Backyard Pool Ideas

Backyard Pool Ideas

Adding a pool in your backyard is really amazing and fancy. Besides your own satisfaction, you can use this Backyard Pool Ideas as the gathering moment of your family.

So many things can be done there, such as party, relaxation, having quality time, gathering, and so on. It will be perfect for a memorable experience.

Here are several small backyard pool ideas and backyard with pool landscaping ideas. There will also be several questions that are often being asked before installing a backyard pool. So, do not forget to check all of them to make you remember what is missing.

Two Kinds of Backyard Pool

In-Ground Backyard Pool Ideas

The in-Ground or Underground pool can be your house value, moreover, if you live in the country which has mostly a warm climate in a year.

You will need extra-budget if you want to have an in-ground pool, such as the installation, annual maintenance, electric bill for heater or filter, cleaning, chemical, and so on that will make your pool “healthy”.

Above Ground Backyard Pool Ideas

Like its name, it sits on the ground. The above ground pool is affordable, which is around $3,000 until $4500 and many people prefer to have this kind of backyard pool. The shape is according to the customer’s wants because usually it is made by order. It is also removable. The durability is about 7 until 10 years.

You can find more design for above ground pool here.

Backyard Pool Installation

Hiring a professional staff is your choice, but if you can have a diy backyard pool, then why not? Here are the ways to install your backyard inground pool. 

1. Choose Your Pool

You can find some materials of the in-ground pool outside there, such as concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl-liner. Fiberglass and vinyl-liner is really suitable for cold climates because of their flexibility, as you know that cold climates can damage a concrete structure that is rigid.

2. Knowing the Rule

There will be different regulations for each region or country to build a pool, so you need to have permission and start the work. Usually, it requires such terms and conditions, such as the distance between the pool and property lines. The safety of the pool is also important, for example, the rule of safety fence or adding an alarm.

3. Knowing the Right Spot

You cannot be so careless to decide the spot where the pool will be installed or built. So, you need to consider such things, such as the direction of sunlight, wind power,  and the space for special features.

Cost and Materials

It will be different in both types for a backyard pool. The price of the in-ground pool is estimated at around $36,200 until $66,600 and the average is about $51,400.

Having an in-ground pool must have its basic maintenance and you need to add the cost for around $1200 until $1800 per year. Not to mention if there is damage and you need to repair them or increase the utilities for around $1,800 until $3,200 for every year.

The price for different materials of the pool is indeed different and you need to spend your money around $20,000 until $60,000 or even more.

Concrete or Gunite Pool

It can cost you $35,000 until $65,000 and the additional fee for annual maintenance is around $2,700 to $4,000. A concrete pool is indeed more expensive than the other types of pool, but do not hesitate about its durability because it can last for a hundred years.

You can choose gunite if you want to customise your tile for the best result. With gunite, you can choose whether you want your pool to look blue, gray, or white color because the layer is usually colored by the pigments. It gives you a lot of shapes that you can choose.


Fiberglass has the best cost if you do not want your pool to be more expensive or cheaper. It costs $20,000 until $60,000 with the additional fee for annual maintenance is $500 until $1,550.

How about the durability? It can last for 25 years if you can take care of it well. What makes this type choose able is because it is easy to maintain or clean. So, you will not need extra time only for cleaning your pool.


Vinyl is related to the liner of your pool. It does not have so many shapes but there will be many options for the patterns and colors.

Vinyl-liner material is the cheapest rather than the other two above. It costs around $20,000 until $40,000. The annual maintenance is rather expensive than fiberglass, which is $1,000 until $1,600 or more. You need to change the linter about every ten years. This is not a moment, too.

What are the advantages? Of course, the cheapest price. With $20,000 or $40,000, you can have a pool in your backyard.

Sizes or Average Size

Whether you want to have and want to add small or large backyard pool ideas, the most important thing that you cannot miss is the size of your backyard. You cannot begin to install the pool without knowing the size of it.

Deciding the size of the pool is indeed based on your preference, but you need to know the average size of a backyard pool or you just hesitate.

Backyard rectangular pool is my favorite. Usually, one side will be longer than the other side. The water depth is approx. 5.5 feet. The dimension is usually 10×20 or 20×40, but you can also make it 15×30.

Think Before Decide the Size

First of all, before you decide to install a pool is the function of it or else your money will be wasted, do you want that to happen? Now see below to be considered.

1. What is your main point?

You need to think whether you only install this to play around or not. If you want this to only be a “compliment” to your backyard or just want to dip your feet for a refreshing, then a small pool is enough.

