Garage Door Styles

Garage Door Styles

When it comes to the choices of garage door styles, there will be plenty of options available for you. Well-chosen style of a garage door will not only become a nice compliment to your house but also boost its sales in the market. Find out everything you need to know about the styles of a garage door here.

Styles of Garage Door – What to Know

Most of the time, a garage will occupy one-third, even more spaces of your front facade. It is one of your house’s parts that will be viewed by your guests. In this way, applying the rightest design of the garage, including the door, will be very crucial.  

Make sure that you provide serious thought to the aesthetics of the door garage since the poor chosen of the feature can cause a veritable eyesore. With a lot of garage door styles available to choose, the selection process can be tricky. Additionally, there is a wide range of materials used to make the door. 

Modern Garage Door

Modern garage doors are popular options among houses with a modern and contemporary design. They can be made of many different materials. The popular materials options used in garage doors with more updated styles are aluminum, vinyl (polyethylene), glass, copper, and wood. 

Some manufacturers even combine several materials to create a more modern and durable garage door. For instance, they incorporate foamed-in-place vinyl insulation inside the sectional and monolithic panel garage door. It is a popular combination you can find in the garage with up-to-date door styles.

With Window or Without Window

A garage is as important as other parts of your house. Some people even use the area for multiple purposes, not only as a place to store their vehicles. A garage found in ranch house even be used to store straws for the horses kept there. 

That is why a garage door for ranch house is designed in certain ways to accommodate the multiple functions of the area. If you are one of those people to spend most of your time in your garage, you might need to install one or several windows on the area. 

A garage door with windows might become a good option to take. You can spend your time working on your DIY projects for hours in the garage while keeping the door closed. You will be able to work comfortably in the garage even in the hottest months of the year.

But, if you only use the room to store your cars, garage door styles without windows might become an ideal option to take. However, you might need to consider installing ventilation in the garage for more comfortable reasons. This is to ensure that the area will get sufficient air circulation.

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Types of Garage Door

There are many garage door styles you can find out there, including the Tuscan garage door. When choosing the best door style of your garage, you might need to consider several things in your mind. Think about the functionality, aesthetics, and the materials used before you set up your decision.

Double Garage Door

You need to know that the installation of a double garage door is usually based on the size of the opening available in your garage. This type of garage door will make it possible for you to raise or lower it all at once. It will be beneficial the most if you have a large-sized vehicle to store. 

There are some other benefits you can get from a garage with double doors. You do not need to worry about the entire garage being opened every time you want to go inside or outside. However, there will be extra maintenance needed when you install this double garage door.

Carriage Garage Door

Looking for another popular option for your garage door? Well, you can install a carriage garage door to help you keep your vehicles comfortably. Not only functional, but you can also add aesthetic value to your exterior design by applying this kind of garage door.

As the name suggests, a garage door with carriage style usually replicates the design of doors you often find in old carriage houses. However, you can be sure that the style of the garage door can look fabulous on houses with contemporary design.

While the garage door styles with a traditional carriage door will need you to manually swing it open from the center, the modern design comes with a more practical system. The door has an automatic opener that will fold open when you operate it. 

Craftsman Garage Door

If you are kind of a person that pays more attention to the aesthetic value of your house design, you might need to consider installing a craftsman garage door for in your house. The design of the door will help you to show people your personal taste and character.

The craftsman door usually pays more attention to details such as faux hinges on the sides, cross beam across the door, and the handles. Aside from the aesthetic aspect, you can still enjoy the functionality of the door and it also adds visual interest to your exterior.

Contemporary Style

If you prefer items with the most up-to-date design for your house, this contemporary garage door can be a perfect option to choose from. The design of the door will help you to add attractive visuals to the entire style of your exterior. Additionally, it will also add value to your property.

A garage door with contemporary design will be perfect the most if combined with tempered glass panels. You can also get better results if paint the door with aluminum frames. A slab door is a popular type of garage door with a temporary design in the market today.

French Style

Some people prefer to choose garage door styles that can be completely concealed. Unfortunately, not all of the garage types out there can meet this requirement. But, you can get what you want on a french garage door.

As the name suggests, this type of garage door comes with a similar look of original french doors. It has all the characteristics you can find in the real french door styles include the seams, hinges, and handles. 

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