Entryway Decor Ideas

Entryway Decorating Ideas

Some entryway decorating ideas might just be what you need right now. When you step into a house, what is the first thing that you see? Well, the answer to that is simply the entryway of the house, also known as the foyer.

Although it is true that you should not judge a book by its cover, the entryway of your house will determine how people see your house. A beautiful entryway will give the best first impression to anyone who walks into your house. That is why some decorating ideas will definitely be of use to you.

There are so many decoration ideas that can be implemented in your home décor. Whether you are looking for a modern, rustic, farmhouse, or even a decorating idea for your small entryway, you can find it very easily on the internet. And luckily for you, we are going to tell you some of those decorating ideas.

Small Space Entryway

Some houses have big entryways, but most houses in the city have small entryways. You might think that there is absolutely nothing you can do to beautify your small entryway. However, we are here to tell you that your small entryway is an opportunity to decorate and have fun with it.

There are several small front entryway ideas that you can implement in your house. You can easily make your house look cool by placing a quirky storage nook in your small entryway. This allows you to store some stuff like coats, handbags, or even shoes.

Another fun way to decorate your small entryway is to add a storage space that is flat. For example, you can install built-in shoe storage on your entryway. This is a way for you to save space and also make your entryway look super stunning.

Long Entryway

If your house has a long entryway, do not worry. We also have several gorgeous entryway decorating ideas for your long entryway.

The key to decorating a long entryway is to make sure that you use every space you have effectively. You do not want to put too many bulky furniture that will make your long entryway look cramped and narrow. That is why you need to be smart when it comes to choosing what you are going to place there.

You can easily make your long entryway look stylish by adding a small yet classy long couch on your entryway. Another great idea is to add a long table on your long entryway. You can also add variety by placing a flower vase on top of the table or a mirror on the wall behind the table.

Farmhouse Entryway

If you are looking for a more farmhouse vibe for your home décor, then a farmhouse style entryway might be the best choice for you. It is going to make the entryway of your home look super cozy and comfortable.

The easiest way for you to give your entryway a farmhouse vibe is to use neutral colors for your decorations. Colors such as white, pastel, off-white, or gray will look perfect in your farmhouse entryway. You can also combine these neutral colors in order to have a little variety.

Other than using neutral colors, you can also give your entryway a farmhouse design by using certain patterns. Patterns such as plaid give off a very farmhouse style. You can use a plaid pattern for pillows that you can place on a sofa on your entryway.

Contemporary Entryway

The next entryway design idea is a contemporary entryway design. If you have a contemporary-themed house, then you also need to have contemporary decorations for your entryway. That way, your house will look sophisticated holistically.

An important thing to remember about contemporary design is that you have to focus more on color, space, and shape rather than just placing some furniture in your entryway. This is intended to create a simple yet sophisticated look for your interior design.

There are so many front entryway décor ideas that you can use to create a contemporary look. You can add a modern wooden door to your front entrance. You can also place a simple white modern couch on your entryway to make it look more sophisticated. Just remember that anything simpler is better.

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Outdoor Entryway

Sure, decorating the entryway that is inside your house is important. But you really should not forget about the outdoor part of your entryway. Your outdoor entryway is the first thing that people are going to see before they enter your house. That is why it is very important to make it look pretty.

You can make your outdoor entryway look stunning by decorating it in several ways. The easiest way is to make use of green plants. Plants will make your outdoor entryway look very alive. You can use any kind of plants such as green plants or even colorful orchids. Arrange them in a pot and that is it.

Other than putting potted plants on your outdoor entryway, you can also make it look pretty by adding one or two chairs on your front porch. Besides making your entryway look prettier, you can use the chairs to relax.

Narrow Entryway

If your entryway is more on the narrow side, you have to be more careful when decorating it. Just like decorating a small entryway, decorating a narrow entryway can be challenging since there is not much space for you to work with.

Although decorating a narrow entryway is tricky, it is not impossible. You have to work with what you have and make the best use of the space in your narrow entryway. The most important thing is to not overdo it since it is only going to make your entryway look very cramped.

There are a few decoration ideas that you can use. For example, you can paint the door of your entryway using a bold color to make sure that it pops. You can also mount a wall hook or place a rug on your narrow entryway. These types of decorations do not need a lot of space.

