Staircase with Glass

Staircase is chosen by so many people in their home. It is important to make home as you like because real home will represent what you like and style that you like too. For all of you who are looking for the best staircase with glass ideas, you can get some ideas below and consider one for your home.

Staircase with Glass Panels

Before you choose the best materials for your staircase that is combined with glass, it is good to know why some people choose to use glass for their staircase. First reason is because it gives simple and luxury looks in your room. Second, it gives a wider look in your home so it is good for you who have small space.

Stainless Steel Designs

First design of staircase with using glass is combining stainless steel. It can be used for the hand railing. Using stainless steel is popular since people know that it gives some benefits for them. It can be made in various designs to be looked as elegant, simple, traditional or even modern style of staircase in the room.

Spiral Staircase with Glass Railing

image of Spiral Staircase with Glass Railing

If you have small room then you can choose spiral staircase design for your home. You can combine this design with glass railing too. Glass railing will blend with all styles of home. Staircase with using glass railing will give you easy maintenance too. You save your money and your energy too.

Wooden Staircase with Glass

image of Wooden Staircase with Glass

How about you who like to create traditional look in your home? You can choose to use wooden staircase. Wooden staircase will give warm feeling too in your home so all people will feel like in their own home. It is durable too but you need to pay more money when you choose to use good wood.

Floating Staircase with Glass Panel

image of Floating Staircase with Glass Panel

Floating staircase can be chosen for you who want to have an elegant and luxury style of staircase. Floating staircase creates romantic ambience in your room too. You can add lighting and you will have gorgeous look of staircase. It can become a favorite spot to take pictures because of the best view. 

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White Staircase with Glass

White Staircase with Glass

You who like with simple and minimalist look of staircase with using glass, you can choose to make white staircase and then combined with glass panels. White staircase is good to be combined with accessories such as carpet, hand railing and others. If you want to create a traditional look then use wooden material.

Oak Staircase with Glass

image of Oak Staircase with Glass

You can choose oak staircase combined with glass if you like to create traditional with luxury look. There are some benefits that you can get when you choose oak staircase. It is durable staircase for you and it offers strength. Oak staircase is also stylish. You can choose red or white shades of oak for the oak staircase.

Oak staircase offers timeless look in your home. It can blend well vintage look and modern look. The other benefit why people finally choose to use oak for their staircase is because it is easy to clean. It is water resistant. You can clean oak staircase in an easy way by using a paper towel or hand cloth.

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