How to Install Waterfalls in Your Pool

One of the swimming pool designs that you can apply is pool with waterfalls. A pool becomes one of the house facilities which has its own privilege. The presence of a swimming pool does not only function as a media for a swimming hobby but also to support the beauty and value of a house.

This is why many people are interested to build a swimming pool at their houses. They even add some features such as an artificial waterfall. The waterfall can make the appearance of the pool even more beautiful and decorative.

There are a lot of designs and models of artificial waterfalls that you can feature in your swimming pool. You can choose the one that matches well with the design and style of your pool. In addition, you can get many benefits by featuring an artificial waterfall in your pool.

By adding an artificial waterfall, you will add more oxygen in your swimming pool. The water molecules will increase as well. The water in your swimming pool will look clearer because the waterflow will always move.

For the installation, the artificial waterfall for a swimming pool has its own recommended installation. This waterfall will look better if the installation is made with a terraced pool design. The waterflow design of the swimming pool flows in a small pool then empties in the main pool.

If you are interested to install pool with waterfalls, here is some information that you should know first.

The Installation Swimming Pool With Waterfalls

As it is said before, an artificial waterfall will be better for a terraced swimming pool. So that the water flow in your swimming pool will be well-kept. In addition, there are several things that you need to consider before installing the waterfall.

·        Choose the Design of the Waterfall Walls

In order to have a beautiful pool with waterfalls, some supporting elements are needed. One of them is the walls of the artificial waterfall. You definitely should consider your taste and needs when choosing the waterfall walls.

You should also consider the effectivity and installation cost. This is essential so that you will not be bothered with the treatment in the future. However, you do not have to be worried because a bunch of waterfall wall models at affordable prices are available today.

You can choose the one that meets your needs and budget. If you need any suggestion for the installation or purchasing, you can contact a professional and trusted swimming pooll contractor.

·        Consider the Treatment

Healthy and quality swimming pool is characterized by its well-kept hygiene and water clarity. If a swimming pool is clean and clear, the owner can conveniently swim. In order to reach the goal, pool with waterfalls should be regularly treated well and featured with suitable supporting elements.

Carefully calculate the regular treatment that you need to do. This is for the sake of your swimming pool’s cleanliness and clarity. You surely do not want to have a dirty waterfall swimming pool or swim there.

The waterfall should be regularly cleaned and the waterflow should be routinely checked. If there is any damage, it is highly suggested to directly fix it.

The Cost

The cost to install and build a waterfall swimming pool is varied. It depends on various factors. For example, the materials you choose to build the waterfall swimming pool, the size, and some others. The cost to hire a swimming pool contractor also affects.

So, the cost to make such a swimming pool is relative. You just need to calculate your budget and make the one which meets it. If you have a limited budget, you are able to make a small pool with waterfalls. Just make sure it is decorative enough to support the appearance of your pool area.

The Features

In order to make your waterfall swimming pool looks more gorgeous, you can add some features. Below are some inspirations

·        Fire Effect

If you want to make your swimming pool area looks gorgeously dramatic, try to add a fire effect above the artificial waterfall. The fire light effect will make your swimming pool looks livelier.

In addition, the area will be a focal point especially at night. The fire light effect is very suitable to be combined with an artificial waterfall which is made from natural stones. Besides dramatic, this idea will also create a warm and natural atmosphere.

·        Water Fountain

Who says that you cannot combine a waterfall with water fountain at the same time? The combination of waterfall and water fountain will create a beautiful sound. This way, your pool area will be suitable to be used as a relaxing spot at your house.

You can also add a gazebo to complete the area. This way, your pool area will be a great place to relieve your stress and fatigue after a long and busy daily schedule. You can also have a comfortable place to spend your quality time with your family.

·        Lighting

Adding lighting to your waterfall swimming pool seems to be a must. So that the area will not look dark especially at night. For instance, you can add colorful lighting in order to avoid a creepy look in your pool area.

Or, you can choose a fire light effect just like has been said before. Just make sure the lighting blends well with the design of your waterfall swimming pool.

·        Rain Harvest

Do you want to make your pool with waterfalls fun? Then, you can try to install rain harvest. Install some rain harvest in the sides of your waterfall swimming pool. This will surely make your pool looks more fun.

In addition, this feature is also suitable if you have kids who always love to swim at the house. They can play with the rain harvest besides playing with the waterfall.

Those are the information related to a waterfall swimming pool. Adding a waterfall will absolutely increase the beauty and art value of your pool. So, are you interested to install one?

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