7 Staircase Lighting Ideas Which Can You Try

Applying staircase lighting ideas can be the best way for you to decorate your home. Indeed, not so many private homes apply the concept of this idea because generally this is more often applied to the property that is scattered later, such as hotels for example.

The impression that can create the impression of luxury is no doubt. But to be able to get that impression, you also have to be able to adjust it to those around him. Both the walls or the material of the stairs.

Staircase with led lights

LED lights are often used because of the features available to them such as energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and long usage life. With the orientation of the use of economical lighting, this type you can use.

Like the features offered, that is the advantage of using this type of LED light. You can later apply it to both the stairs outside the room like on the terrace or even the stairs in the room.
Also usually for installation problems are not too troublesome. If you understand the basic installation, then you can do the installation yourself instead of hiring someone to do the installation.

Staircase ceiling lights

Ceiling lights are more intended for indoors. Therefore, it is very suitable to be applied to stairs that are indoors rather than outdoors. The use of this lamp later you will take advantage of the reflection of light that illuminates your stairs.

Because rather than that, then usually the installation process cannot be done normally. It needs a special technician to do the installation to get perfect results and as it should.
Because the main differentiator with other types of lights is the lighting that relies on reflection, unlike other lights that directly rely on direct lighting.

Staircase garland with lights

Unlike the two types of lights that have been described previously, the use of this type of lamp on the stairs is fairly easy. No need to call a qualified technician, you can do it alone because the installation is not like the previous lights.

In this type, you will rely more upon and use small decorative lights that you set around the poles on the stairs in your house. To get a better impression, you can also combine it with various specific strand accessories.

Generally, this way is done at the celebration of certain moments, such as at Christmas for example. You just simply decorate the stairs in your house by wrapping small decorative lights combined with other Christmas accessories such as bouquets or socks.

Staircase hanging lights

The use of hanging lights is very suitable if your house has a branched staircase or has a certain pattern such as the letter U or connection stairs. That way you will be able to place it in the center to focus the light so that it can be received on each staircase.

It is different if the model of your house is only straight without a certain pattern, the use of this lamp on a ladder-like that is very unsuitable. Especially if it turns out both sides of the stairs flanked by a wall, then there is no place at all to install it.

That’s why, if you want to find a lamp that can also add value to the art and aesthetics of the room, you can use this type of lamp for your staircase that has a certain pattern.

Staircase step lights

This is the answer for you who only have a straight ladder in your house. Whether it’s flanked by both walls or not, the use of this lamp can be a solution. Even so, the application can be applied to any ladder.

Good for stairs that are indoors or outdoors, it is suitable for using this type of lamp. In accordance with its name, the lamp specifically intended for this ladder is indeed intended to illuminate every lad to be traversed.

This type of lamp can be installed according to your taste needs. You can later install it either directly on each step or on the side wall at a certain distance to illuminate each step.

Staircase string lights

Then for this type of staircase lighting ideas, this one also utilizes small lights that are bound to one another. This lamp has a cable and a light bulb that is quite a lot even though it is small.

Because of that, it is usually used more often wrapped around the sides of each staircase. Besides, you can also install it at the bottom of each step. The use of this lamp is often used at certain small parties.

It is also very easy to find in every cafe at night. In addition to creating an elegant impression, from here it will also create a romantic impression for every couple who passes it together.

Staircase side lights

In this type of lamp, the installation will be more fully focused on the side of the stairs. You can install it on the side of the stairs at the bottom for one-way stairs without a certain pattern.

If you want this method to be applied to stairs that have a pattern in your house, then you can use each side of the wall as a source of light to light the path of each step to climb.

Or you can also use the side of the pole from the stairs. You can install it at a certain point that is felt to provide lighting for each step.


By understanding each type of lamp for each staircase, it will help you in choosing which type of lamp is right for the stairs in your home. The point is to try to choose the type of lamp that suits the circumstances of your stairs.

Do not overemphasize a particular lamp model with a ladder model that is thought to be inappropriate. Even though your intention to beautify the impression of the interior of the room on the stairs, it is there that destroys the view because it does not enter and over-pushes the staircase lighting ideas.

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