The Art and Science of NDSU Interior Design: Creating Stunning Spaces Inside

The History of NDSU Interior Design

North Dakota State University Interior Design Program

North Dakota State University (NDSU) is a renowned public university, offering a comprehensive program of interior design. The program commenced in the year 1928 and since then it has been playing a paramount role in the architectural and interior design industry. Being one of the oldest programs in America, it has produced several well-renowned designers and art practitioners. The interior design program is part of the College of Human Sciences and Education and endorses design principles featuring aesthetic, functional, and ecological features that suit the clients’ needs and demands.

The program has evolved considerably from the time it was initiated. Since 1968, it has been authorized by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) to provide a learning experience with professional preparation emphasizing the conceptual and practical understanding of interior design principles. The program also encourages the students to understand the historical, ethical, and cultural aspects of interior design.

For years, the faculty has been drawing upon extensive knowledge to concentrate on educating students in diverse areas of design, both residential and commercial. Graduates from the interior design program will have knowledge of design software and will be able to complete designs digitally. The department has been focusing on making sure that graduates comprehend the interior design process from start to finish and have the soft skills necessary to work within teams of designers, contractors, and clients within the project scope.

The program provides students with a comprehensive learning program and concentrates on real-world challenges by hosting diverse projects countrywide. Also, NDSU’s interior design program has a vast array of resources to aid students in their learning experience. Examples of such resources are 3D printers, laser cutters, and workstations to create product prototypes, pattern-making facilities, and dedicated computer labs. The program is also equipped with a design gallery that showcases students` designs to display their inventive and creative abilities.

The interior design program at NDSU is continually advancing to expose students to the latest industry trends and improvements. Recent updates include adding new courses such as virtual design techniques for modern-day needs. NDSU’s interior design program is dedicated to providing students with the necessary and newest techniques that will prepare graduates to work efficiently in modern environments.

In conclusion, NDSU’s interior design program is a comprehensive and innovative curriculum that concentrates on educating students on design principles and communication needed to work in professional design settings. The program’s reputation, accompanied by its dedicated faculty and resources, make the interior design program at NDSU one of the most leading and respected programs in the country.

Exploring NDSU Interior Design Programs

NDSU Interior Design Programs

If you want to pursue a career in interior design, North Dakota State University (NDSU) offers a variety of programs to help you attain your goal. The College of Human Sciences and Education at NDSU offers an accredited Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design degree for undergraduate students. If you already have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field, the Department of Architecture and Landscape Architecture also offers a Master of Science in Architecture with a concentration in Interior Design.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design is a four-year program that teaches students how to design functional, aesthetically pleasing spaces for a variety of clients. Through classes in design theory, computer-aided design, materials and finishes, and lighting, students learn to create sustainable environments that meet the needs of their intended users. Students also gain practical experience by working on real-world projects in a variety of settings, such as healthcare, commercial, and residential design.

The program is fully accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA), which means that it meets the highest standards for interior design education. Graduates of the program are eligible to take the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam, which is required for licensure in many states. With a degree from NDSU, students are well-equipped to succeed in the interior design industry, whether they choose to work for a design firm or start their own business.

The Master of Science in Architecture with a concentration in Interior Design is designed for students who already have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as architecture, but want to specialize in interior design. The program takes two years to complete and includes classes in design theory, history of interiors, building systems, and sustainability. Students also have the opportunity to work on real-world projects through internships and research projects. Graduates of the program are well-prepared to work as interior designers in a variety of settings, including commercial and residential design firms, healthcare facilities, and government agencies.

The Department of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at NDSU also offers a minor in Interior Design for students who are interested in the field but want to major in another subject. The minor requires 18 credits and includes classes in design principles, history of interiors, and computer-aided design. Students who complete the minor are well-prepared to work in related fields, such as architecture, construction management, or facilities management.

