Hallway Paint Colors

Hallway Paint Colors

The colors provide brightness and freshness especially for the hallway paint color. Every part of the house has an important role to add to the beauty of the home design.

Even though hallway only has a small part at home, a charming colored hallway will make the atmosphere of the house seem fresh and comfortable. Hallway paint colors ideas can be basic colors or mixed colors whose use can adjust to the colors around the room.

Here are some attractive colors to decorate the hall of the house with a modern impression.

Pleasant Gray Hallway

Gray color is usually preferred by many people because of the color that is easy to mix and match. Gray color give a classic impression of the room. Giving a gray color in the hallway can also make the effect of a bigger and cleaner room.

Create a gray hallway with furniture or art work to make the hallway more attractive. Gray hallways can be paired with some furniture and accessories starting from tables to mirror. Another option, you can choose to add art work.

However, you need to pay attention not to overdo the hallway by adding many accessories in order to avoid narrow impression of the hallway. If you want to combine the gray hallway with other colors, make sure you choose a matching color.

Beautiful Blue Hallway

Choosing the blue color might be an appropriate alternative to the color on the walls of the hallway which is usually dark. The important thing is to choose the right blue color according to the condition of the hallway, bright blue might help the room look brighter.

The blue color has always been a mainstay for bright house designs. The blue color gives the impression of a blue sky combined with a pleasant blue sea water which is suitable for hallway paint colors idea. 

For decoration, adding artwork to the wall can be the right choice. The use of the artwork can create a friendly and comforting impression

Pure White Hallway

Wanting to feel the atmosphere of the room like in The White House, choosing the white color can be a good idea. White color can give the impression of a more neutral color. In general, the hallway has a narrow space and sometimes get minimal light. White color can spread light well. 

Giving a white color can create a bigger room effect, especially for the hallway. To make the hallway not seem monotonous with white, the provision of accessories, such as artwork and small furniture such as tables with vases can give an epic modern impression.

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Bright Yellow Hallway

Using yellow as the color of paint on the hallway wall can give a bright and warm effect. Yellow reflects ligh which can make the room look brighter. Bright yellow will provide a pleasant summer atmosphere for hallway paint colors idea.

The use of small furniture such as small tables can complement the sides of the hallway. Giving additional accessories, such as family photos or paintings will make the hallway look more elegant and modern. 

Mixing the colors of accessories and furniture in the yellow hallway might be challenging. The reason is the yellow color in the hallway already dominates, so it takes creativity to be able to pair it without appearing to dominate each other.

Charming Dark Hallway

Most people will probably be dark colors for the color of the room. Most people want a beautiful and bright room. However, trying to use dark colors can be great choice to try. Trying dark colors in the hallway requires creativity so that giving dark color does not give the impression of being cramped.

Basically the dark color is also a neutral color, so it is suitable to be created with various kinds of furniture and accessories. You need to use brightly colored accessories and furniture. The goal is to make the hallway look more attractive and modern.

Hallway Paint Colors; Natural Green

Bringing the concept of natural colors like green can be the right choice for hallway paint colors idea. Green color gives the impression of a beautiful and shooting nature. Get a refreshing natural feel with charming green color when passing through the hallway.

The green color would be suitable if combined with the addition of plants around the hallway. Adding a wall art as a wall decoration with a natural concept can be a good step to fill the space on the wall in order to make it more alive.

Nature themes with floral-pattern wallpapers might also be considered to decorate the green hallway.

Hallway Paint Colors; Black and White

For people who like neutral colors and are easily combined, black and white combination can be the right choice. Hallway colors based on black and white will give the impression of simple and luxurious. You can freely place various preferred furniture.

The challenge of decorating the black and white hallway is how to balance the two colors. If the concept from the beginning is black and white, then giving each color is recommended to be equal and try not to have a dominant color.

However, giving the concept of black and white in the hallway still depends on the idea of the owner of the hallway to create the design.

Hallway Paint Colors; Warm Colors

Warm colors in general are a combination of yellow and orange colors that describe the nuances of summer. This combination of warm colors can be used as hallway paint colors idea. Like the name of the concept, the color combination shows a warm and bright effect. 

In addition, the combination of warm colors also gives the impression of cheerful and happy. The combination of warm colors the hallway will make the hallway design more radiant. Of course with a mix of accessories on the wall will make it more attractive.

Giving some accessories to the warm colored hallway can also be done. Choosing accessories like a painting can be a good idea. Placement of furniture will also help the hallway look better. Providing furniture made from wood can be relied to make the room having warm tropical impression

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