How to Build Stairs Deck

How to Build Stairs Deck

Stairs deck must be planned carefully so that all upstairs vertically and horizontally stepping spot must be the same. If the bottom part is different in the height or length, it is getting dangerous. You must be careful about how to build stairs deck to offer the comfort of people. These are ways of building the stairs deck. 

Step 1: Learning the Part of Stairs Deck

The first way is learning the parts of the stairs deck. It means that you must know the detail of the stairs deck itself. The stepping space is a flat surface made of concrete, pavers, or pebbles in the bottom of the stairs deck. 

If the stairs are not frequently used, the base can be removed. The stair treads are a horizontal board that you step on. The stair tread is possibly made of 2×12 single but it is often made of two decorative boards. 

Stringer is a wide board usually having the size of 2×12 walking on the base spot and angle to framing deck supporting the stairs thread. An opened stringer has an invisible notch. Meanwhile, a closed stringer is a dense board with a cleat to be stair tread. 

Step 2: Concerning on the Stair Tread 

A stair tread is the width or depth of running stairs. The increase of stairs is a vertical distance from one step up and the next step. A run total is the overall horizontal distance by a stringer. A total increase is an overall change of the stairs’ height from the base. 

Stair tread must have a width of at least 36 inches. You need to design it in the size if you want to apply ways on how to build stairs deck. However, it is recommended that the stairs must have the width at least 48 inches so that they don’t feel narrow. 

Step 3: Having a Maximum Height Increase of Stairs Deck 

The next way on how to build stairs deck is concerning on the height increase of the stairs deck. The allowed stairs increase is 7 ¾ inch and the minimum stair increase is 4 inches. For the recommendation about a run combo, you can learn it more. 

Step 4: Thinking Over the Details of Stairs Deck 

A different detail list of stairs deck needs to concern in order to build a good stair deck. It is related to the height of the riser. The difference between the longest and shortest riser height is not more than 3/8 inch. It is very tight so that you need to give your free time in planning string carefully. 

 An opened stringer must have a medium notch. If it is too deep, it makes the stringer will be weak. The stair railing is also covering the understandable handle to make your stairs deck comfortable. [click here to read Staircase Railing Ideas]

A stair deck handle must be set strongly. It is a way on how to build stairs deck. It is bonding a stringer side but the inspector is lower than a pole. The concrete tread is the best choice for extra strength. 

Step 5: Having a Balance Distance and Range of Stringer 

Another way on how to build stairs deck is concerning on the stringer distance. It must be close to support stairs tread. The distance is depending on the stair tread’s material. If the tread is made of wooden, the distance is only 16 inches. 

However, the material is composite, the size must be 12 inches or closer. Make sure that you have checked the material used on the building stairs deck. You need to obey the factory’s instructions in making the comfortable stairs deck. 

Step 6: Combining a Comfortable Rise – Run 

To step down carefully, a common rule is the increased total and running must be the same between 17 and 20 inches. It is a way on how to build stairs deck so that it is crucially concerning the steps on making it. 

As an example, the increase of 7 ½ inches is added a running total length of 11 inches and 18 ½ inches will beat a drop of the recommendation. It requires an increase of 4 inches. The increase of 4 inches requires a running total of 13 and 16 inches. 

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Step 7: Measuring the Stairs Deck 

Some ways can be conducted on how to build the stairs deck perfectly. The next way is measuring the stairs deck. You need to estimate the height of X. Start to estimate where you need to build the stairs deck. 

The stair deck has 40 degrees or not. Then, you put a string board on the deck and step up to the spot. Then, start to measure it to the land. It will be an estimation of stair deck height. 

 It is time to estimate the number of steps. You should divide X and 7 inches. It is a good way to deal with a number of stairs. The real height of riser is recommended 6 ½ to 8 inches. But you need to divide it to get the best calculation. 

Step 8: Anticipating the Increase Total Properly 

The next way on how to build stairs deck is by anticipating the increased total. You should divide the height to your research estimation of the riser. With that way, you will find the ideal riser height. 

With the estimation of riser’s number, you are finding the right riser height. The number will be fallen down on about 6 to 8 inches. You should use that number range to manage the stringer location. 

If the height of riser does not exist in this zone, add or reduce riser and divide it again. It is changing a number of stair-treads and then moves the base spot. So, you have to measure it again properly. 

Step 9: Drawing a Sketch of Stairs Deck 

The last way on how to build stairs deck is by drawing the stairs deck’s sketch based on the estimation above. It is used to confirm a plan in your thought. You need to include the first stringer and use a dimension of the riser, the right tread, and the framing box. 

Plan to build a strong base on the landing space. The base can be a small concrete surface. The small stair decks can be treated in a 6-inch space of pebbles. After you cut the string, use it to be a guide to position your landing. 

Cut and install stringers by following the photos in the project of building the stairs deck. It is enough to enrich your knowledge on how to build stairs deck properly. 

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