Plunge Pools; Ultimate Guide

A plunge pools is now getting popular and becoming one of the hottest trends in recent years. The pool is seen as a great alternative to the traditional swimming pools that usually occupy a large space. 

What is a Plunge Pools?

What is a plunge pool? Well, it is actually a small basin that usually filled with cold water. The pool comes with a specific purpose for relaxation, hydrotherapy, and aquatic exercise. This small basin will be perfect the most for those who want to have low impact-exercises or require aquatic rehabilitation.

Due to its main purpose, the plunge pool is also very famous among athletes. They usually use the pool to have a recovery session just after intense exercises. However, if you are not an athlete, you can still use the pool to refresh and relax your body after a busy schedule in the workplace.

Plunge Pools Installation

When installing a plunge pool, you might need an expert’s help. There will be a lot of things to consider before starting the installation process. You need to think about the materials used to create the pool. 

There are several options available for you to install the pool. You can build it above ground, in-ground, or partially in-ground. You also need to think about whether you want to install the pool indoor or outdoor. 

Installation Cost

Most of the time you will need $20,000 to $25,000 on average to install the plunge pool. The price can increase significantly because of some factors include a security cover and temperature control system. However, the price is still lower if compared to the typical cost of a traditional swimming pool.

Size of the Plunge Pools

A plunge pool usually comes with an average size of 7 to 12 feet long. However, you can get a fully customizable pool provided by constructors. The customizable pool usually has 9 to 15 feet long. Additionally, the pool also typically comes with a standard square shape.

The Pool’s Dimensions

Well, you need to know that there is no exact dimensions of the plunge pool. You can install the pool based on your preferable size. You can make it small enough for one person. Or, you can build a pool that can accommodate a small group of people at once.

Plunge Pools Depth

Most of the time, a plunge pool comes with 54 to 60 inches deep. Meanwhile, the standard deep of the pool is usually 51 inches. Make sure that you calculate the depth of the pool carefully. This is aimed to help you get the optimum benefits of your hydrotherapy plans. 

Warm & Cold Plunge Pools Therapy

Is it possible to get warm & cold plunge pool therapy? Definitely yes! You can install a heating system in your pool. This will make it possible for you to conduct aquatic therapy to help you lower back pain, reduce symptoms of arthritis, lower inflammation, increase blood flow, and more.

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Plunge Pool Ideas

Are you looking for plunge pool ideas that will be suitable the most for your needs? Here are the designs of a plunge pool to inspire you.

Plunge Pools DIY

You can have your plunge pool DIY installed either indoor or outdoor. However, when designing the DIY pool, you will need the discuss things with your constructor. This is because it requires special skills to put the installation correctly.

Fiberglass Plunge Pool

Fiberglass plunge pool becomes a trend in recent years. Not only installed for practical reasons but fiberglass also provides durability. Additionally, fiberglass is also considered to have a lower price compared to other materials.

Concrete Plunge Pool

The concrete plunge pool is mainly chosen for its practicality. This kind of pool can offer you faster outdoor installation. But, you need to keep in mind that it is almost impossible to install the pool indoors.

Plunge Pool Above Ground

You can also install a plunge pool above ground. For inspiration, you can build the pool in the middle of a landscaped oasis in your backyard. Just imagine yourself soaking and floating in the pool just after a workout. Amazing! [ Read Above Ground Pool Ideas here]

Plunge Pool for Small Backyard

Having a backyard with a small space should not prevent you from having a nice plunge pool to soak in. There will be a lot of plunge pool for small backyard ideas available out there for you to opt. 

Plunge Pool with Spa

Why not combine your plunge pool with spa facilities? It would be a great idea to have a spa session after soaking in the pool, all in one place. Treat yourself with a relaxing moment in the pool just after a hard workout.

Plunge Pool Hot Tub

Plunge pool hot tub is another idea you should put into consideration. You can place the hot tub just next to the pool. In this way, you will easily reach the hot tub just after dipping your toes in the pool.

Plunge Pool Waterfall

A plunge pool waterfall will be perfect the most if you want to have a place to relax after an extended workout. You can design the pool in a long size. Then, you can create a waterfall feature just at the end of the pool.

Plunge Pool in Deck

Do you want to get relax in a place that directly overlooking a beach? Well, you might need to consider installing a plunge pool in deck. You can build the pool just around a lot of brickwork with a wooden walkway installed nearby. It would be amazing.

Private Plunge Pool

You can create a private plunge pool either outdoor or indoor. This will be a great option to take especially if you want a completely personal pool, much for your comfort. The pool will be a perfect place to refresh your body and mind.

Natural Plunge Pool

A natural plunge pool would be an ideal option if you want to have an eco-friendly place to get soak your body after a workout. The pool is made of natural materials such as stones with a wooden walkway. There are also trees surrounded the pool. [Read Natural Swimming Pools]

Modern Plunge Pools

A modern plunge pool will look great in a modern house. The pool is best installed indoor to allow it to create a harmonious structure in your interior. However, you are also possible to install the plunge pool outdoor as long as it fits the overall design of your house.      

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