Indoor Swimming Pools

An indoor swimming pool offers a clever solution if you want to enjoy water splash without burning your skin or losing your privacy. There are plenty of cool indoor swimming pools ideas that can elevate the beauty of your interior. Coming with a variety of concepts, you can’t resist the temptation to soak your body.

Who says indoor swimming pool can only suit a large residence? The following pool ideas are applicable to any home design. Whether you have small or large space, these pool ideas are worth your thought. Keep scrolling and find one that suits you best!

Get Closer to Nature

Embrace the beauty of nature and feel the tranquility. This indoor swimming pool borrows natural concept with stone and bricks on its surroundings. The pool reminds you of natural fish pond with greeneries and small waterfall.

Having this swimming pool in your interior gives you a perfect spot to escape from the city crowd. The sound of water and children sliding down to the pool is all you need to energize your body and soul. Let the sunlight go through the roof to keep the pool healthy.

Indoor Swimming Pool with Glass Roof

This inspiring indoor pool idea fits your small space. Coming with small size, the pool can share space with the backyard patio. A small gazebo by the pool gives an alternative if you don’t want to soak the body.

But your attention should be addressed to the glass roof. This is a clever solution if you want to swim without worrying about weather. The roof protects you from the rain while it also allows the sunlight to penetrate the pool to keep it healthy.

Awesome swimming pool inspiration:

Indoor Swimming Pools with Panoramic Ocean View

Your beach house deserves this awesome indoor swimming pool idea with oceanfront view. When you are too lazy to leave the house but really want to see the panoramic ocean view, go ahead for this inspiring pool.

The atmosphere feels so cozy with stone wall, greeneries, and hardwood flooring by the pool. Thanks to the borderless pool side that creates an infinite look to this facility.

Private Swimming Pool with Patterned Ceramic Floor

If privacy is your biggest concern, the following indoor swimming pool ideas can suit you best. The round swimming pool is built inside the house, ensuring your privacy while soaking the body. In addition, this is a clever pool idea that you can enjoy throughout the year.

This pool looks simple with its round shape, stairs and handle. But the patterned ceramic floor can catch your attention, providing an additional decoration to your interior.

Swimming Pool by the Living Room? Sounds Great!

Indoor swimming pool by the living room sounds nice for your modern-contemporary residence. Glass sliding door that separates the L-shape pool and living room accentuate openness that you adopt to the living space.

This is one of impressive indoor swimming pools ideas that allows you to wade while talking with friends or relatives. Or else, you can also host a small party by the pool.

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