Laundry Room Organization Ideas

Some laundry room organization ideas might just be what you need right now.

A laundry room is a great place where you can do your chores comfortably at home. However, organizing your laundry room can be challenging.

Here are some laundry room tips that will help you organize your laundry room.

Separate Your Clothes by Color

One way to make sure that your laundry room is organized is by separating your dirty clothes by color. You can easily do this using a three-piece hamper that lets you separate your clothes. You can separate your clothes as whites, darks, and colors.

You do not even have to separate them yourself. If you live with other people, you can simply tell them to put their dirty clothes appropriately.

That way, you will save yourself from the hassle of separating clothes by color again on laundry day. This makes a really great laundry room organization system.

Use Slim Rolling Carts for Storage

Another one of those great laundry room organization ideas to save space if you have a rather small laundry room is to use slim rolling carts.

In your laundry room, you are going to need storage space for your needs. You will need a place to put your soap, softener, or any other laundry necessities.

However, organizing all of those things can be tricky if your laundry room is small. You do not want your laundry room to look like a mess with objects scattering everywhere.

With a slim rolling cart, you will be able to place those things without having to use up a lot of space, making your laundry room look neat.

Save Space by Adding Hanging Bars

If you are looking for a small laundry room organization DIY idea, then this is definitely a great idea that you can implement for your laundry room. You might have a small laundry room. But rather than seeing that as a disadvantage, you have to see your small laundry room as an opportunity to be creative.

Adding a bunch of hanging bars in your laundry room can do wonders for it. First of all, you will be able to hang more clothes inside your small laundry room.

Second of all, hanging bars will save a lot of space in your laundry room. Space that you can use to place other useful things in your laundry room.

Other than giving you its functional advantages, hanging bars can also make your laundry room look super cool. They will give your laundry room a very modern and minimalistic vibe.

Create A Folding Station

Every laundry room needs a place where you can easily and comfortably fold your clothes. However, adding another table or counter to your laundry room can take up a lot of space. It might even not look aesthetically pleasing for your laundry room.

That is why this perfect alternative might be the solution.

You can easily create a folding station in your laundry room by adding a countertop on top of your washing machine or dryer.

That way, your laundry room will look super stylish and minimalist. You will also save a lot of space. This is probably one of the best laundry room organization ideas for you.

Laundry Room Inside A Closet

You might feel the need to have a laundry room. However, what if you do not have more rooms to spare in your house?

Well, you do not have to worry about that because we might have the perfect and most possible solution for this little problem of yours.

When it comes to organizing a laundry room, you need to think smart. And using a closet space for a laundry room is the exact definition of thinking smart.

This is a great way for you to maximize the use of space in your house. Just find an unused closet and you are all set.

What you need to do is place your washing machine and dryer inside the closet. Then add some more shelves and rods for storage. Optimize the use of space by using the back of the closet door to hang some utilities.

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Install A Hanging Drying Rack

Another one of the great laundry room ideas is to install a hanging drying rack in your laundry room. If you want to be able to save space in your small laundry room, this is the perfect idea for you. Sometimes after you do your laundry, you need to hang your clothes to dry. This is the perfect way to do it.

A small laundry room does not allow you to place your decorations freely on the surface spaces. That is why you need to efficiently use the space on your walls or ceilings. Installing a hanging drying rack does exactly that. You will be able to save a lot of space for other things with this laundry room idea.

Use Great-Looking Baskets

In order to make your laundry room look more stylish, you need to think about its décor. One of the easiest ways to make sure that your laundry room looks appealing is to add pretty things in it. One of the things that can do your laundry room some good by looking pretty is your laundry baskets.

A great-looking laundry basket, such as a woven laundry basket instead of a plastic one, is going to make your laundry room look very stylish and unique. It is a great laundry room décor that is also functional since the laundry basket is used to contain your clothes.

Install A Pegboard Wall to Get Organized

Since you are going to need to store a lot of things in your laundry room, you are going to need storage space. However, a storage space such as a cabinet can let your things get pretty unorganized. And that will not look really good. That is why you need to install a pegboard wall.

