Foyer Bench ideas

Foyer Bench Ideas

Foyer bench is the first thing that the people see when they are coming to your house or apartment. Thus, getting to know some insights about foyer bench ideas will help you design yours. You can make it on your own. By doing it yourself, you can easily be adjusted with your personal taste.

Which one do you prefer? Do you like the complex or simple one? Usually, people tend to choose a simple foyer bench that is functional and elegant. A good entryway bench could give a warm welcome message from you as the homeowner to your guests. So, give the best impression to your guests!

For you who have a limited budget to buy a cozy entryway bench, do not worry! You can make it on your own. To do it yourself, you have to know the materials should be prepared and the design, which is adjusted with your style. Here I will give you some descriptions on how to make a foyer bench.

How to Make a Foyer Bench

First thing first, before you make a foyer bench, you have to consider the size of your house and family. If your home is small, do not force yourself to make a big entryway bench, make the simple but realistic one! However, if your house is big enough, you are free to create a larger foyer bench.

After that, think about the goods that you want to be put on your foyer bench. You can use storage as the place to put your goods in your entryway bench. You can use wooden materials to make this kind of foyer bench. It is also much cheaper and could give the traditional taste of the entryway bench.

If you stuck to find foyer bench ideas on your own, you can go to the internet! There are thousands of designs you can take as an example for your foyer bench.

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Foyer Bench Ideas

As I mentioned earlier, there are many foyer bench designs you can get from the internet. You can choose from the plain to the complicated one depending on your personal taste and function that you want to give to your guests who sit on your bench.

Here are some of the entryway bench ideas that I can provide to you as your guides or examples. You are free to modify or combine it as you want since I know that not every model of these foyer benches will suit your personal style.

Foyer Bench with Storage

This idea is the simplest one, amongst others. By using storage underneath the bench, you can store many things inside, such as your visitors’ hats, gloves, or even your reading books. On the top and the edge of the storage, you can also add some pillows or baskets. I bet this will impress your guests!

The materials used to make this model of foyer bench are varied, it depends on your needs and budget. But, I recommend you to use wooden materials or plastic. These materials are durable and lightweight; thus you can easily move it everywhere you want without worrying its weight.

Foyer Bench with Seat

Well, this is the main function of the foyer bench, as a place to sit. You can put some cushion on top of it to make it more comfortable for your visitors to sit and enjoy.

To make this design, you can use your headboard from your bedroom that you are no longer use it. This headboard will save some of your budgets, then you just only need to buy the pillows to be placed on your entryway bench. You can repaint your headboard to make it more fascinating to your guests.

Foyer Bench with Shoe Storage

An entryway bench will look so stylish and neat if you provide it with shoe storage underneath the seating area. Your visitors are going to be amazed by how you organize your functional foyer bench.

Talking about this kind of bench ideas, I suggest you use wooden materials for your bench. It will make the appearance of your entryway bench more captivating. You can make three to four racks for shoe storage underneath the bench so that it can accommodate many pairs of shoes.

Foyer Bench with Coat Rack

It is common to see an entryway bench with some hooks on the wall as the place for you to hang your winter coats. It is bright but straightforward idea to maximize the functions of your foyer bench. You can apply this kind of model even though your house is small because it will not take much space in your home.


It is quite uncommon to see a curved foyer bench. I would not ask you to make it on your own if you do not have skills to make curved things. However, if you eager to make this, this model of entryway bench will look so artistic and prominent.

If you are trying to make this foyer bench idea, wood is the best materials to be prepared and used. Since it is affordable and easy to be curved, it will ease your effort to create this model. This idea also suits your arched room. Your guests will get a different atmosphere after taking a seat on this bench.

With Mirror

Adding a mirror on the wall of your entryway bench is also a great way to use up all of the empty space. You can buy a round or a rectangle mirror to be put to your partition. By placing a mirror on your foyer bench, you can check your appearance before leaving for your house using that mirror.

I realize that you can not apply all of these foyer bench ideas, you can choose which one suits your preference the most. But if you want to, you can combine all of these and make it as one entryway bench in front of your home.

For the complete foyer bench, you should have a seating area with an underneath storage for books, magazines, shoes, hooks for coats, and also mirror to be hung on the wall. Choose the curved bench if your room fits with this foyer bench ideas.

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