool house, you can read some ideas below.

Pool House on a Budget


When you want to build a pool house on budget, you need to consider some factors. First is about the design of your pool house. Minimalist or simple pool house will be good to be chosen when you have a low budget. Design is important because it is the beginning of all things. You can consult with exterior designer too.

Second thing that you need to consider is the material of your pool house. Today you can find so many range of price of material. You better choose the durable one so you can use it for a longer time. Choosing cheap material will make you suffer with high maintenance cost in the future.

Small Pool House


Size of your pool house is also important because it should be suitable with your backyard size too. You better choose small pool house because it makes you easy to maintenance too. You will save more money to maintenance. It makes you easy to clean your pool house too.

Small pool house will require simple furniture too. You can make small bedroom, bath and kitchen to. Small pool house ideas are good for all of you who have limited area in your backyard and also limited budget but you really need to build a pool house. [click here to read above ground pool ideas]

Backyard Pool House


One of the most popular locations to build pool house is in the backyard. Actually you can build pool house beside your home too if you have space but people like to build pool house in the backyard for several reasons. They get more privacy too when they build pool house in the backyard.
Pool house can be used to store some items that you don’t really need in your main home too. You can use pool house as a place for you and your family to enjoy the great atmosphere in the backyard of your home. You still can get some benefits of building pool house in your home.

Outdoor Pool House


People build outdoor pool house because they want to feel free. They can feel the fresh air, beautiful garden, great view of pool and other things. If you have a small pool house then you will not feel like you are trapped in small cages too because you can do more things because you have more space.

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Pool House with Bar


For all of you who have more friends and families and you like to do some events in your pool house, you better add bar in your pool house. One of pool house ideas that is good to build is pool house with bar. Bar will help people to enjoy more activities. They can make their favorite drink in the bar by themselves.

Pool House Shed


Pool house shed is a good investment for you too. Some people choose to add pavilion or shed in their house to increase the function of their backyard. They can use their shed to store some furniture items, entertainment function and other things. 

If you have kids that usually like to invite their friends to home, you don’t need to worry because you can give them privacy too. They can use pool house as the best place to do whatever they like without disturbing your activity in the main house.

Rustic Pool House


One of some styles that you can choose for your pool house is rustic pool house. Rustic pool house ideas can be made by combining natural textures and some earthy colors in some parts of your pool house. You can also use organic warmth to show rustic feel in your pool house.

Modern Pool House


How about you who like to make modern style of pool house? Modern style can be made by choosing furniture in modern style too. Some materials of floor and wallpaper can be used to show that you really want to create modern look in your pool house.

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Pool with Garage


Building pool house will be better if you add garage. This garage will be used for the guests. They will not need to enter your main garage because they have their own garage for their car. The size of garage should be measured well too. You can find some designs of pool house ideas with garage.

Pool with Kitchen


Building pool house with kitchen will be great idea too. if you add kitchen then you can do more activities in the pool house. You can choose the style of kitchen such as modern kitchen, rustic kitchen, classic kitchen style and some other styles. It is great to have outdoor kitchen with wonderful pool view.

Pool with Bedroom


Pool house can be built by adding bedroom. Bedroom can be built in different designs too. You can add bedroom with indoor bathroom so your guest will get their privacy too when they come to your home and then having great experience in your pool house.

Pool with Fireplace


Fireplace can be added in your pool house to give warmth in your pool house. You also need to consider winter season. It will be good to choose the best design of fireplace. If you have a small pool house then you better choose minimalist style of electric fireplace for your pool house. It is low maintenance fireplace.

Metal Building Pool House

When you are looking for the best material for your pool house, you can choose to use metal material for your pool house. It is durable and long term investment because it resists to extreme weather. You can save more money to maintenance your pool house.

Pool House with Loft

For you who have big families and you have more kids, you can consider building pool house with a loft. It is an effective design to accommodate more people in your pool house. Now, you can choose one of the best pool house ideas that suitable for your home.

Pool House Storage Ideas

As it is said above, pool house can be used for several functions. One of the best functions of pool house is used as storage place. This house can be used to store some furniture items that you don’t really need in your main house. You can also use this house for different room such as bar area or gym area. 

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