A pegboard wall is one of the most awesome laundry room organization ideas if you want to get organized. This is because it allows you to hang all of your cleaning equipment, lint roller, and many other things on just a simple pegboard wall. 

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Organize Your Towels and Rags

Another thing that you can do to help organize your laundry room is to organize your towels and rags. You do not want your towels and rags to scatter all over your laundry room. That will look very messy and unpleasant. That is why you need to organize them appropriately.

You can do this by using a wonderful little thing called the towel holder. You can easily place the towel holder on any surface, like on a countertop or even on top of your washing machine. A towel holder will keep your towels in place, allowing them to look super organized. Just roll your towels and you are set.

Matching Storage for A Prettier Laundry Room

Matching storage is one of the most fantastic laundry room design ideas. This is because of two things. Number one, it makes your laundry room look super amazing. The design of a room reflects on you as a house owner. Matching storage means that you pay attention to detail.

Number two, matching storage will help you organize your laundry room better. Since your laundry room will look very pretty with the help of matching storage, you will be motivated to keep everything neat. That is why it is a great idea for your laundry room.

Get Yourself A Foldable Drying Rack

A foldable drying rack is a rack that allows you to dry your clothes. The best part about this rack is the fact that you can use this rack only when you need it. And when you are not using it, you can just fold it and store it anywhere you want. This is a great rack that allows you to save a lot of space.

Additional Wall Hooks for You to Use

Additional wall hooks are included in laundry room ideas DIY. In fact, they might even be some of the greatest laundry room organization ideas ever. The reason behind that is quite easy.

Wall hooks allow you to hang some laundry necessities. This means that you will not have to find cabinet spaces to store them. You will also save a lot of surface spaces with the help of these hooks since they are going to be mounted on your laundry room wall.

An Ironing Board Inside the Drawer

If you have a laundry room, you will probably also have an ironing board for ironing your clothes. You also probably know if an ironing board can take up a lot of space if you are not storing it properly. Where are you even supposed to place this really long ironing board?

Well, the answer to that is simple: inside of your drawer. This is one of the most awesome laundry room storage ideas for small rooms ever because of how cool it is. You do not have to hassle with opening your cabinet and setting up your ironing board. Just pull it from the drawer and you are good to go.

An Ironing Board on the Wall

Some of the greatest laundry room organization ideas come from creativity and efficiency. And hanging your ironing board on the wall is both creative and efficient for space-saving. All you need to do is to place a hook on your wall that will be strong enough to handle your ironing board.

So, instead of installing your ironing board inside a drawer, you can just easily hang your ironing board on the wall. It is definitely an easier and faster choice that you can make.

Make A DIY Lint Bin

If you are looking for laundry room ideas on a budget, then this is a great idea for you. You can make your very own lint bin instead of going your way of buying one. You can just place your DIY lint bin next to your dryer for convenience. You can even just mount it on a wall next to your dryer.

Hide Your Hampers

What says organized more than some hidden hampers? Hampers are a must when it comes to a laundry room. However, they can so easily use a lot of space inside of your laundry room. This makes your laundry room looks extra crowded and definitely unorganized.

A cool way for you to organize your hampers is to hide them. And no, it does not mean that you need to place your hampers in another room. It means the exact opposite. You can place your hampers inside a cabinet that uses a push and pull system.

Pulling the cabinet allows you to expose your hamper while pushing it allows you to hide your hamper. This is definitely one of the most mind-blowing laundry room organization ideas out there.

Storage on the Back of Your Door

Another wonderful way for you to organize your laundry room is to optimize the use of space inside of your laundry room. You might think that there is not any space left for you to place your things. However, you need to be creative and look further into your laundry room.

The back of your door is the perfect spot where you can store some of your laundry necessities. All you need to do is to install a rack onto the back of your door. Place your things on that compact rack and you have done your laundry room a serious favor when it comes to saving space.

Final Thoughts

A laundry room is a very important part of a lovely house. That is why it is also important for you to keep your laundry room organized. You might think that it can be a pretty challenging task. However, organizing your laundry room can be easy if you know these helpful laundry room organizing tips.

So, what else are you waiting for? Make your laundry room look super organized with these brilliant laundry room organization ideas.

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