Exploring the Timeless Elegance of Alidad Interior Design

Profile of Alidad Interior Designer

Alidad Interior Designer

Alidad is an award-winning interior designer based in London, known for his timeless and luxurious designs in both residential and commercial properties. Born in Iran, Alidad spent his early life surrounded by the stunning architecture and design of ancient Persia and it was this early exposure that ignited his passion for interior design.

After graduating from London’s Inchbald School of Design, Alidad worked for some of the most prestigious interior design firms in the country, including Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler and Geoffrey Bennison, where he honed his craft and developed his signature style.

In 1999, Alidad established his eponymous design studio, Alidad Ltd, which quickly gained a reputation for its sophisticated and elegant designs. Over the years, the studio has worked on numerous high-end residential projects in London, Europe, and the Middle East, as well as commercial spaces such as restaurants, hotels, and even yachts.

Alidad is known for his use of rich colors, luxurious fabrics, and intricate patterns, which he blends with antique and vintage pieces to create interiors that are both timeless and contemporary. His designs are characterized by their attention to detail, harmony of space, and the use of natural light to create a sense of calm and tranquility.

Alidad’s work has been featured in numerous publications, including Architectural Digest, Homes & Gardens, and House & Garden. He has also been recognized with several awards, including the Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year award in 2014.

Despite his success, Alidad remains dedicated to his craft and is constantly inspired by his travels, his love of art and history, and his desire to create beautiful spaces that enhance people’s lives.

Alidad’s Design Philosophy

Alidad's Design Philosophy

Alidad is a British interior designer who has become well-known for his luxurious yet comfortable interiors that have become the epitome of understated elegance. His style is a captivating combination of classic and contemporary, and he has been able to effectively incorporate unique elements into his designs that give them a distinct and aristocratic feel.

Alidad’s design philosophy is built on the principle that a home should be more than just a space to reside in, it should embody its occupants’ personalities, sensibilities, and tastes. He believes that interior design should be able to tap into a client’s personal essence and transform it into an aesthetic experience that represents them not only as a person but also as a reflection of their achievements and ambitions.

His first step in creating a personalized home for his clients is scoping out their tastes and preferences. When discussing ideas, Alidad will assess what his clients appreciate in an interior design and study the elements that resonate with them on a profound level. He believes that as an interior designer, it is essential to understand the client’s thoughts, ideas, and everyday lifestyle to create a delectable living space that is both stylish and comfortable.

Alidad is very much inspired by his Persian heritage and European upbringing, which has given him an increasing appreciation of the power of decorative arts. His work transcends centuries, mixing beautifully preserved antiques with modern designs to create a seamless transition between the old and the new, creating an exciting and carefully curated interior scheme for his clients.

One of the defining features of Alidad’s design philosophy is his ability to artfully mix grandeur with comfort. He uses antique pieces, rich fabrics, and opulent textures to create a warm and welcoming ambiance that looks and feels luxurious. His designs are not furniture collections but rather comfortable spaces that blend elements of the past and a good sprinkle of the present, exuding sophistication and elegance.

Alidad believes the texture should be the key to the interior design’s sensory and emotional experience of a room. He will play with velvet, linen, silk, furs, and wool textures, which will be seamlessly brought together using a complementary color palette. For Alidad, a muted color scheme, such as cream, beige, and warm gray tones, produces a timeless design that will remaina beautiful feature for many years to come.

Alidad’s signature aesthetic is a result of combining all of these aspects, from antiques to textiles, to create an ultimate sense of luxury and comfort. He often uses furnishings and accessories that carry the history of the past and those that come with a contemporary edge rather than only focusing on today’s fashionable trends. The outcome: a neutral, effortless, and harmonious design that looks like it’s been that way forever.

In conclusion, Alidad’s design philosophy is one born of a love for culture, tradition, and elegance. He is a master of creating luxury spaces that feel like home. He believes that capturing the essence of the client and making their home a true representation of their personality is vital, and he has become one of the most sought-after designers due to his ability to do exactly that.

