5 Smart Stock Tank Pools Ideas for Your Backyard (So Inspiring!)

While building a swimming pool can cost a lot of money, a stock tank pool can be a clever solution. A variety of stock tank pools ideas help you realize a dream of having a pool in the backyard. At least your children and you can soak in the tank without spending a lot of bucks.

Stock tank pools are typically made of galvanized container. You need to fill the receptacles with water before each use for health and hygiene reason. Interestingly, most of the tanks are portable that you can place it almost anywhere in the backyard. Check out the clever tank ideas below!

Portable Galvanized Tank Pool

The minimalist galvanized pool tank is all you need to bring back the old times. Its simple design reminds you of country living a few decades ago. But you shouldn’t overlook this minimalist tank pool as it can offer you a lot of fun!

The portable receptacle enables you to swim almost anywhere in the backyard. You can choose to swim under the sun or in a shady place. But you might need a little effort to fill the tank with water.

DIY Stock Tank Pool with Stone Base

If you need a swimming pool alternative, this DIY stock tank pool is an inspiring idea to blow your mind. The galvanized container is located in the center of the backyard. If you want to make it stay permanently, secure with stone base and gravel.

Not only does it keep your receptacle in place, the stone and gravel can enhance your backyard appearance. It keeps your grass safe as people will step on the pathway you have made. You can also paint the galvanized tank to match the fence.

Stock Tank Pool as the Center Point

This is a beautiful backyard with stock tank pool as a center point. This one of stock tank pools ideas can transform your boring backyard into an attractive area to play with the kids.

The galvanized tank pool is equipped with water taps, allowing you to fill in the tank effortlessly. Thanks to sun umbrella that keeps your skin healthy while soaking your body.

Small Galvanized Tank Pool with Fence

No need to swarm with strangers, this small galvanized tank pool lets you swim trough summer. The round receptacle is well located under the shade, giving you a perfect spot to play with water without burning your skin.

The tank pool looks interesting with gravels to avoid water splash spoils your beautiful grass. White fence around the tank makes the spot looks adorable for kids and adults. You can also add small plants and accessories around the pool.

Stock Tank Pool with Heater

The following stock tank pool ideas inspire you to enjoy swimming throughout the year. The tank pool is equipped with heater, thus you can soak in the receptacle during chilly weather. This can be a great idea to warm yourself in an outdoor hot tub.

During the summer, you can use the receptacle without the heater. Soaking your body under the sun is all you need to spend the summer holiday.

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