Exploring Interior Design Job Opportunities in Minnesota

Exploring the Interior Design Job Market in Minnesota

interior design jobs mn

Minnesota is a state known for its creativity and innovative spirit, and the interior design industry in the state reflects that same mindset. The demand for skilled interior designers in Minnesota is on the rise, as more and more businesses and homeowners seek to create unique, functional, and aesthetically pleasing interiors.

The job market for interior designers in Minnesota is diverse, and there are several different avenues for those looking to enter the field. Some designers choose to work in residential design, creating beautiful and livable spaces for homeowners. Others might choose to work in commercial design, where they create functional and visually appealing spaces for businesses, offices, and other types of commercial spaces.

One particularly popular segment of the interior design job market in Minnesota is healthcare design. With so many hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities in the state, there is a growing demand for interior designers with specialized knowledge and skills in designing spaces that promote health, healing, and overall well-being.

Another trend that is driving expansion in the interior design job market in Minnesota is sustainability. More and more organizations are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and incorporate sustainable practices into their business operations, and interior design is no exception. Interior designers who are knowledgeable about sustainable, eco-friendly materials and practices are in high demand, and this trend is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

One unique aspect of the interior design job market in Minnesota is the abundance of design and architecture firms located throughout the state. Many of these firms offer specialized services such as interior design, graphic design, and branding, making them attractive employers for those with a range of design skills and interests.

Another factor that is driving growth in the interior design job market in Minnesota is the state’s strong economy. With a thriving tech sector, a robust healthcare industry, and a high quality of life, Minnesota is an attractive place to live and work for many people. As a result, businesses and individuals are investing more in the design and aesthetics of their spaces, driving demand for skilled interior designers.

Despite the many opportunities in the interior design job market in Minnesota, competition for jobs can be fierce. Those who are successful in this industry often have a combination of formal education, natural talent, and practical experience. Internships, apprenticeships, and other forms of hands-on experience can be valuable for getting a foot in the door and building a strong portfolio of work.

Overall, the interior design job market in Minnesota is thriving and offers a wealth of opportunities for those with a passion for design and a commitment to creating beautiful, functional spaces. While competition can be tough, those who are willing to put in the time and effort to hone their skills and build their portfolios are sure to find success in this exciting and dynamic field.

Top Employers for Interior Designers in MN

Interior Design Jobs MN

Interior Design is a dynamic and lucrative field that has witnessed exponential growth in recent years. With the increasing focus on aesthetics and functionality in both residential and commercial spaces, the demand for qualified interior designers has never been higher. If you are an aspiring interior designer based in MN, you are in luck as there are numerous opportunities available for you to kick start your career in this field. Let’s take a look at the top employers for interior designers in MN:

Interior Design Firms MN

1. Interior Design Firms

The most obvious employers for interior designers in MN are interior design firms. These firms are dedicated to providing interior design services to a wide range of clients, including homeowners, businesses, and government agencies. Interior design firms employ a large number of designers who work together to create unique and innovative design solutions. Some of the most prominent interior design firms in MN include Gensler, HGA Architects and Engineers, and Perkins and Will.

Architecture Firms MN

2. Architecture Firms

While architecture firms primarily focus on building design, they also require the services of interior designers to enhance the aesthetics of the interior spaces. Interior designers who work with architecture firms collaborate with architects to ensure that the final design of the building is both functional and visually appealing. Some of the leading architecture firms in MN that offer interior design positions include BWBR, and Alliiance.

Working with architecture firms offers interior designers an excellent opportunity to work on large-scale projects that require a high level of creativity and attention to detail. These projects may include designing interior spaces for hospitals, museums, and other public buildings.

Construction Companies MN

3. Construction Companies

Construction companies also provide an excellent opportunity for interior designers in MN. Working with construction companies offers interior designers an opportunity to take a more hands-on approach to design. They collaborate with contractors to ensure the design is translated from paper to reality, and the final product is not only aesthetically appealing but also functional.

Interior designers working with construction companies are involved in all stages of construction – from conceptualization to completion. They work with architects, engineers, and contractors to ensure that the design is executed correctly. Some notable construction companies in MN include Kraus-Anderson Construction Company and McGough Construction.

Graphic Design Firms MN

4. Graphic Design Firms

Although graphic design and interior design are two different fields, graphic design firms often work with interior design firms and architecture firms to provide comprehensive design solutions to clients. Interior designers working with graphic design firms often employ their design creativity to work on branding, advertisements, and marketing materials. This can be an exciting opportunity for interior designers who are looking to break out of the traditional mold of interior designing. Some prominent graphic design firms in MN include Capsule and Peterson Ray and Company.

Working in any of the above-mentioned companies will provide interior designers in MN with the opportunity to hone their skills, learn from other designers, and add impressive work experience to their resume. As an interior designer, there are also several other options available, such as freelancing and starting your interior design business. Regardless of the path one chooses, interior design is an exciting and rewarding career.

Required Education and Skills for Interior Design Jobs in MN

Interior Design Jobs in MN

If you are interested in pursuing an interior design career in Minnesota, it is essential to know the education, skills, and experience required to stand out in this field. To capture excellent opportunities in interior design jobs in MN, you need to meet specific qualifications.

