Wrought Iron Doors

Wrought Iron Doors

Wrought iron doors are great to help you reflect the classical look of your house while keeping the security people live inside. The doors made of iron are not only durable but also strong. Find out everything you need to know about this kind of door on the following page. 

Pros and Cons

Just like any other items used in your house design, wrought iron doors also come with some pros and cons. One of the great things about iron doors is they can improve the beauty of your house. The doors usually come with a unique and elegant look. The design available to opt is also nearly limitless.

These kinds of doors will also make it hard for burglars to break into your house. Additionally, iron is considered to be one of the strongest materials you can choose for a door. Furthermore, irons are also resistant to fire, rot, moisture, and insects. They also relatively need low maintenance.

The downside of the iron doors might lay on the price. Most of the time, you will need to spend a lot of money to buy iron doors with good quality. Additionally, you will also find it a bit hard and heavy to move the iron-cast doors. 

Single VS Double Wrought Iron Doors

Which one to choose? Single or double wrought doors? However, there are several factors that you need to consider before setting up your choice. First, you need to consider the space available in your house. Of course, double iron doors will need a larger space compared to the single one.

If you want to remodel your iron doors, you need to meet your contractors. They will require you free spaces to provide room for the doors. It can be done by cutting a rough opening up to ¾ inches. The doorframe should also be installed to support the doors and enable them to be weather-stripped.

Is it possible to remodel a single or double iron doors with sidelights? Of course, it is. But, make sure you meet your contractors first. You need to discuss with them whether the alternation will affect the structure of your house or not.

How to Clean Wrought Iron Doors?

Luckily, you will only need simple methods to maintain wrought doors. To clean the doors, there are several things you can do. First, you can make a mixture made of vegetable-based soap. Put the mixture on the bowl and then add some water to it. You can make low suds from the solution. 

Then, prepare a clean cloth and dip it into the mixture. You can use the cloth to wipe the iron doors thoroughly. Make sure to start cleaning from the top of the wrought to the bottom. You can use a stepladder or a small tool to complete the work in more effective and convenient ways. 

After that, make sure to rinse the wrought doors. You can do it simply by spraying the iron doors by using a hose. Once you have finished with the rinsing process, you can start drying the door. Just use a clean and lint-free cloth to dry up the iron doors and get better cleaning results. 

More door design ideas:

Wrought Iron Door Ideas 

If you are looking for the wrought iron door ideas for your main entry, here are top picks to help you narrow down your options.

Modern Style

If you apply contemporary design, modern wrought iron doors can be the best option to take. The modern design of the door will fit and perfectly blend into the entire design of your house. This will not only make your home looks outstanding but also improve the value of your property. 

With Glass

A glass door always looks classic but never out of date. Wrought iron doors with glass installed on them will add classy value to your exterior. Additionally, the glasses installed make the door easy to clean. They also protect it from dust coming from outside your house. 

No Glass

Though glass can also become valuable additions to your iron doors, it doesn’t mean that wrought iron doors no glass will not look good on your exterior. Otherwise, it provides a unique look to the door, making your house design looks more attractive. 

With Sidelights

If you want to add a warm and classy look to your wrought iron doors, you can install lights on each side of them. The sidelights added will make your house seems more inviting for visitors. Plus, the wrought iron doors with sidelights are highly visible when night comes.

Black colors

Black wrought iron doors will be a perfect option if you need something neutral but elegant added to your exterior. The neutral color of the doors will easily blend to whatever design and paint you applied to your house. The black color will create a good look at the iron doors.

Antique Style

Who says that you can’t play with antique items to decorate your modern house? The antique wrought iron doors will make create a unique harmony on the entire design of your modern home. They can also show people your unusual personal taste toward home design.

Contemporary Style

If you are a young couple with your first home, contemporary wrought iron doors might become an ideal option to take. They have models that will fit perfectly on houses with contemporary designed mostly owned by a young couple. 

Ornamental Wrought Iron Doors

Are you thinking to show your artsy side to everyone who comes to your house? Then, installing ornamental wrought iron doors can give you so much helps. The decorative patterns and details of the iron doors will add artistic value to your exterior design.

Steel Wrought Iron Doors

Steel wrought iron doors will be an ideal pick for those who put more attention on the functionality of their main entrance. The steel materials used to make the iron doors are strong to ensure durability. Plus, the wrought iron doors can also improve the safety of your house. 

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