Signature Style of Alidad

Alidad designer

Alidad is a renowned interior designer known for his eclectic, luxurious and timeless design style. His unique way of fusing traditional and contemporary elements creates spaces that are both elegant and comfortable. Alidad’s design philosophy revolves around creating beautiful, functional interiors that reflect the personality and lifestyle of his clients. He does not only design interiors but creates an ambiance that reflects the style and taste of his clients. Alidad’s signature style is a classic design aesthetic that is both charming and comforting. Here are some of the hallmark features of his Signature Style:

Rich Color Palette

Rich Color Palette

Alidad’s design style is known for his use of rich, vibrant colors. He believes that a well-curated color palette can transform any space and make it feel much more inviting. He has a unique way of blending colors that are not usually paired together, creating spaces that are truly unique. Alidad loves to add pops of color throughout his interiors, resulting in a captivating and vivacious visual experience. He is known for using a wide range of colors, from bold hues to neutral tones. His love for colors is evident in his designs, and he is famous for creating homes that feel warm and welcoming.

Pattern Play

Pattern Play

Pattern play is one of the most iconic aspects of Alidad’s design style. He is a master of mixing patterns, resulting in a space that feels harmonious and full of life. Alidad is known for playing with patterns and textures in innovative ways. His unique use of textiles, from intricate brocades to luxurious silks, creates a sense of depth and dimensionality in every space he designs. Alidad brings together so many different patterns in a way that makes you feel that every piece was intentionally placed in the space to unite in harmony.

Antique Treasures

Antique Treasures

Alidad’s designs are heavily influenced by his passion for antiques. He believes that an antique piece can add character and depth to any room. He has a keen eye for finding rare and unique pieces that he seamlessly integrates with contemporary pieces. In his design approach he often adds rich history with international sources, this portrays what he refers to as ‘the story of the room’. With his love for the past, Alidad’s familiarity with period furniture and antique accessories is a secret weapon that he uses to infuse a timeless aesthetic into his projects. By using timeless pieces in his decor, he is able to create interiors that never fade out and stand the test of time.

Outdoor/Indoor Living

OutDoor/Indoor Living

Lastly, Alidad is a designer who takes full advantage of the available outdoor space. He designs homes that celebrate outdoor living regardless of the climate. His use of nature in combination with the right decor ushers in a certain liveliness that changes the atmosphere of the space. He is renowned for creating outdoor spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful. His goal is to create seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces, and he achieves this by bringing the outdoors in with everything from furniture to vegetation to create a truly immersive environment that is unique to each of his clients.

In a nutshell, Alidad is indeed a design force to be reckoned with. He has a unique way of creating spaces that not only reflect the personality of his clients, but also evoke emotions and add charm, substance and warmth to her client’s home. He is a master at fusing different design elements, textures, styles, and colors to yield exceptional results. Alidad’s style is resolutely timeless, luxurious, and personal, and he is unquestionably one of the world’s finest interior designers.

Alidad’s Most Memorable Projects

Alidad's Most Memorable Projects

Alidad is known for his exquisite taste and detailed approach to interior design. He has worked with various clients around the world and created some remarkable spaces that showcase his unique style. In this article, we will explore Alidad’s most memorable projects, from the stunning chateau in France to the opulent London apartment.

1. Chateau de Groussay

Chateau de Groussay

The Chateau de Groussay is located in Montfort-l’Amaury, a small town in the Yvelines department in north-central France. The chateau was built in the 1950s by the French aristocrat Carlos de Beistegui and was restored by Alidad in 2003. The project took three years to complete, and Alidad was determined to recapture the glamour and elegance of the original design. He used sumptuous fabrics, antiques and exquisite wall coverings to create an interior that was both luxurious and comfortable. The end result was an opulent and timeless space that reflected the glamour of a bygone era.

