5 Tips for Transforming Your Home with Interior Design in Lehi

Blending Modern and Rustic Elements in Interior Design in Lehi

modern rustic interior design lehi

Interior design trends come and go, but one style that has stood the test of time is the combination of modern and rustic design elements. This fusion creates a unique and cozy atmosphere that makes any home feel warm and inviting. Lehi, a city known for its natural beauty and outdoor recreation, is the perfect place to incorporate this style into your home. By blending modern and rustic design elements, you can create a space that is both functional and picturesque.

The first step to achieving a modern rustic interior is to determine the key elements of each style. Modern design is characterized by clean lines, minimalism, and simplicity. It often incorporates sleek furnishings, geometric shapes, and neutral colors like white, gray, and black. On the other hand, rustic design features natural materials, warm earthy hues, and a cozy, lived-in feel. It often incorporates wood, stone, and metal materials and embraces imperfections.

The key to blending these two styles is finding a balance between their contrasting elements. A common mistake that many make is trying to merge every possible aspect of both styles, ending up with a space that is cluttered and chaotic. Instead, you should highlight the best aspects of each style while making sure they complement each other in a cohesive way.

One way to balance modern and rustic elements is to use modern furniture with rustic accents. For instance, you could place a sleek leather sofa against a textured stone wall, or put a simple glass coffee table on top of a vintage rug. This combination creates an interesting dynamic that adds visual interest to the room.

Another way to blend modern and rustic elements is through the use of textures. Rustic design is known for its rich, natural textures like wood and stone, while modern design often uses smooth, glossy materials like glass and metal. By juxtaposing these textures, you can create a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. For example, you could pair a polished concrete floor with a reclaimed wood accent wall, or add a modern pendant light to a room with exposed brick walls.

When it comes to color, a balanced blend of neutrals works best. Rustic design often uses warm, earthy hues like browns, greens, and yellows, while modern design favors cool, neutral colors like white, gray, and black. To balance both styles, you could use a muted color palette with pops of brighter colors. For instance, you could paint the walls a soft gray and accent the space with mustard yellow throw pillows or a rust-colored area rug.

Lastly, adding natural elements like plants can help soften the sleek lines of modern design, while also embracing the natural elements of rustic design. Plants not only add color but they also bring life and movement to a space. They help in purifying the air, reducing anxiety, and boosting productivity. Greenery always complements every style and provides an organic touch that any space craves.

Blending modern and rustic elements can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in any space. From using modern furniture with rustic accents to playing with different textures, colors, and natural elements, there are countless ways to achieve this coveted style. In Lehi, incorporating this design style can be a great way to bring the natural beauty of the outdoors into your home. By following these tips, your modern rustic interior design in Lehi will be both beautiful and functional.

Using Mirrors to Create a Spacious Feel in Lehi Interiors


Mirrors are not just for checking yourself out before heading out the door. They can also be used as a clever design tool that can help create an illusion of a more spacious interior. In fact, interior designers in Lehi often use mirrors to give small or cramped spaces an airy and more expansive feel. Here are some tips on how to use mirrors to create a spacious feel in your Lehi interiors.

1. Place Mirrors Strategically


One of the most important things when using mirrors to create a spacious feel is placement. Mirrors can be placed in different areas of your home to achieve a different effect. To create an expansive feel in Lehi interiors, the best place to position mirrors is across from windows or doors. In this way, they reflect natural light that bounces around the room and creates an open and airy feel.

You can also place mirrors behind or beside furniture, such as a sofa, to create a layered and more dynamic space. The key is to find the right balance between functionality and aesthetics. Mirrors should not only serve a decorative purpose but also be practical in terms of how they reflect and enhance the space in your Lehi home.

2. Use Large Mirrors to Add Depth


Another effective way to use mirrors to create a spacious feel in Lehi interiors is by incorporating large mirrors into your decor. Large mirrors can add depth and create the illusion of a larger space. They can also reflect an entire room, making it appear more open and expansive.

When using large mirrors, consider the size of the space as well as the placement. The larger the mirror, the more attention it will attract, so make sure it doesn’t overwhelm the room. You can also place a large mirror on the wall behind a console or a side table, creating an elegant and functional statement piece.

