Above Ground Pool Ideas

About Above Ground Pool

An above ground pool is an alternative for people who want to have a pool with a medium-level budget. It can be said that an above ground pool is a kind of semi-permanent pool. Sure, the construction is much easier to install and uninstall. Meanwhile, there are also more variations offered for this type of … Read more

Shipping Container Swimming Pool

Shipping Container Swimming Pool

The shipping container swimming pool is now becoming the talk of the town! Yep, you need to know that shipping containers can be transformed into the most stylish swimming pools and they are cost-effective. This is a great choice for those who couldn’t afford to build their own traditional swimming pool at home.  The Cost How much … Read more

Plunge Pools; Ultimate Guide

Plunge Pools

A plunge pools is now getting popular and becoming one of the hottest trends in recent years. The pool is seen as a great alternative to the traditional swimming pools that usually occupy a large space.  What is a Plunge Pools? What is a plunge pool? Well, it is actually a small basin that usually filled with cold … Read more

Pool Gazebo Ideas

Pool Gazebo ideas

Pool gazebo ideas – Compared to villagers, urban people are more vulnerable to get stressed and depressed. This is why urban people need relaxation so that they can stay away from stress and depression as well as keeping their minds in peace. According to Psychology Today, being close to or doing activities in nature is able … Read more

Natural Swimming Pools

Natural Swimming Pools

One of the most basic problems in maintaining a swimming pool is keeping the water quality. Adding chemicals such as chlorine is a common way used. Adding chlorine to keep the water quality of a swimming pool is effective. But, if the dosage is too much or improper, there are some side effects that should … Read more