Interior designers use their creativity to create a better living space for their clients by designing and decorating interiors, whether it’s a residential, commercial, or industrial space. Their job requires a good eye for detail, excellent communication skills, and the ability to work with diverse teams. Here are the requirements for interior design jobs in MN:

Educational Requirements

Interior design jobs in MN require, at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree in interior design or a related field, such as architecture. A bachelor’s degree in interior design program typically takes four years to complete. Students who take this program should expect to learn essential and fundamental concepts in interior design, such as color theory, fabrics, textiles, and interior architecture. In addition, students will have to take courses in computer-aided drafting (CAD), AutoCAD, and 3D modeling. A master’s degree in interior design may not be required, but it can give you a competitive advantage over candidates without a master’s degree.

Skills and Attributes

Interior designers must have certain qualities and skills that set them apart from other professionals. These skills include creativity, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, a keen eye for detail, and problem-solving skills. They must also have the ability to manage budgets, timelines, and expectations. Additionally, interior designers should be knowledgeable about current trends in the industry, including sustainability, ergonomics, and the latest technology.

Interior designers must be excellent communicators who can work collaboratively with different teams, including architects, contractors, and other stakeholders involved in a project. They should also have excellent organizational skills to manage different projects at various stages and complete them on time and within budget. In addition, they should be flexible in managing different projects, sometimes with competing deadlines.


Experience is vital for interior design jobs in MN. It shows that you have worked on similar projects before and have knowledge and skills to tackle any design challenge. As a result, many employers prefer to hire interior designers with experience, particularly those who have worked in architecture, engineering, or construction. It is also essential to have a portfolio of your work that showcases your creativity and skills.

In summary, to be successful in interior design jobs in MN, you need a bachelor’s degree in interior design or a related field, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, knowledge of industry trends and technology, and experience in the field. With these qualifications, you can find a fulfilling career path in interior design that enables you to utilize your creativity and work on diverse and exciting projects that make a difference in people’s lives.

Interior Design Specializations and Career Paths in MN

Interior Design Jobs in MN

Interior design is a creative and exciting job that involves designing the interior spaces of homes, offices, and other spaces. In Minnesota, there is a wide range of interior design specializations and career paths. Here are the top four interior design specializations and career paths that you can consider in Minnesota:

1. Residential Interior Design

Residential Interior Design

Residential interior designers in Minnesota specialize in creating interior spaces that are comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. They work with homeowners to design spaces that reflect their personalities, lifestyles, and preferences. Residential interior designers focus on creating functional and attractive living spaces for families, couples, or individuals living in condominiums, apartments, or houses.

Residential interior designers work with their clients to create a comprehensive design plan for their living spaces. They select colors, fabrics, furniture, lighting, and accessories that meet their client’s preferences and needs. Residential interior designers focus on creating an environment that is both visually appealing and functional. Many residential interior designers in Minnesota work independently, and some work for design firms, construction companies, or furniture retailers.

2. Commercial Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design

Commercial interior designers in Minnesota specialize in creating functional and attractive spaces for businesses, organizations, and public spaces. They work with architects, contractors, and other professionals to ensure that the space provides a comfortable, safe, and efficient environment for employees and customers. Commercial interior designers focus on creating an environment that promotes productivity, creativity, and business success.

Commercial interior designers work on a wide range of projects, including retail stores, restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and government buildings. They handle everything from material selection and furniture placement to lighting design and color coordination. Many commercial interior designers work for design firms, architecture firms, or construction companies, or work as independent consultants for businesses or organizations.

3. Sustainable Interior Design

Sustainable Interior Design

Sustainable interior designers in Minnesota specialize in creating environmentally conscious design solutions that are ecologically responsible and resource-efficient. They focus on sustainable design methods, materials, and energy-efficient technology to reduce the carbon footprint of the project and minimize waste. Sustainable interior designers also educate their clients on the benefits of sustainable design and work to implement eco-friendly solutions in design projects.

Sustainable interior designers work on a wide range of projects, including residential, commercial, and public spaces, as well as outdoor spaces. They use sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood, recycled steel, or bamboo-based products, as well as low-VOC paint and eco-friendly furniture to create impressive and sustainable spaces. Many sustainable interior designers in Minnesota work for design firms, architecture firms, or engineering companies, or work as independent consultants.

4. Hospitality Interior Design

Hospitality Interior Design

Hospitality interior designers in Minnesota are responsible for creating functional and enjoyable spaces for the hospitality industry, such as hotels, resorts, spas, and restaurants. They focus on creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere that provides an enjoyable experience for guests. Hospitality interior designers utilize colors, furnishings, and accessories that coordinate with the overall branding of the business and create spaces that are appealing and comfortable for customers.

Hospitality interior designers are involved in designing guest rooms, lobbies, restaurants, spas, recreational areas, and other areas of the property. They must take into consideration the local culture, geography, and customs of the area in which the property is located to create a unique guest experience. Hospitality interior designers in Minnesota work for design firms, architectural firms, or hospitality companies.

If you have an interest in interior design, Minnesota is an excellent place to launch your career. The state offers many interior design job prospects and opportunities to showcase creativity and skill in designing functional and visually appealing spaces. By choosing one of these four specialization and career paths, you can enjoy a satisfying and inspiring work life while transforming lives with your design skills.

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