Laundry Room Lighting

Laundry Room Lighting Ideas

A laundry room is a room or an area for cleaning activities like washing clothes, drying clothes in the sun, and ironing clothes. These activities can be done during daylight or night. For a night time, it is necessary to have lighting lamps. So, in this article, we will talk about laundry room lighting ideas.

The definition of lighting is an illumination for the houses, buildings, or rooms. The function of lighting is to make us see the whole room or area clearly. There are also other functions for other purposes, such as light signals in the coast lighthouse to guide ships in the seas.

There are many ideas for interior design lighting. Sometimes, the lamps are not suitable for the room. You probably wonder why. To make them look fascinating, it depends on what kind of lamps, house’s themes, wall paints, and ceilings. These aspects are important.

Types of Laundry Room Lighting 

There are so many kinds of lighting in the interior design world. But basically, there are two kinds of basic lighting for common people like us that need to know. The types you need to know are general lighting and recessed lighting.

General Lighting

One of the simplest types of laundry room lighting is general lighting. General lighting is a type of lighting that illuminates the whole room. This one must make all occupants see everything in the room clearly without denying eye’s comfort.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting or hidden lighting is a kind of lighting that the lamp is hidden, but the light illuminates the room a little. Usually, the lamp is laid out hiddenly in the corner of the ceiling. But, there are also ceiling designs that hid the lamp in the center of the ceiling. 

Farmhouse Laundry Loom Lighting

As basic information, the farmhouse is a primary residence building on a farm, and we usually can meet these farmhouses in a rural or agricultural area. These farmhouses are made out of wood and painted special with paints to resist against molds and termites.

A farmhouse laundry room usually uses general lighting. It is because there is a wide and open area around the house, and this open area is very dark during night time. So basically, you need proper lamps to illuminate the room and surrounding during night time.

Usually, a laundry room in a farmhouse partly is roofless. So it is best to turn off the lamp during daylight. So you also can dry your clothes straight from the sunlight itself instead of the light from lamps.

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Small Laundry Loom Lighting

Lighting for a small laundry room is one of the common laundry room lighting ideas. For the kinds of lamps that used for a small room, it depends on your choice. You can use general lighting, or you can use recessed lighting.

If you had eye problems, it is wise to use general lighting just in case, for the eye’s health purposes. The light will illuminate the whole room, and you can see clearly and wash your clothes properly during night time without any problem. 

If you don’t have eye problems, and you want to make a fancy small laundry room, you can use recessed lighting instead. You can install the lamp hiddenly in the corner of the ceiling. Otherwise, you can design the ceiling center to hide and cover all the lamps.

Modern Laundry Loom Lighting

Modern laundry room lighting is quite different than others. You can choose general lighting or recessed lighting. The difference from others is you probably have to spend so much money from your wallet or credit card. It is because the lamps’ designs themselves are expensive.

For general lighting, you have to spend so much money. It is because the price of a hanging lamp is quite expensive. If you don’t want to use a hanging lamp, you can use wall lamps instead. Sadly, wall lamps you need will be more than one, which made them quite pricey for your wallet.

For recessed lighting, you will need brighter lamps in the ceiling to illuminate the room, which is also expensive. You can also remodel the ceiling with a transparent one. Based on materials, it can be cheap or expensive.

Basement Laundry Loom Lighting Ideas

In common definition, the basement is a room that is located underground of a building. For houses, the basement serves many purposes. You can use it as a warehouse, as a working place, laundry room, and many more. In some office buildings, the basement serves as a parking lot.

The basement is usually quite dark. If you had eye problems, it is suggested to use general lighting. If you don’t, you can use recessed lighting instead. As long as you can wash your clothes properly during daylight or night time. 

As additional lighting, there is also a basement with small windows. This is the best lighting you will ever got from actual sunlight. You don’t need to turn on the light if the sunlight illuminates the whole basement, you can also use the sunlight to dry your clothes during daylight.

Rustic Laundry Loom Lighting Ideas

The rustic style definition is a concept of interior design with the texture that isn’t smooth but also isn’t rough as well. In language, rustic means old and rusty. It means the design is focusing on the natural impression of time, which is flowing through time to time.

The rustic laundry room isn’t suitable for using recessed lighting. It is because of the bold wood or iron colors in the wall and ceiling. So, the most suitable lighting is general lighting. This lighting will illuminate the whole room clearly, even though most of the room is covered in bold colors.

Rustic laundry room lighting ideas lamps are usually old, and the price can be various depending on what kind of old lamps you need. Most of the antique lamps are quite expensive. Happily, you can make your own rustic lamps, and this is cheaper than buying an actual antique lamp.

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