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Introduction to Robin Rains Interior Design

Robin Rains Interior Design

Robin Rains is a renowned interior designer who has been working in the industry for over 20 years. Her work is characterized by a fusion of different styles that she combines to create impressive and unique designs. Robin Rains Interior Design specializes in creating interior spaces that reflect the client’s personality and style while maintaining functionality and comfort. Robin believes that every interior design project presents a unique challenge, which she enjoys taking on with her team of designers and artisans.

Robin has a degree in Interior Design from the prestigious Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. She started her career working for top design firms in the city before venturing out on her own. Since then, she has worked on hundreds of projects, ranging from small apartments to large commercial spaces.

Robin’s style is eclectic, combining elements from various design styles to create a personalized and unique look for each client. She often uses bold colors, textures, and patterns to create a statement that reflects the client’s personality and lifestyle. Robin is known for her attention to detail and her ability to maximize space, regardless of the size of the room.

Robin and her team work closely with each client to understand their vision and needs. From the initial consultation to the final installation, the team is committed to creating an interior design that surpasses the client’s expectations. The process starts with a detailed assessment of the client’s space, their lifestyle, and taste. Based on the information gathered, Robin and her team create a concept that captures the essence of what the client is looking for. They then work on developing detailed plans, selecting materials, and coordinating with artisans and contractors to bring the project to life.

Robin combines her knowledge of design with her passion for travel to create unique and inspired spaces. Her designs incorporate elements from different cultures, which she works to integrate seamlessly into her projects. She is committed to using sustainable and eco-friendly materials in her designs whenever possible, which adds a unique touch to her work.

Robin’s work has been featured in several publications, including Architectural Digest, Miami Home & Decor, and Interior Design magazine. Her portfolio includes projects in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and internationally in the Caribbean, Europe, and South America.

In conclusion, Robin Rains Interior Design is known for creating unique and personalized interior spaces that reflect the client’s personality and lifestyle. Robin and her team’s attention to detail, knowledge of design, and commitment to sustainability are what sets them apart from the competition. With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of projects under her belt, Robin Rains is undoubtedly one of the leading interior designers of our time.

Design Philosophy of Robin Rains

Design Philosophy of Robin Rains

Robin Rains is a well-known designer in the interior design industry. Her design philosophy is centered on creating spaces that are not only beautiful but also functional and comfortable. Rains believes that every space, whether commercial or residential, should reflect the personality and lifestyle of the occupant. Her design philosophy is based on three key principles, namely:

  1. Functionality
  2. Aesthetics
  3. Sustainability

Let’s dive deeper into each of these principles and understand how they contribute to Robin Rains’ design philosophy.


According to Rains, the functionality of a space is paramount. In her design process, she always considers the practical aspects of the space, such as its purpose, layout, and usage. Rains believes that a space should be designed with the occupant’s needs and desires in mind. The space must be both usable and enjoyable to the occupant. Her attention to detail in this aspect ensures that spaces are both beautiful and practical.

For instance, in a commercial workspace, Rains makes sure that the design allows employees to perform their duties efficiently, stimulating productivity and creativity. In a residential space, Rains’ designs are geared towards creating a comfortable and cozy ambiance for families. Every element in the space is meticulously selected to suit the client’s lifestyle, from the furniture to the lighting.


Another principle in Robin Rains’ design philosophy is aesthetics. Given her background in art, Rains understands the importance of beauty in a space. She emphasizes the use of color, texture, and other design elements to create an atmosphere that reflects the personality and preferences of the occupants. Every design element must blend seamlessly to create an overall look that captures the essence of the space.

Rains is known for her ability to bring together different styles, colors, and textures to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing ambiance. Her designs are often characterized by a combination of modern and traditional elements, resulting in unique and striking spaces.


Sustainability is the third principle in Robin Rains’ design philosophy. She believes in creating designs that are not only beautiful but also sustainable. Rains understands the impact of the design industry on the environment and strives to minimize this impact. She incorporates eco-friendly materials, designs that utilize natural light, and puts measures in place to reduce energy consumption.