In addition to its degree programs, the NDSU Interior Design Program offers a variety of continuing education opportunities for professionals who want to enhance their skills or stay up-to-date on industry trends. The program offers workshops, seminars, and online courses in a variety of topics, such as sustainable design, lighting, and color theory.

Overall, the NDSU Interior Design Program offers a comprehensive education in interior design, from the fundamentals of design theory to the practical application of sustainable design principles. With its accreditation by CIDA and its focus on real-world experience, the program prepares students to succeed in the field of interior design and make a positive impact on the built environment.

Notable NDSU Interior Design Alumni

Notable NDSU Interior Design Alumni

North Dakota State University has a remarkable track record of producing talented and capable Interior Design graduates who have gone on to make remarkable contributions to the industry. Here are three notable alumni who have made their mark in the world of Interior Design.

1. Kelsey Dickerson

Kelsey Dickerson Interior Designer

Kelsey Dickerson earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design from North Dakota State University and quickly secured a job with the Gensler architectural firm’s Chicago office. Subsequently, Kelsey worked as an interior designer for some of the most renowned firms in the United States, including Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and Perkins and Will. Her work on LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified projects has won numerous awards and accolades. Dickerson is now a Senior Associate with the design firm Perkins and Will in Minneapolis, where she is a leader of the firm’s efforts to create groundbreaking healthcare environments.

2. Sarah Horowitz

Sarah Horowitz Interior Designer

Sarah Horowitz, a graduate of NDSU’s interior design program, has taken the industry by storm with her innovative design sense and remarkable creativity. Sarah has worked for prestigious design firms such as The Code Studio in Los Angeles, West Elm, and Homepolish. Her work has been featured in well-known publications such as Architectural Digest and Apartment Therapy. Sarah is now the principal designer at her own firm, The Future Perfect, where she focuses on creating seamless living spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

3. Scott Melson

Scott Melson

Scott Melson’s NDSU interior design degree has taken him far beyond the typical interior design jobs of decorating rooms. He is now the Creative Director of Holograph – a company that creates projection mapping technology and holographic displays. After working with Paramout Pictures and YouTube, he earned the position of VP of Creative Production for 2C Creative in Miami. He then moved on to co-found Holograph and has been pushing the boundaries of design in technology ever since. Scott has developed large-scale integrated technology installations for a variety of well-known brands, including Carnival Cruise Lines, Coca-Cola, and Mercedes-Benz.

In conclusion, North Dakota State University’s interior design program has produced an impressive crop of graduates who have gone on to be successful in the industry. These three alumni are testament to the quality of education provided by the institution, and their significant contributions to the Interior Design industry are proof of their skills gained from their education at NDSU.

Innovative Interior Design Projects at NDSU

Interior Design Projects at NDSU

NDSU interior design students have had the opportunity to work on innovative projects, both on-campus and off-campus, giving them hands-on experience and a chance to collaborate with talented designers in the field. Here are just a few examples of some of the amazing interior design projects that have been completed by NDSU students:

1. Renovation of NDSU’s Memorial Union

NDSU's Memorial Union Interior

The Memorial Union is the hub of student activity on campus, and in 2015, a group of interior design students took on the task of renovating the building’s third floor. The students worked closely with project managers, contractors, and furniture vendors to transform the space into a modern, inviting area for students to study, socialize, and relax. The updated third floor now features a cozy fireplace, comfortable seating, and several different types of study spaces to accommodate different learning styles.

2. Collaborative Project with Downtown Fargo Business

Downtown Fargo Interior Design

In 2017, a group of NDSU interior design students partnered with a local downtown Fargo business to help design their new office space. The students worked with the business owners to determine their desired aesthetic and functional requirements for the space, and then produced several different design concepts. The students presented their ideas to the business owners, who were thrilled with the results and ultimately implemented many of the students’ suggestions in their new office space.

