Glass Bottom Pool

Swimming pool can be the best place to unwind after tiring weekdays. Interestingly, the right choice of pool design can elevate the value of your property at the same time. Glass bottom pool ideas are among popular pool ideas that allow you to swim with style.

Currently, there are plenty of ideas when it comes to swimming pool with glass bottom. The awesome structure invites everyone’s attention as well as challenge the swimmers to enjoy swimming in altitude. Are you interested to build a glass bottom swimming pool? Check out the following ideas!

One Pacific’s Magnificent Glass Bottom Pool

One Pacific on the edge of Yaletown is among world’s most inspiring glass bottom swimming pool ideas. The masterpiece of IBI Architects is the part of Riviera deck along with cabanas, sky garden, hot tub, and kitchen on the outside.

The visitors can enjoy the panoramic view while swimming in this pool. The pool structure is awesome, providing unmatched excitement to Concord Pacific building.

Enjoy the Dolomites in Hubertus’ Pool with Glass Bottom

The inspiring swimming pool with glass bottom is designed by NOA, the Italian architecture firm. This stupendous outdoor pool is made for Hotel Hubertus to indulge the hikers and skiers with the picturesque landscape of South Tyrol.

The 25-meter swimming pool is an impressive addition to the hotel. The pool floats about 12 meters above the ground, giving a challenge to the swimmers while using the pool. There is no outdoor swimming pool with glass bottom like this.

Unique Double Swimming Pools in Wall House

How about transforming your second floor into a marvelous swimming pool? This one of glass bottom pool ideas is inspired by Wall House in Portugal. There are two pools, one of which floats above the other. Its glass bottom allows the swimmers to look beneath the pool and feel the floating sensation.

Combining the concept of indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a large patio offers more convenience. If you are enough with swimming, you can sit in the patio and see the swimmers in the second floor enjoy their good time.

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Challenge Your Adrenaline to Swim in Altitude

If you are in Texas, make time to visit Market Square Tower. The skyscraper has one of the most inspiring swimming pool in altitude. Referred to as The Sky Pool, this swimming pool challenges your adrenaline to swim in altitude. The glass bottom enables you to enjoy the cityscape while swimming.

The pool is situated about 500 feet above the ground. You can really feel a different sensation when looking down and wade in the water. The structure that extends out over the building gives you more challenge. Now you can really float in the sky.

New Way to Enjoy Hong Kong Cityscape from Above

Hong Kong also offers you inspiring pool with glass bottom in altitude. Located in Hotel Indigo, the swimming pool at the top of the building extends outward, lets you feel a different swimming experience. The transparent glass bottom enables you to watch the exquisite city view from above.

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