Through her designs, Rains seeks to educate clients and the design industry at large on sustainable living. She encourages clients to use eco-friendly products, to recycle, and to live sustainably. Rains seeks to create timeless designs that will last for generations without becoming outdated.


Robin Rains’ design philosophy can be summed up as the art of creating functional, beautiful, and sustainable spaces. Her designs are characterized by attention to detail, a keen eye for aesthetics, and the use of eco-friendly materials. Robin Rains’ designs are unique, reflecting the personality and lifestyle of the occupants. Her work inspires, educates, and has transformed the interior design industry.

Notable Projects by Robin Rains

Notable Projects by Robin Rains

Robin Rains is recognized for her innovative designs that have completely transformed the interiors of several projects. Here are three notable projects by Robin Rains:

The Georgian House on Little Venice

The Georgian House on Little Venice's interior

This project involved the refurbishment of a Georgian house located in Little Venice, London. The house had stunning features such as high ceilings, ornate cornices, and large windows, but the interior design was out-dated. Robin Rains applied a contemporary and luxurious design to bring the house back to life. She created a unique color scheme, sourced rare furniture pieces, and added some artwork that complemented the house’s traditional features. The result was creating a modern and comfortable home, with spaces that flowed naturally from one room to another. The overall work received high acclaim, and the project was published in several design magazines.

Canadian Chalet Estate

Canadian Chalet Estate

The Canadian Chalet Estate is a vast estate located in the mountains of British Columbia, overlooking Canada’s lakes and natural landscapes. Robin Rains was hired to redesign the estate’s interiors fully. She went for a rustic look, using earthy tones for walls and furniture to echo nature, and textures such as wood, stone, and leather for accents. The living room had a massive fireplace, and Rains decorated it with a mantle made of a salvaged wood beam, which occupied the entire room. Chad McPhail, the estate owner, applauded Rains’ work, saying it had completely transformed the estate and had created an ambiance that blended with nature.

Mayfair Townhouse

Mayfair Townhouse - Interior

Robin Rains renovated this Mayfair Townhouse for a businessman and his family. The renovation included adding a floor, extending ground and lower-ground floors, and completely redesigning the townhouse’s interior. Rains went for minimalist elegance for the new design, using monotone colors for walls and furniture. Rains added a touch of art by selecting a few striking pieces to add to the decor. The family was pleased with the result, as Rains had managed to create family-friendly living spaces, such as a spacious dining area and a comfortable living area.

In conclusion, Robin Rains is a powerhouse in interior design, as exemplified by the three projects above. She showcases creativity and elegance when designing interiors that suit both the clients’ lifestyles and preferences and the natural ambiance of the surroundings. Her designs are truly unique and special.

The Importance of Color in Robin Rains Interior Design

Color Interior Design

Color is an essential element of any interior design project as it sets the tone and mood of the space. Robin Rains understands the power of color and uses it to create impactful designs for her clients. Her approach to color in interior design is intuitive and thoughtful, resulting in cohesive and harmonious spaces that are both beautiful and functional. In this article, we will explore the importance of color in Robin Rains interior design and how she uses color to transform spaces.

The psychology of color in interior design

Color has a psychological and emotional impact on people, and it can influence their behavior and mood. Understanding the psychology of color is essential, as it allows designers like Robin Rains to create spaces that evoke specific emotions and moods suited to the function of the room. For instance, blue is a calming color that promotes relaxation, making it an excellent choice for bedrooms and bathrooms. On the other hand, vibrant colors such as red and orange can stimulate appetite and energy levels in a space, making them well-suited to kitchens and dining areas.

Creating a color palette

Color Palette in Interior Design

Creating a color palette is a crucial step in any interior design project. Robin Rains creates color palettes that are unique to each client’s personality, lifestyle, and preferences. She works closely with her clients to understand their likes and dislikes, taking into consideration other factors such as the room’s function, available light, and existing decor. By creating a color palette that is tailored to the client’s needs, Robin Rains ensures that the design is cohesive, balanced, and visually appealing.

Using color to highlight architectural features

Color to highlight architectural features

Robin Rains uses color to highlight architectural features such as arches, columns, and moldings, bringing them to life and creating visual interest in a space. For example, she may use a contrasting color to emphasize a feature wall or paint the ceiling in a bold hue to draw attention upwards. By doing so, she creates a focal point that adds depth and dimension to the design.

