Red Front Door

Red Front Door

Thinking of installing a red front door for your home? If you have learned about the psychology of color, you will find that red is often considered as the most emotionally intense color ever. The color is used widely since it comes with very high visibility.

Red Front Door Meaning

Applying red color for your front door will not only add a fun pop to your interior design, but it also has a deeper meaning. In history, red was strongly associated with a color of triumph, majesty, and royalty. Red is also known as the traditional color of Chinese, Indian, and Scottish people. 

Chinese (Feng Shui) Tradition

A front door that is painted with red has a meaning of “welcome” in Feng Shui, an old Chinese tradition. The color applied to the door will make the guests feel warmly welcomed and as if they are at home. Red in Chinese tradition is not only warm but also inviting and comfortable.

Indian Tradition

The red color is also widely used in the early American tradition. It has a meaning that every traveler passed through a house of Indian people, they will be welcome. Red door meaning in Indian tradition also shows that the house is safe for travelers to take a rest.

Scottish Tradition

Scotland has a unique tradition related to the red door. When people in Scotland color their front door with red, it means that they have fully paid off their mortgage. It is such an announcement for the people come to their house that the homeowners are free from mortgage.

Red Front Door Paint Color

There are several popular shades of red front door paint color to choose, they are:

Bright Red

Bright color, including red, can add a cheerful atmosphere to both interior and exterior designs. A front door with a bold color can show people that the homeowner has a warm and cheerful personality. Every guest comes to the house will feel that they are happily welcomed.

Dark Red

Dark red is another popular shade used to color front doors. This red shade will be ideal to be applied around bright colors used in the exterior design. The dark red door will bring balance and create harmony to the entire design of the exterior.

Cherry Red

When using red for front doors, cherry red is another popular option to take. This shade will make your exterior design looks fresher and inviting. In the cold months where not many colors can be seen, the red shade is a perfect addition to your house and makes it looks warmer.

Cherry red will be a great color option to apply to your front door. Another red shade choice you can take is bright red. The two shades of red will make the glass looks more outstanding. In this way, you will be able to bring your exterior design to a higher level.

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Red Front Door Ideas

If you are looking for inspiration to paint your main entrance with red color, here are 7 super cool ideas to design a red door.  

Door with Glass

Applying a red color on a glass door will be very interesting. The red door with glass is an ideal option if you want to add warmth to your exterior design and makes it more inviting. Red color and glass applied to the door will create marvelous harmonious to the entire design. 

Red Door On Brick House

Brick houses will never be out of date. Adding a red door on the house design will make it looks more fabulous. You can use dark red to color the door. The color option will help you create a warmer ambiance to the exterior design of your house. 

Red Door with Window

On of the red door ideas, you can try is the one with a window attached to it. The red color will make the overall look of the door becomes more attractive. Additionally, the red color of the door can easily blend with the areas outside your house, creating a nice harmony. 

Rustic Door

Not all people like to apply a rustic design on their exterior since it can be very tricky. But, a rustic front door can be a great option if you know how to mix and match it. Instead of making your house look old, the rustic front door with a red color will make it looks gorgeous.

Red Door with Storm Door

If you want to create a great impression on your main entry, using a coordinated red door with storm door is a good option. Not only create more visual on your front door, but the red color will not hide the beauty of your house. 

Red Door with Sidelights

A front door with red color will look more attractive by adding lights on both sides of it. The red door with sidelights is a perfect choice if you want to add a comfortable ambiance to your exterior design. The color will also allow people to view your house from a long distance.

When installing sidelights on your front door, make sure you pick up lights with medium sizes. The number of light is also important. Don’t make it too many or too small. The lights on both sides of your front door will make your house looks more “expensive”. 

Red Door White House

Installing red door white house? Well, it is one of the most popular color combinations on Earth. So, applying red front door color on a house with the domination of white can be a great option to take. The combination of red and white colors will make it looks fresher.

The neutral side of your house can be provided by white color. Meanwhile, the more eye-catching side of your house can be provided by the bold red applied to the front door. Just combine the two-color and see how attractive the red front door of your house will be. 

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