But, if you really will often swim and spend a lot of time in the pool, then a larger pool is perfect for you to move around. Is it for exercise? Then you need a lap pool or elongated shape pool.  How about a diving board? You need your pool wide and deeper.

2. Who uses this?

The water depth will be different for kids and adults, if it is both, then you need to consider making the pool at a different level of water, so anyone can enjoy the pool.

As for adults, it will need much more depth, so it will be perfect for them to move around. As for kids, they need the right depth of water for them to play or just splash around.

How about thinking of accessibility? If you think that everyone can use ladders, then you do need to make the shallow end of the pool with steps.

3. What will be the matter?

Nothing goes smoothly. There might be obstacles for any of you, such as the cost, the size of the backyard, and the time of maintaining. For the cost, you might be confused to spend your money to have a bigger pool or have the best material.

As for space, do you want your backyard to be only for a pool? You need to consider having other spaces for other purposes, also. Bigger spaces will require you a lot of time to clean and maintain it.

Having your backyard everything in once is really a good reality. You can recreate in your house and has an amazing experience without having a vacation abroad.

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Backyard Pool with Firepit

Why don’t you consider adding a fire pit in your backyard? Having a backyard pool and fire pit is really perfect. This makes the gathering atmosphere more colorful and cheerful.

You can place the fire pit next to or just a few meters from your pool. Do not forget to add chairs. There are several modern backyard pool ideas for a fire pit that can make your pool looks incredible.

1. Fire Pit along the Pool

When your imagination is wild, then you can imagine how water and fire become one in your visualization. You can apply this image when you want to build a pool or just want to add the burner near it. Place the long fire pit on one side of the pool and let it look like that. It will be lit and unusual.

2. Small Water flow and Upscale Campfire

Can you imagine there will be a small water flow coming out from a fire pit? The fireplace will be placed on stone or brick.

3. Pool and Fire Bowl

Fire bowls look cute, don’t they? You can place them along the side of the pool by giving a little distance between them. It will make your pool simple but elegant.

Backyard Pool with Privacy

After you have the idea of the fire pit, do you also want to make a backyard pool with privacy? Privacy is important, moreover for your backyard pool because you feel uncomfortable and insecure only if someone is watching.

So, here are several ideas to make your pool private.

1. Fence

A backyard pool fence is the most important thing in backyard pool safety. The ideal height of the backyard pool fence is a minimum of 4 feet tall. No hand or foothold on it to climb over.

On the bottom of the fence, it needs less than four inches clearance. The safety fence featured an automatic lock or automatic closing. The removable backyard fence is popular among the owner of a backyard pool because the price is cheap and can be removed after the pool is not in use.

2. Privacy Panels

Having privacy panels is a great thing because they can fit for your pool since it has so many styles. It is affordable, removable, and simple for any private matter. You can have instant privacy by adding it if you want to use your pool.

3. Umbrella and Sail Shade

It will be multifunctional for your pool and your patio to block the outsiders’ view and block the sunlight. If the light is really hot and dazzled, then it will be perfect for you to install an umbrella or sail shade.

Having a private backyard pool needs consideration, you can choose all of the mentioned above, but you still need to think about the budget and the other things that can make you less enjoy your own pool.

Lazy River in a Pool?

What more great ideas for your pool? Adding your backyard pool with lazy river is the answer. You will have such a river in your pool with the slow-floating water. It is perfect to lying on a raft and move slowly on the water. If you rarely see this kind of pool, it is understandable because of the prohibitive price, which can reach around $500,000. Are you interested?

Special Features for Your Backyard Pool

You can also add a backyard pool with waterfall or backyard pool with slide for a scenic element. You can add a slide in the side of your pool, whether the pool is small or big. The selection of the slide’s size is according to your pool’s size.

Waterfall for a backyard pool usually uses boulders or rocks because it can give the natural sense. Do not forget to add lights around it and add plants or bushes to make it more realistic.

How about adding a backyard pool bar?  Having an “outdoor living room” is really something, right? You can have it near your backyard pool. You can make the backyard pool with deck as the table of the bar, so you will face the water of the pool.

In order to make that idea, you have to make the pool taller and make a lower space for high chairs. The deck is also functioned for safety reasons and decorates the edge of the pool.

You can have a lot of ideas to have an amazing deck, such as deck with a bridge, the deck above the ground, circular deck, and so on.

So, have you imagined your backyard pool looks like? The addition of plants, bushes, wooden furniture, waterfall, and rock can help to make you have a backyard natural pool. But after all, you need to carefully consider making this decision. Make it come true!

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