Hallway Decorating Ideas

Hallway is an important part for a house because it’s the first and the last part of your house that you see when you get home. Therefore, innovation and creative hallway decorating ideas are needed to make a marvelous hallway that provides you a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The hallway is one of the most problematic decorating areas in a house. However, the size of your hallway will not be an obstacle in creating impressed hallway. Here are some ideas that you can follow to help you create a marvelous hallway.

Narrow Hallway

The narrow hallway doesn’t mean you can’t make a desired hallway. You just need to make sure that the space doesn’t go to waste. It’s important to choosing and arranging the right decoration so that the limited space can be utilized as best as possible.

In a narrow space, putting furniture can be a terrible idea. Hanging simple and small shelves for plants or hanging framed family photos can decorate your wall space wisely without taking up floor space. Avoid using striking patterns for wallpaper because it will make the hallway look smaller.

Flooring tricks are also important. It is best to give a neutral colour to make the hallway seem bigger and bright. You can also choose diagonal pattern carpet to make it seems wider than it really is. If you decide to put a pattern on your floor, then a plain wall is better for your narrow hallway.

Long Hallway

Long hallway without any unique decoration might make it boring. Installing big and wide custom shelves with a lot of books can be the good decision. Books can be stored and read anywhere. Turn your long hallway into a library will create a cozy place in your house.

Besides making it a library, you can make your long hallway into the gallery wall. Line up art paintings on the hallway will be worth it. The long hallway can also look good by installing some unique shaped pendant lamps to make your space look more sophisticated. 

In long hallway, you can place horizontal stripes wallpaper to give more perspective to the space. Besides that, you can give a long runner to bring color into your long hallway. Hanging an interesting painting at the end of the hallway for a focal point will make it better. 

Large Hallway

Big space for a hallway doesn’t mean you can put anything you want there. You still need to pay attention to how to decorate your large hallway wisely so that there’s no wasted space or it won’t make your hallway look so busy.

Build in a seat can be a good way to use the big space of your large hallway. You can use comfy bench to sit while you wait for other members of the family to get ready or it can be a place for you to relax. Put the bench in a corner or a strategic place so it doesn’t block the way. 

Getting custom-designed furniture is better than buying the ready-made one because it can be an accurate reflection of your style and can be adjusted to the space. You can create multifunctional furniture to make it more effective. 

More ideas:

Entry Hallway

Entry hallway is the place where people feel the most welcoming and it’s where people will know what your vibes are in your home. It’s the first place people step into when they walk into your house. So make sure you have a really nice entry hallway to impress your guests.

Designing the entry hallway by giving some decoration that kind of represents your family.  Placing some plants near the door is a good way to make the entry hallway look more fresh. You can also hang a wall decoration on the space above the door.

You can put a cabinet with unique shapes to put some decoration such as toys or unique objects so the guests can see those decorations right after they enter your house. You can also give some hooks in the cabinet to hang your guest coat.

Hallway Decorating Ideas; Upstairs Hallway 

Usually an upstairs hallway leads to bedrooms, bathroom, and other rooms upstairs. Open, light, and simple hallway is a good decision.. However, we still need to put some wall decorations in the hallway. Putting some art painting or family photos is a good way. 

Rather than put many furniture in the hallway, cover the wall with pattern wallpaper might be the good way to make your upstairs hallway looks more colorful. If you decide to have pattern wallpaper for upstairs hallway, then its better to hanging family photos than art painting.

If there’s a window in your upstairs hallway, add chairs or bench there! You can read a book there while seeing the scenery outside the window. Putting a small table beside the chair or bench to store some books is a good thing. 

Hallway Decorating Ideas; End of Hallway

If your hallway is small and narrow, hanging a large mirror on the wall at the end of hallway is the best way to make your hallway feel open, wider, and brighter. You can choose a unique mirror to make your hallway more beautiful. 

However, a small mirror can look good on the end of hallway with an accent table under the mirror. On the table, you can put a telephone, flower vase, or small decoration to make it more pretty. A mirror on your hallway is also useful to check your appearance one last time before leaving the house. 

Put some plants on the corner at the end of hallway to make your hallway look more fresh. You can also put some vintage storage or wall decoration near the plants to make it more pretty. 

If you are still struggling to decorate your hallway and still lack ideas for making nice hallways, you can try to find more hallway decorating ideas through some literature and internet to make your stylish hallway or you can hire an expert interior designer to help you make a nice hallway.

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