2. Palazzo Corsini

Palazzo Corsini

The Palazzo Corsini is a historic villa in Florence, Italy. Alidad was asked to design the interiors for a private client who wanted to restore the villa to its former glory. The project involved the refurbishment of the first-floor reception rooms and bedrooms. Alidad used a soft color palette of creams and blues to create a calming and serene atmosphere. He also incorporated antique furniture and artworks to add character and charm to the space.

3. London Apartment

London Apartment

The London apartment is located in a beautiful Georgian building in Mayfair’s exclusive neighbourhood. Alidad was commissioned to redesign the entire space, from the grand entrance hall to the luxurious bedrooms. His brief was to create a comfortable and elegant space that reflected his client’s refined taste. Alidad used rich fabrics, antique pieces and bespoke furniture to create a timeless and sophisticated interior.

4. Villa on the French Riviera

Villa on the French Riviera

The villa on the French Riviera is a stunning property overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Alidad was asked to design the interiors for a private client who wanted an elegant and refined space that complemented the sea views. Alidad used soft blues and creams to create a calming atmosphere and incorporated antique furniture and artworks to add character and charm to the space. The end result was a beautiful interior that was both comfortable and elegant.

Alidad’s signature style is a combination of traditional European decoration with luxurious fabrics and fine finishes. His attention to detail and love of antiques ensure that each project is unique and reflects his client’s personality and style. His memorable projects are a testament to his talent and passion for interior design.

Collaborations and Achievements of Alidad

Alidad Interior Designer

Alidad is an acclaimed interior designer known for his unique style and his collaborations with high-end clients from all around the world. With over 30 years of experience, Alidad has built a reputation for creating luxurious, elegant spaces that are both comfortable and timeless.

Celebrity Collaborations

Alidad's Celebrity Collaborations

Alidad has worked with a number of high-profile clients including royalty, celebrities, and business leaders. His client list includes names such as Alexander McQueen, who commissioned him to work on his London home, and Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark, who enlisted Alidad to design his family’s apartment in Athens.

Other notable clients that Alidad has worked with include the financier Nathaniel Rothschild, who asked him to help renovate a house in Corfu, and the fashion designer Nina Campbell, who asked him to design her London boutique. He has also worked with many other wealthy individuals, designing yachts, private jets, and apartments all around the world.

Perhaps one of the most significant collaborations of Alidad’s career was his work on the Royal Palace in Riyadh. In 2001, he was commissioned to redesign one of the palace’s suites, creating a breathtaking space that combined traditional Islamic design with a modern twist. The suite has since become one of the palace’s most iconic rooms, featuring in countless magazines and design books.

Awards and Accolades

Alidad's Awards and Accolades

Alidad’s work has been widely praised by critics and peers alike. He has been featured in numerous publications, including AD, Vogue, and House & Garden, and has been named as one of the top 100 designers in the world by both AD and the Robb Report. He has also won several awards for his work, including the prestigious Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year award.

Alidad is known for his passion for art, antiques, and craftsmanship, and he uses these passions to inform his designs. He has been involved in many conservation projects, preserving historic houses and buildings around the world. In 2017, he curated an exhibition of Islamic art and craft at the Royal Geographical Society in London, which showcased his extensive collection of artifacts from around the world.

The Alidad Style

The Alidad Style

Alidad’s signature style is characterized by its opulence and eclecticism. He draws on a wide range of influences from around the world, including Islamic art and design, European classical architecture, and traditional craftsmanship. He is known for his use of luxurious fabrics, rich colors, and bold patterns, which combine to create an atmosphere of intense warmth and homeliness.

Despite his love of luxury, Alidad’s designs are always practical and comfortable. He places great emphasis on functionality, ensuring that his spaces are not only beautiful but also livable. He is also known for his attention to detail, carefully selecting every element of a room to create a harmonious whole.

Alidad’s style has been widely imitated but never replicated. His unique aesthetic has made him one of the most sought-after designers in the world, and his collaborations and achievements speak to the enduring appeal of his work.

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