Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

Laundry room decorating ideas become an inspiration to decorate and design your laundry room is a very cozy homeroom. A home laundry room is not too big but it can fulfill all your activities in that room. Of course, the laundry room must be efficient and needs to design very well.

The main function of this room is being an ironing room and washing room that must-have in the house. Hiding dirty clothes or hanging clothes needs a special room to look tidy. These are some amazing ideas for decorating your laundry room at home. 

Laundry Room on a Budget 

You may get confused about how to design and decorate your laundry room on a budget. It requires special tricks to minimize your cost and budget.

Firstly, it is about the laundry shelves where it must be closed to protect your clothes from dust. Make sure that you pick out a pail or special laundry shelves to protect your clothes. The opened space is giving air circulation and keep the humidity away.

You should find the water-resistant materials to create your dream laundry room. It is not a common shelves type in which it must be durable to water and humidity.

The last way of laundry room decorating ideas is putting compact laundry shelves where it can save more laundry tools and equipment that you have. A tidy laundry room is eye-catching because everything gets tidy and kept in the right store. 

Small Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

A small laundry room seems to be the most suitable design for a limited area of your apartment or houses.

You can decorate it with one of the right laundry room decorating ideas. It will get more interesting when you decorate your washing machine. Don’t forget to write a word about the laundry.

Then, to make a small laundry room, you may benefit from the limited backyard area. If you have a stoned home wall to make a small laundry room, you must create it.

You may add synthetic grass or green plants to make it fresh and natural. If you love a more classical look, you can apply wall paint and dark ornaments in your washing machine.

Don’t forget to add green plants to make the atmosphere and situation in that laundry room look shady and not monotonous. 

Modern Laundry Room 

One of the inspiring laundry room decorating ideas is a modern laundry room concept. It seems to be the most favorite one because it is timeless and suitable for any home designs and interior.

You may give a free space at home for being built a laundry room. It is enough to give a 5×5 meter for that room. You can put two modern washing machines in the room with a white shelf to keep equipment and tools. Don’t forget to put a big white cabinet to keep all the clothes that you have washed and ironed.

You may install hardwood flooring to increase its modernity. You may pick some modern ornaments to increase a modern look of your laundry room such as frames, a word of room, and an aluminum hanger spot. 

Diy Laundry Room 

A DIY laundry room is one of the best laundry room decorating ideas. It seems to be the easiest decorating idea because it is based on your thoughts and creativity for building and decorating it.

It is nice to apply this laundry room decoration where it is combined with a bathroom. It is very flexible because it saves more space.

It is not wrong to combine a laundry room with a part of a bathroom. With that way, you don’t get worried about the laundry room floor being wet while washing it.

That design makes the placement of the pipe channel easier because it is one line for the laundry room and bathroom. Everything will be helpful for both the bathroom and the laundry room. The things that you need are common such as washing machines, cabinet, shelves, and hangers spot. 

Vintage Laundry Room

A vintage atmosphere looks so classical and comfortable for being laundry room decorating ideas. If you want to have an extraordinary look, you may adapt that vintage concept.

The vintage detail is not always dominated by the red color. You may pick out a turquoise color making this room look vintage.

The turquoise color is dominated to the hanging shelves and door of the laundry room. The color is also representing a laundry room itself where washing clothes require water and possibly create an aqua situation at home.

Meanwhile, to give a more vintage look, you may add dark brown bottom cabinets in that room. Don’t forget to install hardwood flooring to accentuate a vintage detail. You may hang some vintage accessories in that laundry room to look more rustic and vintage.  

Farmhouse Laundry Room 

What else is another design of the laundry room at home? You should know it well to decorate your laundry room.

One of the recommended laundry room decorating ideas is the farmhouse laundry room. It is a rare room decoration to apply.

The farmhouse decoration is identical to a farmhouse concept in America. It is dominated by all-white colors for your laundry room. As a consequence, your laundry room looks clean.

The white colors will be painted on the wooden wall. White wooden shelves and cabinet need to locate in this laundry room. Meanwhile, a white flooring detail is installed to arise the farmhouse look. Don’t forget to put a dull wooden opened cabinet in that room.

Some farmhouse accessories are possibly displayed in the room. You may add a word of the farmhouse on the wooden wall of your laundry room. It is differentiating from the other decorating ideas. 

Rustic Laundry Room 

A rustic laundry room is one of the most favorite laundry room decorating ideas. It is suitable for people loving the uniqueness and wooden details. Why could it be? It is caused that this decoration is dominant with wooden furniture items.

To build a vintage laundry room, you can give your free space in the back part of your house. Then, you decorate it with the wooden furniture items such as the cabinet, shelves, and racks. Those are sufficient to accentuate a vintage look in this laundry room.

Furthermore, you can paint the door and wall with the white color to blend the wooden furniture items. The white flooring is potentially installed for a vintage look. 

More laundry room ideas:

Basement Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

If you have a basement space at home, you don’t get confused about how to benefit it. You can use it to be a laundry room. It is possibly established a laundry room in a wet room, basement.

A laundry room in the basement area can be made if you don’t want to have a laundry room inside the house where it is possibly seen by the guests visiting your house.

The benefits of building a basement laundry room are the sound of the washing machine not disturbing the owners of the house because it is located to the bottom area of your house.

The ways of decorating it are simple where you just put washing machines, washing baskets, and some tools in the basement. You may add carpet or small chairs to use while visiting the laundry activities. 

Another concept of the laundry room decorating ideas is applying zig-zag black and white flooring carpet. It will make your basement laundry room look so unique.

The flooring carpet will be mixed and matched with an opened blue laundry cabinet. Then, it looks so tricky with the wooden walls. Those details can be applied in the basement laundry room where it will present a nice view of the laundry room. 

Bright Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

A laundry room at home shouldn’t be always monotonous in white color. You can use your creativity to decorate it.

One of the laundry room decorating ideas is applying bright colors. It sounds weird to apply in your laundry room but it creates a cute look for your room.

What are the bright colors to take? You actually can take some bright colors for coloring your laundry room. The bright color will arise your enthusiasm during staying in the laundry room so that you will always feel enjoyable and fun during washing clothes. 

One of the picked colors is lime. The lime color is going to give a fresh impression while washing clothes in the laundry room. You can blend the lime color with white so that it looks more beautiful.

If you love blue, you possibly take a deep blue color for coloring your bright laundry room. It is similar to the previous design where it is combined in white color to look balance.

The blue color is just covering laundry room walls. The furniture items are in white. Yellow seems to look so unique to implement in your laundry room.

It is presenting a fresh view so that it refreshes your mind though you are hardworking in washing clothes. It will always look tremendous in white color combinations. It is recommended to mix and match it beautifully. Those are some interior designs of laundry room decorating ideas to apply. 

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