Basement Laundry Room Ideas

Basement Laundry Room Ideas

The basement laundry room is a room, place, or area for doing laundry. This room located in the underground of a building.

There are many basement laundry room ideas to make your underground laundry room beautiful. However, we need to be creative in many aspects of interior design.

Laundry rooms serve many purposes. First of all, we can wash our clothes, drying our clothes, and even ironing clothes. This made the laundry room become a solid activity place, which is why we should make them to become a comfortable place to work.

Ideas for the basement laundry room are depending on the owner taste and the room itself. Sometimes the design isn’t suitable. Probably because of the room space and size, or any other aspects that don’t fit to the room.

In this article, we will talk about ideas of basement laundry room that might suit your work.

Lighting Ideas

There are two kinds of lighting that we common people need to know. They are general lighting and recessed lighting.

Since the ideas are for basement laundry rooms, it is best for us to use general lighting, which illuminates all the room and best for a night time laundry.

Recessed lighting can do a good job if you’re a typical person who interested in fancy design. You can remodel the ceiling into transparent and hid the lamps above it.

The lighting may illuminate lesser than general lighting, but it’s suitable for people who don’t like much brightness.

Some basements have their own little windows. So, as additional lighting, you can use those windows as actual lighting from the sun itself.

You won’t need to turn on the lamp during daylight laundry, and you can dry your clothes from the sunlight. You may remodel those windows based on your taste.

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Paint Colors Ideas

Paint colors for a wall are necessary to make your basement beautiful. However, color itself has its own meaning. The colors can be suitable or not based on room size and space.

So, this is necessary to reconsider it, always. Otherwise, the room may give bad impressions from people or yourself.  

For a small basement, colors that might are suitable for basement laundry room ideas definitely neutral colors. Examples of neutral colors are white and gray. Neutral colors in a small room give a special impression, it is the impression of a spacious room.

For a large basement, you can use colorful colors to make your basement laundry room beautiful.

You may use retro colors or pastel colors. It will make your laundry room more colorful for yourself or other families who are doing laundry in the basement. However, painting the room may take a lot of time.

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Flooring Ideas

Flooring is the most necessary aspect we need to consider. But, for people who common about the interior designing need to know one or two things.

We should not use wooden flooring for a laundry room, and we should use anything other than wood, like porcelain flooring or natural stone flooring. The reason why we shouldn’t use wooden flooring because laundry rooms are always wet.

If you live in a farmhouse, and the basement floor is made out of wood. It is wise to remodel it into something hard, like porcelain or natural stone, which is best for wet activities.

Wet woods are the best place for molds to live. Without proper maintenance, the woods may feel slippy for our feet. Also, a basement is a dark place, especially in farmhouses. Termites will be more problematic because they’re living the dark and wet places, like wood in the basement.

Basement Laundry Room Makeover

For a makeover set, it is actually various. But, for us, common people need to know two things about the laundry room makeover in the basement. They are the minimalist set makeover and the fancy set makeover. They can be suitable or not based on your basement size and space.

For a minimalist makeover set, you should use neutral colors for the wall paint, and other furniture that has can do multipurpose function. The furniture must have the same colors as the wall. This minimalist makeover set is suitable for a small space basement, which will give a spacious impression.

For a fancy makeover set, it is up to you. You can use many kinds of colors, like retro color variations. You can install a hanging lamp as general lighting, or you can use recessed lighting instead. This fancy makeover set is more suitable for large and spacious basements.

Basement Laundry Room with Storage Cabinets

As we know, the basement is a multipurpose room. You can turn your basement as a working place, relaxing place, and many more. Commonly, the basement used as a storage place. You may want to turn it into both the laundry room and storage room. It required a large space.

When we are thinking about storage cabinets, we also can think about making a small bar in the basement. When you exhausted after washing the laundry, you can grab and make yourself a coffee in the basement bar. You can also relax by putting a sofa in the basement.

Installing storage cabinets isn’t cheap, except if you are able to make one. Preferred storage cabinets should not be made out of wood as well. Otherwise, molds and termites can live there for sure because the atmosphere of the basement laundry room is very damp, which be good places to live.

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Basement Laundry Room with Stackable Washer

There are many kinds of laundry machines. One of the most preferable is the stackable one. Some of them may be big or small, but because they’re stackable, your laundry work will become faster and efficient. It is wise to install stackable washers if you want faster and efficient.

However, stackable may isn’t suitable if we’re considering power and funds. Buying a lot of small washers can be a waste of money and electricity, except if you’re opening basement laundry room ideas for financial business.

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