Modern Laundry Closet Ideas for the Best Closet

Closet is the place to put the clothes after it is dry. Having a good laundry closet will make the clothes easy to arrange and you will easily find the clothes. Nowadays, laundry closet is the most important thing at home. Every home has their own laundry closet to make all the clothes fit in the right place.

There are so many types of laundry closet in a home. For homes that have small spaces, many ways you can do to make a laundry closet by utilizing the rooms in the house such as utilizing walls.

You can make a small walk-in closet by using a simple structure and some hooks as shown in the photo above. Shapes like this will help you sort out some things that sometimes stack up in the corner and take up a lot of space such as bags, ties and scarves. Here are the modern laundry closet ideas for you

Laundry Closet Size

There are many sizes of laundry closet for a house. This can be tailored to the user, whether having a large collection of clothing or not. In general, a woman has a lot of clothes so she needs a large laundry closet to be able to accommodate a large amount.

Laundry closet sizes are generally the same as the size of other objects, there are those that have small, medium and large sizes. So that it can be matched with the needs of their owners.

Small Size

For a small laundry closet, it can be utilized. To make better use of space, the ideal thing is to place shelves or storage cabinets on the wall. If we only have a few meters to place a cupboard or make a dressing room, then the best choice is to design and then order a cupboard that suits your tastes, needs and the space you have at home. 

So that your wardrobe looks more stylish, then you should use your own design. Make sure the colors are attractive, have handles and shelves with contrasting colors, and you can add a little lighting on the top to give a more glamorous touch.

Medium Size

A medium laundry closet is needed for a sizable amount of clothes. A medium sized laundry closet is needed. Storage systems with retractable systems can help us to make better use of the space, with the benefit that they will only take up space when needed. Otherwise they will remain hidden, and make you have more space. 

You can add some texture to the design or color strokes to match your wardrobe to the room you have. Or you can also choose a design or motif and print it on vinyl, and adjust it to your wardrobe. 

You can put a shoe cabinet at the bottom of the stairs or some cupboard to store your jacket and jacket on the walls of the hallway or corridor of your home. Thus you will always have everything, and your house will be neat without having to reduce more space.

Large Size

The large size of laundry closet can be the one of the laundry closet ideas. If you have clothes and many other things, large size laundry closet is the right choice. You can use the holes in your home and make a cabinet design that matches the shape of the holes. 

You can adjust the storage to the shape of the room and install a basket or rack to place your things. Doors can be very useful for closing your storage area, but sometimes, they take up more space than is needed. 

Therefore, you can replace your door with a romantic cloth curtain. You will have a very soft, classic and even elegant decoration, without having to make big changes in your bedroom.

Stacked Laundry Closet

Stacked laundry closet will make the arrangement of the washing machine and clothes look neater. Fold all clothes that can be folded. For me, some clothes with this konmari method are very unique. I used to spruce up clothes by folding, then stacked.

 As a result, when you take the clothes that are on the bottom layer, the top of the mess falls apart. It did not cross my mind at that time that folding clothes could be made vertically, in boxes, and in art origami. According to Marie Kondo, bags should be considered as part of clothing. Then the bag should be placed in a closet. 

How to store it is to put small bags into a bigger bag. Because I only have two bags, diaper bags and small bags, so this is easier. I keep a small bag in a diaper bag, like this.

Hallway Laundry Closet

When designing a kitchen, make use of each side of the wall. If there is an empty room on one wall, but it will look full when a closed cabinet is placed, install shelves to make the storage system more open. An empty room under the shelves can still be utilized by installing a sink that hangs on the wall. 

The number of cooking utensils often make the kitchen a mess. There is no space for cutting vegetables. But calm, kitchen drawers can be a way out. You can make horizontal drawers made of wood. 

Or put a cutting board on a storage drawer. That way, you no longer need to bother looking for an empty space to cut cooking ingredients. Practical right?

Barn Door Laundry Closet

The door to the barn-style wardrobe can be very different for your home. By using the warehouse door, the impression given is that the laundry room becomes more spacious and as if separated from the main room in the house. 

The Barn door laundry closet ideas will be very interesting for you who want to have a different wardrobe than usual. You will need a fairly large room because for a laundry room that has a new door, you need a large room as well. The color that can be used is a combination of red or other bright colors.

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