Balancing bold and neutral colors

balancing bold with neutral colors

Using bold colors can make a design statement, but it can be overwhelming if not balanced with neutral tones. Robin Rains skillfully balances bold and neutral colors, creating a harmonious and inviting space. She may use neutral colors such as white, beige, or gray as a backdrop to allow bold colors to shine, or she may use bold colors sparingly to create a focal point. By balancing bold and neutral colors, Robin Rains ensures that the design is visually pleasing and not too overwhelming.


Color is a fundamental element of interior design, and Robin Rains understands how to use it effectively to create beautiful, functional, and harmonious spaces. By understanding the psychology of color, creating tailored color palettes, highlighting architectural features with color, and balancing bold and neutral colors, Robin Rains creates designs that meet each client’s needs and preferences. Her approach to color in interior design is intuitive and thoughtful, resulting in designs that are both visually stunning and emotionally engaging.

Incorporating Sustainable Design Practices by Robin Rains

Sustainable Design Practices by Robin Rains

Robin Rains is a well-known interior designer who believes in incorporating sustainable design practices in every project. She understands the importance of preserving the environment by reducing the carbon footprint and wastage. Her design philosophy is to create spaces that are not only beautiful but also sustainable. Here are five ways how Robin Rains incorporates sustainable design practices and makes a positive impact on the environment.

1. Using Recycled Materials

Recycled Materials by Robin Rains

Robin Rains strongly advocates the use of recycled materials in her designs. She believes that it not only reduces the carbon footprint but also creates an interesting and unique look. She uses recycled wood, glass, and metal in her projects. Recyclable materials used in the design not only help in the environment but also add texture and intrigue to the space. She also uses recycled furniture, upholstery, and carpets, reducing wastage and pollution.

2. Energy-Efficient Designs

Energy-Efficient Designs by Robin Rains

Robin Rains believes in creating energy-efficient designs. She uses energy-efficient lighting fixtures, HVAC systems, and appliances. By using natural light instead of artificial lights in her designs, she also reduces energy consumption, thereby saving energy costs. She also designs spaces where air circulates efficiently, reducing the need for air conditioning. Robin Rains’ energy-efficient designs not only help in reducing the carbon footprint but also contribute to reduced energy costs.

3. Water Conservation Practices

Water Conservation Practices by Robin Rains

Robin Rains incorporates water conservation practices in her designs. She uses low-flow water fixtures, which reduce water consumption resulting in water conservation. She also reduces water wastage by installing rainwater harvesting systems. This collected water can then be reused for various purposes, including watering plants and flushing toilets. Robin Rains’ water conservation practices help in reducing the water footprint, which has a positive impact on the environment.

4. Using Sustainable Fabrics

Sustainable Fabrics by Robin Rains

Robin Rains uses sustainable fabrics in her designs. She prefers organic cotton, wool, linen, and recycled polyester in her designs. These fabrics not only have a low environmental impact, but they are also free of any toxic chemicals and dyes. This practice reduces the carbon footprint and also provides a healthier environment. Sustainable fabrics used in the designs have a positive impact on the environment and human health.

5. Designing with Biophilic Elements

Designing with Biophilic Elements by Robin Rains

Robin Rains believes in designing with biophilic elements. Biophilia, the love of nature, is a design element that includes natural elements in the design, such as plants, greenery, natural light, and water bodies. These elements not only provide a calming and relaxing environment, but they also have a positive impact on mental and physical health. Robin Rains’ design philosophy includes biophilic elements that add an eco-friendly element to the design and help in preserving nature.

In conclusion, Robin Rains is one among many designers who see the importance of incorporating sustainable design practices. Robin Rains’ innovative and eco-friendly design ideas not only add value to the project but also contribute to a cleaner environment. Her design practices of using recycled materials, energy-efficient designs, water conservation practices, sustainable fabrics, and designing with biophilic elements are innovative, eco-friendly, and have a positive impact on the environment. Robin Rains proves that eco-friendly design practices can help us create beautiful and sustainable spaces that are good for both the environment and human health.

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