swimming Pool Landscaping Ideas

Pool Landscaping Ideas

Having a pool can increase the value of a house. It can also be a relaxing spot to spend quality time with a family. So, you have to be careful in choosing and applying pool landscaping ideas in order to support the function of the pool itself.

There are a lot of pool landscaping inspirations that can be your reference. No matter the size of your pool, you can choose and apply one of them. You just need to make sure that the pool design matches or at least blends well with the entire design of your house.

Below are some gorgeous inspirations for pool landscaping that you can try.

Modern Pool Landscaping Ideas

For you who a modern swimming pool, here are some ideas.


Some of you have probably imagined of swimming with a stunning natural view. Besides relaxing your eyes, the beautiful natural view will also be able to keep you mind and heart in peace. This can be reached by building an infinity swimming pool.

However, the location of your house definitely becomes an important factor in landscaping your pool with this modern design. It will be better if your house is located in a suburban area or higher than the surrounding area. So that the infinity impression can be reached.

If your house is situated in a crowded area, you can solve the problem by installing a partition or fence so that your privacy is still kept well.


If you want privacy with an outdoor nuance for your pool, a courtyard design can be your option. With this design, the location of your pool is right in the middle of your house, surrounded by other rooms. This way, you can swim with an open concept and well-kept privacy.

With this courtyard design, your swimming pool can also be a pretty view that can be enjoyed from various sides of your house. One thing that you have to consider is the space because the location of the pool is right in the middle.

With other rooms surround the pool, a spacious space is needed to have this modern courtyard pool at your house.

Modern Tropical

For you who are a lover of a tropical nuance just like on a beach, you can try to add a wooden decking area with beanbags or sun loungers for sunbathing. Do not forget to add big umbrellas in order to accentuate the tropical atmosphere and protect your from the heat.

You can also place other furnitures with bright colors and add plants such as Frangipani. If you want an extra beachy nuance, you can add sand in the bottom of the pool or around it.

But with the sand addition, extra treatment and maintenance become an important factor. This way, your pool will always look clean.


A pool that is located indoor is suitable for you who love an indoor feel. The biggest benefit of this modern pool design is you do not have to be worried about the weather every time you want to swim or spend your relaxing time in the pool area.

The size of an indoor pool does not have to be big. An indoor pool can also save the use of chemicals for treatment. Because it is located indoor, the chemicals do not easily fade because of the sunlight.

This way, the water of your pool can stay clean and clear. So that bacteria will not easily breed in your swimming pool.

Mini Garden

If you have a hobby of swimming and gardening, why do not you combine those two hobbies? You can build a modern swimming pool near your garden. Both of them will complete each other to get a different nuance.

Choose a garden that can be adjusted to your hobby. For example, a wild garden. This way, you can swim while enjoying the view of your pretty garden.

More pool ideas:

Minimalist Pool Landscaping Ideas

For you do not have big spaces at your house, you can apply minimalist pool landscaping ideas. Below are some inspirations.


If you focus on the sport function of a swimming pool, apply a narrow design a.k.a slim and minimalist design. You can design the pool lengthwise as you wish. In addition, do not forget to adjust the width so that the function of the pool is still maximized. Moreover, you can swim conveniently.

Besides minimalist, this one of the pool landscaping ideas can also bring a modern touch to your house. You can add a minimalist terrace with natural stone materials for the flooring around the floor.

Plant your favorite plantations so that the atmosphere in the pool area is still fresh.

Pool Landscaping Ideas; 180º

If you do not have a spacious space at your house, you can have a pool with a perfect semi-circle. Make it look very natural by using natural stone materials. You can also combine it with green plants in order to accentuate and strengthen the natural nuance.

The combination of green plants and natural stones will make your pool looks like a tropical retreat. It will be an exotic place to spend your quality time with your family or just to get relaxed.

Curved Minimalist

Do you want a unique and anti-mainstream pool which looks different from others? Then, a minimalist curved swimming pool design can be an interesting option. With this design, the appearance of your pool will not look boring due to the half-circle accent.

You can plant your favorite flowers and plants around the swimming pool. This minimalist curved swimming pool is suitable to be built both outdoor and indoor.

Those are the pool landscaping ideas that you can try. Each landscaping design has its own beauty. The most important thing is keeping your pool clean by performing regular treatment and maintenance. So that your pool can last for a long time. In addition, the hygiene of your pool can be well-kept.

So, which idea that you are interested to apply to the pool at your house?

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