Foyer Lighting Ideas

Are you trying to make your foyer more attractive? Maybe you should know about foyer lighting ideas to make your lobby more shimmering from the outside. Why lighting? Well, lighting is the most vital thing which can easily attract human eyes.

Since the entryway is the first place the people will walk through before getting into your house, the choice of your lighting is really crucial to make a good impression on your visitors. So, what should you choose for your foyer lighting? Do you prefer the bold or subtle one?

Choosing your lighting for your entryway is not that easy. You have to consider the size of your house, your personal style, and how other people think and see about your entire home from your foyer lighting. Not everyone has the same taste about the lighting, even your own family.

Before choosing which lighting suits your entryway the best, there are many foyer lighting ideas that can give you a brainstorm. Here, I will provide you with some of them for example. Every design has its own positive and negative sides. Once again, you also have to ponder it before deciding to buy one.

Modern Foyer Lighting

Modern foyer lighting is the most common idea used by people today, since it is available everywhere and not outdated. By choosing modern entryway lighting, you decide to have a new atmosphere of lighting. There are many varieties of modern foyer lighting, from chandeliers to pendants.

Chandeliers give the bold taste of lighting for your foyer. There are many kinds of chandeliers that usually utilized for lighting, such as crystal chandeliers, candle styles chandeliers, and cage chandeliers. Each type gives you a different sensation.

Different form chandeliers, pendants suit with both modern and traditional taste. Pendants will also give the illusion of taller space. You have to calculate the size of pendants that you want to use by asking help from professionals.

Rustic Foyer Lighting

Rustic means simple or traditional. As I said earlier that pendants could also be functioned to be a rustic foyer lighting. Thus, you can use small or large pendants for your foyer lighting. It depends on your foyer’s dimensions. You also have to convert the unit from feet to inches.

For example, if your foyer has 10’ by 20’, add these numbers, then you will get 30’ for your entryway’s dimensions. Thus, you need a pendant with 30’ inches wide. The larger the foyer, the wider the lighting you need.

If you decide the rustic lighting for your entryway, it does not mean that you choose the outdated one. Some people like to combine their fixtures with something simple just like the rustic lighting. It seems to have a perfect combination.

Small Foyer Lighting

Do you still want to know more about foyer lighting ideas? Small foyer lighting will be the answer if you prefer something little but elegant entryway lighting. You can choose mini-pendants light and wall sconces to customize your home’s look from the outside.

Your guests will be impressed by how you organize your foyer. You can also match the theme of your lighting in front of your door’s house with your doorbells. Your visitors might do not realize the theme, but it will give you a different touch for your foyer.

Large Foyer Lighting

If you live in a family which has a big house, your entryway must be large. Therefore, you also need a more massive foyer lighting to be placed in front of your home. Beware on choosing the size of your light, if you do not select the correct one, your entryway will look so dull and dark.

Lamps would be a good choice if you need a great foyer lighting, which can occupy the size of your entryway house. Combine it with fairy light-illuminated lanterns whether you want something fancy for your doorway.

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Extra-large Foyer Lighting

Usually, in a large building, you have to put several lightings in your foyer. The size of these lighting should be wide enough so that your entrance still looks impressive for your guests. The size of your entryway lighting could be up to 40 inches.

I would recommend you to use chandeliers model for your extra-large foyer. Chandeliers contain so many lamps which suit with your entryway’s size. It will make your entrance more attractive from the outside.

There are also so many models for chandeliers that you can find and buy on the online marketplace. Before buying it online, make sure that you have already checked everything, including the guarantee service for your foyer lighting.

Farmhouse Foyer Lighting

Most of this idea uses pendants for their model, usually the caged one model. The materials used for these models vary, but the most favorite one is wood. In one lighting, there are one to four candle lamps inside the cage of the pendants.

I realize that this model is quite stunning to be placed in your ceilings. The color used depends, but I often find it in black or white color, monochrome theme. Therefore, it could be suited to your wall color. It gives the idea of a stylish but straightforward mode.

Contemporary Lighting

Foyer lighting contemporary often appears with a classic look and simple. For instance, console table lighting, you can always add it with a mirror on the wall and make it more fascinating to your guests. The subtle beam from the lights will also give you a relaxing sensation for your visitors.

Low Ceiling

The tips for you who have low ceilings in your house, you can use wall sconces for your foyer lighting. It will not disturb your foyer decoration. Your tall friends will thank you for choosing this model because there is no something hung in the low ceiling that will touch their heads if they visit your home.

High Ceilings

Last but not least! Foyer lighting for high ceilings, this is the tricky one. You should choose the lightings with have a long hanger so that the rays from the light could reach your entire entryway house.

Whenever and wherever you want to choose your foyer lighting ideas, once again, you have to consider your need, budget, and style so that you will not regret anything at the end.

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