4 Outdoor Stairs Lighting Model that Will Make Your Home Beautiful at Night

Doing home decoration can also be done outside such as installing outdoor stairs lighting. Maybe for every day, it is not quite right to do, but if you are going to do an event on the home page or a celebration of a certain day, it looks like you have to do it.

Besides, if you have a property building for rent, you also need to do this to add an attractive and luxurious impression to your property for visitors. That way, your property will be eyecatching for everyone later.

Outdoor Steps Lighting

Using this type of lamp will make the stairs outside your house look more attractive, elegant and classic. Besides, you do not need to add a lamp post for lighting the stairs. It’s enough to just install the staircase lights.

There are so many types of lamp models that you can choose and apply outdoor stairs lighting your home. Like the stairs in the front yard, stairs on the side of the house, or even the stairs that are behind the house.

The installation was not difficult. Besides, you can specify any color you want as the lighting color for your stairs later. The colors that are commonly used are white and yellow.

Deck Stairs Lighting

The model of this staircase lamp is to place a light source directly on the stairs. With this light, it will immediately illuminate the surface of the steps in front of him and looks to be traversed.

The application of this lamp model is often done in the middle of the stairs. If you only use one lamp, it will be placed in the middle. Meanwhile, if you use two lights will be placed on the middle side on the left and right.

Also, if it turns out that the stairs in your house have a circular pattern, you can also place each side of the stairs so that they illuminate the parts of the stairs. Besides this type of lamp model is not so wide the distance of lighting.

Outdoor Spiral Staircase Lighting

There are so many outdoor stairs. One of them is a spiral model that is spiral-shaped and doesn’t take up too much space. Just like the type of lights on the previous stairs, you can install a lamp on this ladder in the middle.

In addition to installing in the middle and on the steps, you can also use the side pillars by using small lights wrapped around each of the spiral staircases.

But for outdoor areas, the type of spiral staircase is limited to the use of types of lights that can be used, different from those in the room. Where can use every place such as a sidewall or center pole to place the lamp.

Outdoor Under Stairs Lighting

This type of model is not much different from the previous model, it’s just placement at the bottom of the stairs. The lights used are usually not small, but the elongated lights that can illuminate each surface of the steps in front of him. This type of outdoor stairs lighting is quite bright.

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