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    Jazamango is a delightful culinary experience created by the Renowned Mexican Chef Javier Plascencia – inspired by the love for Baja- the cuisine is based on a mixture of local products and organic ingredients straight from the orchard; creating a unique blend of flavors and dishes that please and satisfy the senses.


    Have you ever tasted food with your senses? When flavor is created with the heart, when it combines the best ingredients of the land and is prepared with passion, it becomes more than just something to eat. It turns into pure enjoyment, pleasure… in a few words: an amazing experience. That is what Jazamango by Chef Javier Plascencia is all about. It promises a whole new experience that is also associated to the location of Todos Santos, a beautiful small town, with unexplored nature sites that please the senses.


    Established in 1723 by the Spanish monks, Todos Santos is a warm and mesmerizing place; a small natural paradise, where the desert meets the mountains and the Laguna Sierra. Only 45 minutes from Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos has been a favorite destination for surfers, hikers, yogis, bird watchers and other extreme sports fans. The lifestyle that Todos Santos offers is relaxation, enjoyment and closeness with nature.

    To Chef Plascencia, Todos Santos offers a particular experience, the geographical location and the surrounding mixture of the natural landscapes, set the perfect scenario to relax and enjoy the goodness of this exceptional place. To complement such an adventure, the ingredients present in the region are combined for a new gastronomic concept, mixing organic and local products for a unique taste of the Baja California cuisine. This is how Jazamango is created: as a part of life’s flavor; a way to enjoy the senses and a way to celebrate the goodness of our region.


    Jazamango is opening in early 2017, join us and be part of this new extraordinary culinary experience in Todos Santos, BCS.