Apartment Entryway

Decorating your house entryway can be challenging. Decorating the entryway to your apartment can be even more challenging. Apartments are generally smaller than houses. That is why it is going to be trickier for you to make the entryway to your apartment look stylish and stunning.

Although it is tricky, there are so many small apartment entryway ideas that can make your entryway look better than it already is. The first thing that you can do is to put a small armless couch beside your apartment door. Remember to choose a couch that is small yet looks modern and stylish.

You can also decorate your apartment entryway using wall decorations such as a beautiful painting. This kind of decoration does not take up much space and is perfect for apartments.

Modern Entryway

Another fun way to decorate you’re the entryway to your house is with a modern design. A modern design will make your entryway look elegant and sophisticated. It will definitely give people the best first impression of your house.

In order to implement a modern design for your entryway, you need to focus on things like patterns, textures, and colors. You can use modern patterns for your flooring such as a chessboard pattern. Colors such as soft gray will also give your entryway a modern design.

In addition to certain patterns and colors, you can also add other decorations that will emit a modern vibe. For example, you can add a rug or a modern sleek couch on your entryway. But remember to just keep it simple.

Rustic Entryway Decorating Ideas

If you want a more rustic design for your entryway, then you need to mix your decorations up. A rustic entryway will give you a very welcoming ambiance. That is why it can be one of the best entryway decorating ideas that you can use for your house.

Rustic design is all about wood so you are going to need to use a lot of that in your furniture. You can place a reclaimed wooden storage cupboard in your entryway. You can also mix that wooden storage with a metal texture by placing a metal flower vase on top of it.

Another rustic entryway design that will look great is to put some welcoming words on the walls of your entryway. Have fun and create your very own gallery in your entryway.

Two-Story Entryway Decorating Ideas

You might think that decorating a two-story entryway is difficult. There are going to be stairs that can be in the way. However, there is so many great designs that you can use for your two-story entryway.

The easiest way for you to decorate your two-story entryway is to add a rug on your entryway. You can use any type of rug, depending on what style you want to go with. Maybe you want a more traditional or modern styled rug. Whatever you decide to choose, your entryway will never look plain with a rug.

You can also make use of colors by matching the colors of your furniture with the color of your stairs. That way, your entryway will look in-sync with your stairs.

Split Level Entryway Decorating Ideas

Decorating a split-level entryway can also be difficult because of the little space you are going to have for decorations. But do not worry because everything has a solution.

The key to decorating your split-level entryway is to make your entryway look super stunning while also efficiently using space for your decorations. You can do this by getting a little bit creative at placing your furniture.

For example, you can install built-in storage within the walls of your entryway. Despite how hard it sounds; it is actually quite simple. You can even do it yourself, DIY style. Built-In storage can be used to store some things such as shoes.

You can also make your split-level entryway prettier by adding some hanging potted plants on the walls of your entryway. That way, you will not use that much space for your decorations.

Halloween Entryway Decorating Ideas

During the holiday season, you need to be prepared when it comes to home décor, especially when it is Halloween season. Halloween is a very fun and festive season. That is why your entryway needs to look the part during Halloween.

A Halloween entryway is never going to be complete without carved pumpkins. This is probably the simplest yet most effective way for you to be able to give your entryway a Halloween vibe.

Other than carved pumpkins, decorations such as leafless plants will also make your entryway look stunning. You can go ahead and hang some orange lights on the plants and you are all set for the Halloween season. Definitely one of the most exciting foyer entrance ideas.

Back Door Entryway Decorating Ideas

All this time we have been talking on and on about your front entryway. But what about your backdoor entryway? Just because it is located on the back of your house does not mean that it does not deserve your precious attention.

You can decorate your backdoor entryway in several ways. Your back door will usually lead to your backyard, right? That is why using decorations such as potted plants can be brilliant for your backdoor entryway. You can even add a beautiful plant watering can beside the potted plants as an addition.

Final Thoughts

Your entryway is probably one of the most important parts of your house. It is the first thing that people see when they walk into your house. That is why it is very important for you to make your entryway look stunning. A good first impression is more important than anything.

Decorating your entryway can be quite tricky. Especially if you are faced with a small or a split-level entryway. However, the entryway decorating ideas that we have suggested for you in this article will definitely make your house more stunning and gorgeous than ever.

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