13 Stunning Styles of Shelves for the Laundry Room Ideas

In a case where everyone prefers to live with a large family, the laundry room might need to be considered a lot of clothes needed in your home, and of course, it is on a big scale. Therefore, adding a common laundry room is too plain and not sufficient. That is why you need some inspiration for laundry room shelves ideas. 

You can also use the different styles of popular shelves which will be used to make the laundry room look neater and simple to apply. By organizing the laundry shelves, you can make it more useful and amazing. Because a bad laundry room can directly influence the things that you do while you are in the laundry room and it will disturb you while you are washing your clothes

Are you confused about how to arrange the laundry shelves so that it can become a better laundry shelf? Alright, come on, you will see the tips on how to organize the laundry room and the laundry shelves! And here are the laundry room shelves ideas that you can use as guidance.

Laundry Room Shelves With Hanging Rod

The ideas of laundry shelves with hanging rod can help you a lot in saving your time for the duty of ironing and arranging your clothes. And from this way, you can directly hang up your clothes such as jackets and shirts as soon as possible after they come out of the dryer.

Laundry Room Shelves With Baskets

If you already had some cabinets in your laundry room, then you are lucky. Because in this way, you can add some baskets to store some equipment or maybe some detergents that you use in the activity of washing your clothes. Therefore, the laundry room shelves with baskets are a great choice.

Laundry Shelves Wooden

For those of you who love everything about wooden material, the idea of laundry shelves wooden is an incredible choice that you can consider. Wooden shelves are commonly used to store linen and also to store the laundry detergents. Therefore, laundry room shelves ideas is a great inspiration to use. 

Rustic Laundry Room Shelves

Rustic laundry room shelves are a great choice for those of you who love the rural style. Commonly this style is dominated the white color and some decorations made from wooden material. For example, you add the clothes hanger that made from wooden and the cabinets that are made from wood as well.

Floating Laundry Room Shelves

If you want to make a minimalist laundry room, then the option of floating laundry room shelves is a suitable choice for you. The ideas of floating shelves which in the top of the dryer and the washer are made so much storage space in your laundry room. Therefore, it will give a narrow impression.  

Laundry Room Open Shelves

A great thing about laundry room open shelves is that they let you organize and store the kinds of stuff and things which you are often using and keep these things within reach anytime. As a result, they will always visible and available when you need them. This is why laundry room shelves ideas help us a lot.

Laundry Room Corner Shelves

The ideas of laundry room corner shelves are a great way that you need to take when you want to make a minimalist laundry room. Making the best use of corner shelves can add more space to your laundry room. Besides that, corner shelves also useful to beautify your minimalist laundry room.

Built-In Laundry Room Shelves

By applying the built-in laundry room shelves can give you the atmosphere of the clean and neat room. The storage spaces in the style of built-in are a stunning way and the beautiful way to narrow your laundry room space and create your room to be less crowded with the furniture and all of the stuff.

Laundry Room Shelves With Hooks

Some of you maybe feel confused about how to arrange your things which are often use in the activity of washing your clothes. Well, the idea of laundry room shelves with hooks is a great choice. You can put some hooks on the wall of your laundry room, such as adding the plastic bags or detergents in it.

Laundry Room Wall Shelves

The laundry room shelves ideas can be in the form of laundry room wall shelves. If you are having a small laundry room, then you should avoid making it look cramped and cluttered. From here, you can consider choosing wall-mounted shelves rather than robust cabinets that can store efficiently.

Shelves above the Washing Machine 

The area for the shelves above the washing machine is probably the best space where you can add the open shelves. Therefore, if you store your stuff of everyday cleaning products in that area, then you do not have to go far from there. As a result, it will save your energy and time.  

Basket Shelves below the Counter

By placing the basket shelves below the counter, it can be very useful to store your things. And of course, it will be more efficient while it is under the counter as well. Since it is a little bit difficult in organizing your things to become neat and clean, then you should add some baskets to make everything easier.

Pull-Out Drawer 

Pull-out drawers can be very useful to store your cleaning supplies, but it is also incredible for the other stuff too. For example, you can put your laundry hampers in the deep drawer or you can put it in pull-out drawer shelves. In this way, you can also mix-match your creativity.

These are the following inspiration from laundry room shelves ideas that you can use as references to arrange the laundry shelves in your laundry room. And of course, you should make a clear plan so that you can create the best shelves which are appropriate for your laundry room.

By organizing laundry shelves very well, doing activities in the laundry room which starting from washing the clothes up to ironing, then it would be much easier, right? Moreover, tips on arranging the laundry shelves nowadays are very easy to implement on your dream laundry shelves. So, are you ready to create a more functional laundry shelf?

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