3. Create a Mirror Wall


If you want to make a bold statement in your Lehi interiors, create a mirror wall. This is an especially effective design element in small spaces, where it can create an illusion of a much larger area. A mirror wall can also be the centerpiece of a room, providing a glamorous and sophisticated look.

When creating a mirror wall, consider the style and color of the frames. You want to choose frames that complement the rest of the decor in your Lehi home and that can stand out without overpowering the space. You can also vary the sizes and shapes of the mirrors to create a more interesting and dynamic look.

4. Experiment with Different Mirror Shapes


Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment with different mirror shapes. Mirrors come in various shapes, from classic rectangles to ovals and circles, and all can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your Lehi interiors. You can also mix and match different shapes and sizes to create a more eclectic and playful look.

Keep in mind that different mirror shapes can also influence the way light reflects in your Lehi home. For example, a round or oval mirror can diffuse light better than a rectangular one, creating a softer and more inviting feel.

In conclusion, mirrors are a versatile and essential tool for any Lehi interior designer. With the right placement, size, and shape, they can help create the illusion of a more spacious and airy interior. Whether you prefer a classic and traditional look or a more eclectic and modern feel, mirrors can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.

Enhancing Natural Lighting for an Inviting Ambiance in Lehi Homes

Enhancing Natural Lighting in Lehi Homes

Lighting is an essential aspect of interior design. The right lighting can create a welcoming and inviting ambiance in your Lehi home. Natural light is a great source of illumination that brings in warmth, brightness, and energy to a space. It’s the easiest and most effective light source you can use to enhance the appearance of your home’s interior. Here are some ways to enhance natural lighting for an inviting ambiance in your Lehi home.

Clean Your Windows

The first step to enhancing natural light in your Lehi home is to ensure that your windows are clean and free from any obstruction. Dirty and dusty windows can prevent light from streaming into the house, and obstacles like curtains, drapes, or blinds can diffuse the natural light making the room darker. It’s important to clean your windows regularly and remove any obstructions that prevent natural light from coming in.

Install Skylights or Light Tubes

Another way to increase natural light in your Lehi home is to install skylights or light tubes. These are a great alternative for rooms with limited or no access to natural light, like small bathrooms or hallways. Skylights and light tubes create a stunning visual impact and allow natural light to stream into the space. They also add a touch of elegance to your interior decor.

Use Light-Reflecting Colors

Light-reflecting colors like white, yellow, beige, and light gray are perfect for creating a bright and airy look in your Lehi home. These colors reflect natural light, making the room appear more spacious and inviting. Paint your walls, ceilings, and floors with light-reflecting colors, and you’ll be surprised at how much brighter and refreshing your home will feel.

Use Mirrors and Glass

Mirrors and glass are perfect for bouncing natural light around your Lehi home. They reflect light and create an illusion of more space, making the room appear brighter and less cramped. Place mirrors strategically in your home to capture as much natural light as possible. You can also use glass furniture and accessories to add to the reflective effect.

Trim Your Landscaping

Trimming your landscaping is an important step to increase natural light in your Lehi home. Overgrown hedges, trees, and shrubs can obstruct natural light from penetrating your windows. Trim your landscaping regularly to keep it neat and tidy and let the light shine into your home.

Maximize Open Spaces

Maximizing open spaces is another great way to enhance natural lighting in your Lehi home. Open floor plans and removing any obstacles that block natural light from entering are ideal. You can also try rearranging your furniture to allow natural light to flow into your home. Opening up the space adds to the overall aesthetic appeal.

Natural Lighting and Your Mood

It’s important to recognize that natural lighting and your mood are closely connected. Lack of natural light can have a detrimental effect on your mood, leading to feelings of lethargy, depression, and anxiety. On the other hand, natural light boosts your mood, leaving you feeling energized, alert, and ready to tackle the day.

Enhancing natural lighting in your Lehi home is the perfect way to create an inviting ambiance and boost your mood. Using these tips, you can maximize natural light in your home, making it a cozy, warm, and welcoming space for your family and friends.

Creating Statement Walls with Texture and Color in Lehi Interiors

Creating Statement Walls with Texture and Color in Lehi Interiors

One of the easiest ways to breathe new life into any room is by adding a statement wall. A statement wall is a wall that stands out, either by its color or texture, and serves as the centerpiece of the room. It’s an interior design technique that has been popular for many years and continues to be a trend in Lehi interiors. Creating a statement wall is not only a budget-friendly way to transform a space, but it also adds character and personality to your home. In this article, we will be discussing how to create statement walls with texture and color in Lehi interiors.