3. Model Unit Design Project

Model Unit Interior Design

As part of their coursework, NDSU interior design students had the opportunity to participate in a model unit design project. The students were given a blank model unit in an apartment complex and were asked to design the space to appeal to a target demographic. The project required students to consider everything from color schemes and furniture selection to storage solutions and overall layout. The finished model units were on display for prospective renters to view and helped the apartment complex boost their occupancy rates.

4. Design of the NDSU Wellness Center

NDSU's Wellness Center Interior Design

The NDSU Wellness Center is an essential resource for students seeking to maintain healthy lifestyles. In 2019, a group of interior design students was given the opportunity to help redesign the center’s lobby and lounge spaces. The students collaborated with staff members to understand the needs of the space and incorporate elements that would provide comfort and relaxation for students who use the center. The design team embraced the philosophy of biophilic design by incorporating natural elements such as water, plants, and earthy tones to promote relaxation and boost overall well-being for students.

Overall, the interior design projects at NDSU are multifaceted in design, range from on-campus renovations to off-campus collaborations, and create a well-rounded portfolio for students to utilize in their future careers. These experiences provide students with the tools to tackle complex design challenges and develop real-world solutions. NDSU’s interior design program prepares students to be creative, problem-solvers, and innovative thinkers in the field of interior design.

Professional Development Opportunities for NDSU Interior Design Students

Professional Development Opportunities for NDSU Interior Design Students

Being an NDSU Interior Design student can be a fun and exciting experience. You get to explore your creativity and use it to design beautiful spaces that can become an integral part of clients’ lives. However, to become a successful interior designer, creativity alone is not enough. A student needs various professional development opportunities to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the design industry.

1. Internships


Internships are an essential part of student professional development. They offer an opportunity for students to gain job experience before they graduate and get a chance to work outside the classroom. NDSU Interior Design students can intern at various design-related organizations such as architecture firms, interior design studios, home décor shops, and government agencies. During the internship, they can learn design concepts and use design technology to work on real-life projects. Interns also get to network and connect with professionals in the industry. This interaction can help build professional relationships that can lead to career opportunities after graduation.

2. Study Abroad Programs

Study Abroad Programs

Studying abroad can be an eye-opening experience for interior design students. They get to know about different cultures, traditions, and architectural styles. By studying abroad, students can expand their horizons and experience innovative design solutions, materials, and technologies. NDSU Interior Design students can participate in a broad range of study abroad programs. The university has partnerships with various universities around the world, making it easier for students to find appropriate programs.

3. Workshops and Conferences

Workshops and Conferences

Workshops and Conferences offer NDSU Interior Design students an opportunity to interact with successful professionals in the industry. This network allows the students to learn best practices and techniques used by industry professionals. Workshops and conferences are usually organized by industry associations, interior design magazines, and interior design firms. As such, they offer a plethora of knowledge, and attending them can provide growth opportunities for NDSU Interior Design students.

4. Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Joining a student organization can offer additional professional development opportunities for NDSU Interior Design students. These organizations can help build leadership skills, provide opportunities to work on design projects, and allow for connections with industry professionals. NDSU Interior Design students can join organizations like the Student Color Association, Interior Designers Without Borders, and US Green Building Council. These organizations offer opportunities for students to develop their skills through community service projects and other related activities.

5. Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Interior design students need to learn how to build their businesses. Luckily, NDSU Interior Design students can access entrepreneurial programs and resources offered by the NDSU Office of Research and Creative Activity. These resources include business counseling services, pitch competitions, and loan funding. With entrepreneurial skills, a student can start their interior designing business upon graduating. This opportunity can be a lifetime dream come true for an ambitious interior design student.

In conclusion, NDSU Interior Design students have a variety of professional opportunities available to them. Internships, study abroad programs, workshops and conferences, student organizations, and entrepreneurial opportunities are just a handful of the opportunities available. By taking advantage of these options, students can build their resumes, networks, and gain incredible experience to thrive in their interior designing future careers.

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