Under Stairs Storage Ideas

Mostly the triangular area under the stairs has just been wasted space. You can transform the leftover space under the stairs to make it more appealing and it’s a creative solution to make the space more functional. Here are some under stairs storage ideas that you can try to your home. 

Under Stairs Storage Closet

You can add the space function by using it as a space for a clothing closet. All you need are floating shelves, hangers, and hooks. Install floating shelves to store hats, scarves, and bags then You can hang some coats that you can use when you want to go out. 

If you want to use it to store cleaning tools and cleaning supplies. You can use the floating shelves to place cleaning supplies and install some hooks to hang cleaning tools. Under stairs storage closet is good idea to make sure you place them neat and tidy.

Under Stairs Storage Shelves

You can make an under stairs storage as multifunctional storage. You can make it as one of the focal point areas in your home by using the space for shelves and then put some beautiful decoration and family photos on the shelves. You can make the shelves with doors or without doors. 

If you want to have a small library at home, you can use the shelves as a place to store your various collections of books. You also can add a small sofa chair and pillows beside the shelves to make it more comfortable for a reading area. This is of the best trick to use the area for under stairs storage shelves. 

Under Stairs Storage Shoes

Under stairs storage shoes is one of under stairs storage ideas that you can try at home. You can use the space as drawers to store your shoes. You can make several drawers to group the shoes in your house to make them more organized and easy to find when needed.

Hidden Storage Under Staircase

For those who do not want to let anyone else see where the cleaning items are, hidden storage under the staircase is the best option of under stairs storage ideas. You can keep all the cleaning items in the house so they don’t get scattered so your house looks neater. To store small cleaning items there, you can use the box as storage.

Besides you can use the triangular area under the stairs to store cleaning items, you can make drawers on the stairs as hidden storage. You can use it for storing shoes, paperwork, or your pet’s food. Nowadays, many people use this trick to create more storage in their homes that have limited space

Under Stairs Storage Cubes

Instead of making shelves with rectangle shelves, you can stack some cubes under the stairs as storage. It’s a good idea for storing your paperwork, books, or supplies and you can group items into available cubes. It’s a good way to organize, flexible, and easy to find when needed. 

You can find many storage cube options to suit the under stairs space. There are many shapes and sizes that you can choose. Organize the items neatly and stylishly with under stairs cube storage. Personalize your cubes with a variety of boxes and baskets. Put some small decorations to make it more attractive. 

Freestanding Under Stairs Storage 

If you want a freestanding under stairs storage, keeping the space under the stairs open is a good option. You can install some floating shelves and put box storages on it to make the space look as neat as possible. You can also put some wall decorations to make space look more attractive.

Besides that, you can also create a study space in the freestanding under the stairs area. Use a mix of freestanding pieces there and keep it tidy because this area will be very visible. 

Built-In Under Stairs Storage

If your house has a rural style, you can use the built-in under stairs storage. The built-in cabinet under the stairs can be used to store cocktail and wine stock. You can also put glass and antic items there as decoration.

Slide Out Under Stairs Storage

Besides using shelves for under stairs storage, make a slide-out under stairs storage is a good idea. This closed storage will hide the items inside so that it is not visible from the outside. This hidden storage will make the under stairs area look tidier.

If your stairs are close to the kitchen area, you can use slide-out drawers to store cutlery and cooking utensils. This storage also a perfect place to store cooking ingredients, snacks or other dry foods used for everyday meals. It’s great for small homes that may not have enough closet storage. 

Under Stairs Playroom

Children love to play. So, why not you make your under stairs area for their playroom? Besides you can use it as a fun spot for your kids, you can store their books and toys there. It will make your house keep neat and tidy. Create under stairs playroom to make your kids happy!

Under Stairs Small Office

Instead of just install some small floating shelves to the under stairs area, you can use it for workspace. You just need to put a chair and table there. You can use the floating shelves above your desk to store paper, books, files, stationery, and other office items. Don’t forget to put a study lamp for lightning. 

Those are some under stairs storage ideas that can be the best way to create more storage in your home. You can use limited space well. Try it at home and make your under stairs space more useful and attractive. 

When you want to make under stairs storage, make sure you measure the area first so that the storage you want to make can be adjusted to the available area. Also, make sure the storage that you make has a model and color that matches your home interior design style so that it creates a good combination.

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