1. Select the Wall

The first step to creating a statement wall is selecting the wall you want to feature. This wall will become the focal point of the room. Usually, this wall needs to be seen as soon as you enter the room. You can choose any wall you wish, but it’s important to consider its location and how it will affect the overall ambiance of the space.

2. Choose the Right Colors

Choosing the right colors for your statement wall is crucial. Bold and vibrant colors tend to work well as statement walls in Lehi interiors. However, it’s important to choose a color that will complement the furnishings and décor in the room. Cool blues and greens are calming colors that work well in spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms. For small rooms, lighter shades work better as they can make the space feel bigger.

3. Add Texture

Texture can create an interesting visual aspect on a statement wall. There are a variety of techniques you can use to add texture to your wall. One popular option is a wallpaper that simulates brick or wood. You can also use textured paint to add dimension to your wall. If you’re feeling creative, you can add your own texture by using a sponge or rag to paint a faux finish onto the wall.

4. Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

If you’re not the type that is keen on statement walls with bold colors and texture, perhaps you want to create a gallery wall. Creating a gallery wall ensures that you can have a unique statement wall that conveys something about your personality, and it’s not limited to using a bold color or texture.

You can create a gallery wall by gathering a collection of framed art pieces, pictures, or prints that have a similar theme or color scheme. Arrange them in a way that is visually appealing and ensure that the sizes are mixed up to prevent the wall from being monotonous. A good tip for creating a gallery wall is to place the largest piece in the center and work out with smaller pieces around it.


Creating a statement wall is a fun and affordable way to refresh any room in your home. Whether you choose a bold color, a textured finish, or a gallery wall, make sure it reflects your personality and style. By following the tips above, you’ll be well on your way to creating a statement wall that will make your Lehi interiors look fabulous.

Practical and Chic Storage Solutions for Small Spaces in Lehi Homes

Practical and Chic Storage Solutions for Small Spaces in Lehi Homes

Living in a small space can be challenging, especially when it comes to storage. Fortunately, there are plenty of practical and chic storage solutions that can help you maximize your space and keep your home clutter-free. Here are five storage ideas that are perfect for small spaces in Lehi homes.

1. Utilize Empty Wall Space

Utilize Empty Wall Space

When you’re short on space, it’s important to make use of every inch of your home. One storage solution that can help you do this is to utilize empty wall space. You can install shelves, hooks, and other storage options to keep your belongings organized and off the floor. This helps to free up precious floor space and make your home feel less cluttered.

2. Invest in Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional Furniture

Another great storage solution for small spaces is to invest in multifunctional furniture. This type of furniture can serve multiple purposes, such as a storage ottoman that doubles as a coffee table or a bed with built-in drawers for extra storage. By choosing furniture that serves more than one purpose, you can save space and make your home more functional.

3. Use Vertical Space

Use Vertical Space

When you run out of floor space, it’s time to start thinking vertically. You can use vertical space to store things like books, shoes, and other small items. For example, you can install a tall bookshelf or a hanging shoe organizer to make use of your walls. This helps to keep your belongings organized and off the floor while also adding a decorative element to your space.

4. Create Storage Under the Bed

Create Storage Under the Bed

A great way to maximize space in a small bedroom is to create storage under the bed. You can use storage containers that slide under the bed or invest in a bed with built-in drawers. This provides valuable storage space while keeping your belongings out of sight and organized.

5. Maximize Your Closet Space

Maximize Your Closet Space

Finally, it’s important to make the most of your closet space. You can add shelves, shoe racks, and other storage options to help you keep your clothes and accessories organized. You can also use slim hangers to maximize your hanging space. By making your closet more functional, you can create more space in your bedroom and keep your belongings neat and tidy.

These are just a few of the practical and chic storage solutions for small spaces in Lehi homes. Whether you’re dealing with a small apartment or a cozy house, there are plenty of ways to maximize your space and keep your belongings organized. With a little creativity and the right storage solutions, you can make your home feel more spacious and inviting.

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