The Essentials of Interior Design: A Comprehensive Guide to Greenville Tech’s Interior Design Program

Overview of Greenville Tech’s Interior Design Program Greenville Technical College offers an Interior Design Program designed to equip students with the skills they need to succeed in the fast-paced world of interior design. This program will give students the opportunity to learn about the principles of design, and how to apply those principles to create … Read more

anthony dunning interior design

The Early Beginnings of Anthony Dunning’s Career Anthony Dunning is a renowned interior designer based in London, UK. He is known for his exceptional skills in transforming living spaces into stunning works of art. Dunning’s passion for interior design started at a very young age. Even as a teenager, he was always drawn to design … Read more

Free Interior Design Contract Template: Essential Elements to Include

Importance of Interior Design Contracts Interior design contracts serve as legally binding agreements between an interior designer and their clients. These contracts provide a clear outline of the designer’s responsibilities, project timeline, and the terms of the agreement. It is essential for every interior designer to have a detailed contract in place before starting any … Read more